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Best Standing Desk in the UK 2020

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VariDesk Pro Plus 36

VariDesk Pro Plus 36

Editor's choice

Vivo Desk-VOOOV Adjustable

Vivo Desk-VOOOV Adjustable​

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Neetto Adjustable Large


When it comes to desks, standing up may seem a bit counterintuitive at first, but a standing desk actually poses a series of possible health and motivational benefits. In addition, standing desks can help combat restlessness at work and improve posture in many of their users. Considering the myriad of possible benefits, it’s possible you already use a standing desk but if not, maybe its time you give one a try. This article reviews some of the top products available so that you can find the best standing desk UK stores have to offer. The perfect standing desk for you exists, and we think it may be on this list – enjoy!

Best Standing Desk Reviews – Top 10 Picks

Our Editor’s choice for the best standing desk in the UK is made by Vivo. We love the Vivo standing desk converter because it provides you with ample workspace, easily adjusts to a range of different heights, and maintains stability in any position.


The Vivo stand up sit down desk converter features a steel double z-shaped frame that can accommodate up to 15 kilograms of weight. The dual support of the frame, when paired with the steel material used, provides superior stability for the entire workspace.

The adjustable height of the Vivo standing desk converter ranges from 6.5″ at its shortest height to 17″ at its tallest height. Unlike some other adjustable standing desks, the Vivo can be secured at any height within its range and does not have preset height positions. This ensures you achieve the perfect height for your body shape and promotes better posture for office workers.

When it comes to picking the right standing desk, the converter size should be one of the main priorities. Fortunately, the Vivo has enough space to suit almost anyone’s desk space needs. The upper deck can easily hold two monitors with its impressive 36″ x 22″ dimensions. Additionally, the lower keyboard tray can fit a keyboard and mouse side by side, however, you may be short for space if you wanted to add a mouse pad too. It also features a tilting option to further enhance the overall ergonomics of the entire platform.

Adjusting the Vivo standing desk converter is quick and simple thanks to the easy-touch height-locking mechanism and the support of the dual-legged frame. In addition, the legs of the frame feature springs which relieve pressure during adjustment and facilitate a smooth transition. The one drawback during an adjustment is cable management. If your cables get in the way they can get tangled and prevent fluid motion. However, Vivo does provide you with a few zip ties to help remedy this issue. Finally, this product doesn’t come with an extended warranty.


  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Ample workspace
  • Quick and easy transition
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Excellent value


  • Some consumers report issues with the screws
  • No room for mousepad on the lower deck
  • No extended warranty
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The VariDesk Pro Plus 36 is our top luxury choice for the best stand-sit desk. We really like this desk converter because it comes preassembled, has ample workspace, and a 5-year warranty.


This standing desk converter features a double z-shaped frame that enhances support and stability. Thanks to the frame shape and the use of sturdy metal and wood materials, the VariDesk can withstand up to 15.5 kg of weight.

The Pro Plus 36 ranges from 4.5″ in height and is adjustable up to 17.5″. Within this height range, the VariDesk has 11 preset height settings for you to choose from that are slightly more than an inch apart.

The VariDesk legs are spring-loaded in order to make adjusting the height as easy as possible. The springs do an effective job of using their own momentum and relieving added strain on your back and arms during adjustments. Vari claims the process takes only 3 seconds to complete, however, we found that it may take a bit longer when you take into account cable management.

When it comes to ample workspace, this standing desk converter does not disappoint. In fact, some consumers have even complained it is too big for their preference but if you’re like us, you will have no problem utilizing the extra space. The upper deck can fit two monitors on its surface and the lower keyboard tray can easily fit a keyboard, mouse, and mouse pad with room to spare.

Although a great product, it still has it’s drawbacks. The lower level cannot be adjusted independently which means it may restrict you if you want more space in between levels. Also, you may find that the fixed height settings may not sit exactly right for your preferences.


  • No setup required
  • 5-year warranty
  • Spacious upper and lower level work areas
  • Spring-loaded frame for easy adjustments
  • High-quality wood and metal materials


  • Preset height options may be restrictive to some
  • Lower level not adjustable independently
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The large size Neetto adjustable desk is our top value choice from the standing desk reviews we filtered through. We really like this option because of its versatility which allows you to easily move it from your desk to your bed, to the couch, or wherever you want really.


The Neetto standing desk converter features one single tray design with collapsable, folding legs. While it may be lightweight and portable, this desk can still hold up to an impressive 40 kg of weight while maintaining excellent stability. The surface area of the desk can also be adjusted to tilt up to 35 degrees to increase ergonomics and relieve pressure on your wrists while typing.

The Neetto stand desk ranges from 9.4″ in height up to 12.6″, with 5 preset height options along the way. While this desk does not have a huge range of height options, it will still do the trick if you simply want something lightweight and portable. After all, sometimes it can be nice to work somewhere other than your desk, right?

Adjusting the height on this sit stand desk is not as easy as some of our other options but it gets easier with practice. Additionally, the Neetto standing desk converter is not our top choice if you want to use a mouse alongside your computer, as it does not have a lot of surface area. However, you should have more than enough space for almost any laptop.


  • Can hold up to 40kg
  • Lightweight and portable
  • High versatility
  • The worksurface tilts up to 35 degrees
  • 5 adjustable height settings


  • No extended warranty
  • Slick surface and there are reports of legs slipping position
  • Single platform and may be too small to hold mouse and laptop
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The Lavolta standing desk converter is another great option on our list of the best standing desks. We love this adjustable desk because of its compactable design and the unlimited height and tray angle possibilities.


The Lavolta standing desk converter features one workspace with dual legs. Each leg features joints that can be folded and spun into a myriad of positions, heights, and tray angles. This unique design makes it great for anyone wishing to frequently move their standing desk from place to place throughout the day. The metal legs also establish a weight limit of 15 kg while providing decent stability considering how easily they can be moulded into different shapes.

We recommend this standing desk converter product for anyone looking for a wide range of angle and height adjustments, or an easy to transport multi-purpose laptop tray.

The Lavolta standing desk converter requires no self-assembly and reaches a maximum standing height of 19″. However, adjusting the height has proven difficult for some consumers as the legs are stiff, to promote sturdiness, and they work independently of one another. While the independent motions do enable versatility, it can also make it more difficult to achieve a level working surface.


  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Unique design with easily shaped legs
  • Lofty 48 cm max height
  • Good for anyone on the go
  • Unlimited angle and height variances


  • Can be challenging to attain a level surface and has a slight wobble
  • No grip on the bottom of the legs
  • Sometimes difficult to adjust the height while compressing lock button
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The Stand Up Desk Store Crank Desk supplies our next pick for the best standing desk in the UK and one of the best standing desks for office use at home. While it does require some minimal assembly, the finished product is a sