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Best Punch Bag in the UK 2020

Luxury Choice

Dripex Free-Standing

Dripex Free-Standing

Editor's choice

Gallant Free-Standing

Gallant Free-Standing

Best Value

OneX Three-Foot Set

OneX Three-Foot Set

Punching bags are a fantastic way to work out, providing you with an intense cardio-aerobic activity that is great for sculpting your muscles as well as burning up calories. To help you find the best punch bag for home workouts, we’ve reviewed ten of the very best models.

Whether you are looking for a freestanding punch bag, or a wall/ceiling-mounted version, we’ve selected some of the most popular punching bags around. Read through our reviews to get a good variety, ideal for anyone new to boxing or just looking for a better way to train and keep fit at home. You’re sure to find your perfect match right here.

Best Punch Bag Reviews – Top 10 Picks

Our Editor’s Choice and the best free standing punch bag all-around is this fantastic model by Gallant. It is very easy to put together and comes pre-filled with a high density, shock-absorbent microfibre filling.


Thanks to its thick EPE foam lining and durable double-stitched PU outer, this punch bag has been designed to stand up to the rigours of daily training.

Unlike many other freestanding models, this version features a narrow base with a comparatively small footprint. This makes it easier for you to move around the bag, bobbing and weaving without the stand getting in your way. You will, however, need to purchase some sand to keep it properly weighed down. Unfortunately, the opening to fill the stand is very small and filling it with even slightly damp sand can take quite a while.

Although there are no instructions with this product, it is very easy to set up. Given its high-quality construction and ease of use, this model is possibly the best punching bag for home use and a highly popular choice. If you are looking for a well made freestanding punch bag that you can use in a confined space, you may not be able to find a better model.


  • Durable double-stitched PU outer
  • Shock-absorbent microfibre filling
  • Thick EPE foam lining
  • Stable narrow base
  • Easy assembly


  • Need to purchase sand for the stand
  • Base opening is quite small
  • No instructions provided
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Treat yourself with our luxury choice, the Dripex Freestanding punch bag. It features a multi-layer, tear-resistant construction, complete with nylon hand stitching. If your martial arts workouts deserve the very best, then this is the model to go for.


The fabric buffer and EPE foam layers are encased in a highly durable, PU leather outer. The round base can be placed on its side and easily rolled for relocation. Plus, the 12 suction cups help to improve stability, allowing you to throw harder punches. Thanks to the dual PVC shock absorbers complete with four springs, this indoor punching bag is relatively quiet and has low vibration levels.

On the downside, the included wrench is too flimsy to be of real use, so make sure you have a torque wrench available. The base opening is too small to make filling it with sand an easy task, which seems to be a common issue. Lastly, the suction cups are not that effective and are best used with an even, hard floor.

If you are looking for a high-quality free standing punch bag to use at home, complete with an easy-to-move base and durable construction, this model is well worth it.


  • Multi-layer tear-resistant construction
  • Dual PVC shock absorbers
  • 12 suction cups on the base
  • Nylon hand stitching
  • Fabric buffer and EPE foam layers


  • Small opening on the base
  • Included wrench is too flimsy
  • Suction cups are not very effective
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If you are looking for the best punch bag for your child, this three-foot junior boxing bag, complete with fittings and gloves is definitely worth considering. Its durable PU leather-style outer means you can hang it indoors or out. Weighing around 18-20kg, you can easily add or remove filling to suit your needs – thanks to its zippered top.


Machine filled and compressed for a smooth feel and better shock absorption, this junior heavy bag is a highly durable choice. However, while the punch bag itself is greatly recommended, unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the poorly welded wall bracket. You may want to replace this as well as the hardware – depending on your wall type, to ensure your children remain safe and secure.

While the gloves don’t offer very high levels of protection, they are fine for trying out boxing. And once you’re convinced that your child is really interested in the sport, then you can invest in a better pair. On the whole, this junior version is a good choice that can also be used by adults with limited space available. Simply hang it lower than four or five-foot models.


  • Durable PU leather-style outer
  • Zipped top for filling adjustments
  • Machine filled and compressed
  • Includes boxing gloves
  • Includes wall bracket, chain and fittings


  • Poorly welded bracket
  • Gloves are not very protective
  • Hardware could be better
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Our best hanging punch bag choice is this five-foot version by OneX, complete with hand wraps, gloves and various accessories.


Thanks to its twin-layer, water-resistant synthetic leather outer, this model makes an excellent outdoor punch bag. Filled with recycled cloth, it weighs around 23-25kgs and you can easily top it up via its zipped top opening. Unlike many other models, it also features a metal bottom tether loop. This allows you to practice your hardest punches with minimal sway when it’s used to tie your bag down.

Not only is this a great option for anyone new to boxing, muay thai or other combat sports, but it also has everything you need. However, you may wish to replace the included bracket and hardware with more durable, higher quality ones from your local DIY shop, especially if you are going to be using this punch bag regularly.

Bear in mind that you may wish to upgrade the gloves sooner as they are not quite durable, although they will see you through your first few weeks while you get a feeling for the sport. Also, the hand wrap stitching around the fastenings is prone to come undone. However, if you are looking for a great all-in-one boxing kit, this punching bag and accessory set by OneX is a fantastic option for outdoors.


  • Twin-layer water-resistant synthetic leather
  • Pre-filled with zipped top
  • Includes hand wraps, gloves and various accessories
  • Metal bottom tether loop
  • Heavy-duty chains, bracket and hardware included


  • Bracket and hardware may need replacing
  • Supplied gloves are not very durable
  • Poor stitching on hand wrap fastenings
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This heavy punch bag set by RDX could be your ideal indoor boxing bag. Not only do you get a highly durable heavy bag complete with fixtures and fittings, but this set also includes hand wraps, boxing gloves and other accessories. So, if you are new to boxing, this could be a great all-in-one buy.


This boxing bag features a resilient PU outer layer that can stand up to high levels of use. Install it in your garage, home gym or spare room, the heavy-duty iron ceiling hook and steel chains are good quality. However, you may wish to invest in better screws to ensure your punching bag stays securely fixed. Importantly, the bag’s D-shackles are reinforced with triple-layer supports for added durability.

Note that the bag is a little soft, although this comes down to a matter of preference and you can unzip the top to add more filling as required. While this comprehensive kit is a great buy, note that some of the extra accessories such as the keyring and mini hanging glove border on gimmickry.


  • Highly resilient PU outer layer
  • Triple-layer D-shackle supports
  • Includes hand wraps and gel foam padded gloves
  • Heavy-duty iron ceiling hook with steel chains
  • Bottom tether loop and zipped top


  • Hardware is not the highest quality
  • Bag is a little soft
  • Extra accessories are mostly gimmicks
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The Lions Freestanding punch bag is taller than most others, standing at 5.5 feet. It features a durable synthetic leather outer that can be wiped clean and a high-density foam filling for greater shock absorption. At 20kg, it is fairly lightweight and the base can take up to 40 kg of sand for added stability.


Thanks to its 12 suction cups, this model won’t move around on your hard flooring. Its base has been specifically engineered for enhanced noise reduction and stability, making it a popular home punch bag. However, filling it up with sand or water can be time-consuming and a little tricky. Also, there are no instructions provided and the stand screw holes are often misaligned, making fixing the base unnecessarily difficult.

Once installed, attached and filled up, this freestanding boxing bag is a great robust piece of kit that’s ideal for anyone looking to try out boxing or to improve their general fitness levels from home.


  • 5.5-foot tall punch bag
  • High-density foam filling
  • 12 suction cups on the bottom
  • Durable synthetic leather outer
  • Base engineered for noise reduction and stability


  • Tricky filling up the base with sand or water
  • No instructions provided
  • Misaligned stand screw holes
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The Reflex Punch Bag by Everlast is a great way to improve your agility, ideal for practising your punches whether you’re a fan of muay Thai or forms of martial arts. Thanks to its spring-mounted design, this punch ball will come straight back at you, forcing you to block or move. It has an adjustable height between 130-160 cm, making it a good choice for most everyday users, while the highly resistant steel pole ensures it can stand up to regular use.


Essential for improving your timing and accuracy – which cannot be achieved by using a heavy punch bag, this free-standing Everlast model needs to be filled with either sand or water. While the former is recommended, note that it can be fairly difficult to get it completely filled up with damp sand. However, most freestanding models have this problem. Also, you may find that the spring could be a little harder for a faster bounce back. But, the main drawback of this particular model is it does not last that long so don’t expect to get years of use out of it.

On the whole, if you need to improve your reactions and accuracy, this boxing reflex ball makes a great choice. It can also help you to improve other aspects of your performance when used in conjunction with another heavier model.


  • Adjustable height: 130-160cm
  • Highly resistant steel pole
  • Ideal for improving accuracy and timing
  • The stand can be filled with water or sand
  • Spring-mounted design


  • Spring could be harder for faster bounce back
  • Difficult to fill with sand
  • Not the most durable
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This free standing punch bag by Kitopa is an excellent choice if you are short on space for your combat sports training sessions. Thanks to its cylindrical-shaped bottom, you can easily roll it out and away again after use. Made from highly resistant ABS, the base also features 12 suction cups to prevent it from sliding on hard floors.


To keep noise to a minimum, this high-quality punch bag is fitted with four springs and dual shock absorbers. However, for intensive strength training, you can remove the springs for less vibration. It comes with premium PU leather-look outer complete with a shock-absorbing multi-layer construction. Hence, you can be confident that this durable punching bag is made to last.

Bear in mind that you will need to purchase some sand in order to experience this model at its best. However, like many other standing punch bags, the opening is very small and, therefore, very difficult to fill up. Also, bear in mind that this bag is a little on the narrow side. Nonetheless, it is the best punch bag for smaller homes given its good mobility and relatively low noise levels.


  • Shock-absorbing multi-layer construction
  • Premium PU leather-like outer
  • ABS bottom tank with 12 suction cups
  • Noise-reducing springs with dual shock-absorbers
  • Base can be easily rolled to change location


  • Need to purchase sand
  • Small base opening
  • Fairly narrow bag
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If you are in the market for a four-foot punch bag, be sure to take a look at this set by OneX.


Complete with a ceiling hook and boxing mitts, this punching bag is ready to be hung from the ceiling in the room of your choice. Just bear in mind that the fastenings make it pretty noisy and the fittings are not of the best quality, so you may wish to get different ones at your local DIY shop.

Weighing approximately 20kg, this punch bag features a zipped top so you can adjust the filling level to suit your preference. It is filled with recycled fabric and the outer is made from a highly resilient non-tear synthetic leather that is also water-resistant. This makes it a good choice for use in your garage, basement room or garden shed.

Unfortunately, customer service for this product is not of the highest of standards, with some delays and general misunderstandings. However, if you are looking for a ceiling-mounted punch bag complete with gloves, fixtures and fittings, you may not find a better option.


  • Four-foot non-tear punch bag
  • Weighs approximately 20kg
  • Zipped top to add extra filling
  • Water-resistant outer filled with recycled fabric
  • Complete with ceiling hook and mitts


  • Poor quality fittings
  • Fastenings make it fairly noisy to use
  • Poor customer service
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Consisting of a bright red four-foot pre-filled punch bag, a skipping rope and boxing gloves, this starter set from MadX makes a great buy for any boxing newbie. Hardware and a heavy-duty swivel chain are also included so it’s ready for installation. However, the instructions to do so are not that great and you may wish to replace the wall plugs with better quality ones.


This heavy punching bag can be easily topped up to meet your personal preferences, thanks to its zipped top. It weighs around 25kg, but you can adjust the weight up to 60kg – making it a versatile option that you can progress with. The exterior is made from a highly durable Rexion synthetic leather that is easily wiped clean and will resist daily use.

The main drawback to this model is that the bag does hang a little close to the wall, although you could always purchase a different bracket to install it with. All in all, a good buy that makes getting started out nice and easy as it comes complete with gloves, fixtures and fittings.


  • Four-foot pre-filled punch bag
  • Add extra filling via zipped top
  • Wipe-clean Rexion synthetic leather outer
  • Plastic skipping rope and gloves included
  • Comes with a heavy-duty metal swivel chain and bracket


  • Poor hanging and fixing instructions
  • Included wall plugs are not great
  • Bag hangs a little close to the wall
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Punch Bag Buying Guide

Are Freestanding Punch Bags Good?

While hanging heavy punch bags are usually classed as being the better model for boxing amateurs, freestanding punch bags have numerous advantages over hanging versions. In fact, for home use, a free-standing punch bag is preferable to a hanging one especially when space is limited.

Here are some of the reasons you should consider getting a free-standing punch bag:


free-standing boxing equipment

While they are very heavy once their base is filled, unlike hanging punch bags, you can still relocate your free standing model to another room, or even outdoors as needed. This is especially useful if you don’t have enough space to dedicate to a home gym.

No Damage to Your Walls or Ceiling

Again, if you don’t have a dedicated workout space, you may be reluctant to start drilling holes in your living room walls. It’s almost the same as setting up a pull-up bar.  Also, if you are renting, doing so could breach your rental contract.

More User-Friendly

As free-standing punch bags are lighter, they are kinder on your fists. They’re the best punching bags to start out boxing, as well as providing you with an excellent cardio workout at home.

Good for Kicks

Thanks to their central point of gravity, free-standing versions are a great option for kickboxing or just varying your workout.

On the downside, as freestanding models are lighter they provide less resistance, making them less useful for boxing training that focuses more on strength. They also tend to be less durable.

However, for general workouts and improving your boxing skills all-around, a freestanding punch bag is, on the whole, more useful and easier to install. What’s more, if you regularly use a heavy punch bag at the gym, then a freestanding version at home will give you the best of both worlds.

What Is the Best Punching Bag for Beginners?

a boxing trainer and a newbie

If you are just starting out boxing, it’s important to look for an appropriate beginner’s punch bag. This will help you to avoid injury and make your progression to more advanced levels easier and faster.

Before choosing your first punch bag, it’s important to assess your current level of fitness. Choosing a freestanding punch bag or an outdoor punching bag makes a good choice for beginners. It’s because they are generally more versatile and can be used for various workouts that incorporate kicks and punches.

Freestanding models are also smaller and lighter than heavy punch bags. Beginners should look for lighter, smaller bags that will allow them to slowly build up their strength, as well as minimise the chances of getting injured. This would make progression a more pleasurable experience.

What’s more, if you tend to go through new hobbies and fitness trends several times a year, it may be best to invest in a freestanding punch bag to start with. That way if you later decide that boxing is not something you want to pursue to a higher level, you can simply move it to your garage or give it to someone without having to cover unsightly holes in your walls.

Freestanding models also take up less space and, as they can be moved easily, they make a better all-around choice for anyone who is just starting out.

Are Heavier Punching Bags Better?

Heavy punching bags are often portrayed as the best type of punching bags. While in many respects a heavier punching bag is better, particularly in increasing your punching power, there are plenty of downsides to using a heavy punching bag for all of your training. For this reason, you may want to consider a lighter model to use at home.

Here are some reasons you shouldn’t solely rely on using a heavy punch bag:

Hand and Shoulder Damage

Repeatedly hitting a heavy punch bag every day can cause hand damage. While over time your hands will become more resilient, hard-hitting a heavy punch bag on a regular basis is much more likely to cause a hand injury. What’s more, intensive boxing sessions on a regular basis with a heavy bag can also lead to tense shoulder muscles which can, in turn, reduce your performance levels and agility.

Low Speed

a man training for boxing

Even the best heavy punch bags can cause boxers to lose speed. If you only train with a heavy punch bag, then you may get into the habit of throwing slow but heavy punches. While you’ll have the strength, if you lack the speed, you’re not going to get anywhere in the ring.

Similarly, some boxers get into the habit of push punching when they only train with heavy bags. Basically, they are punching the bag as hard as they can so it swings further. However, in doing so, they end up with an overly extended arm that they fail to retract quickly enough to be ready for the next punch in the ring.

Poor Balance

Too much time spent on training exclusively with a heavy bag can lead to balance problems.

If you’re focusing too much on hitting your heavy bag, then when you come face to face with a real-life opponent, you risk putting all your body weight into a punch. This may cause you to miss and lose your balance or you could get counter-punched. If you’re overcommitting every punch you make to your heavy bag, you may lose your ability to effectively judge your balance and keep on your toes.

So, while heavy punch bags are a definite mainstay of boxing training, they are not quite simply the be-all and end-all. Using a range of different techniques, punch bags and materials will ensure that you always remain on top of your game.


Punch bags are a great way to practise boxing, stay fit and get rid of built-up tension. Whether you are looking to box on a serious level, or just after a cardio exercise session, a home punching bag makes a great choice. If you’re stuck deciding which punch bag to go for, we recommend choosing our overall favourite and Editor’s Choice – the Gallant Freestanding Punch Bag.

Pre-filled with a high-density microfibre filling, this freestanding punch bag has a highly durable double-stitched PU exterior. Thanks to its narrow base, it’s easy to weave around the bag without tripping up, making the model a good choice for small homes. It is could definitely be considered as the very best punch bag on the market.

So, which product in our punch bag reviews will you include in your fitness training?

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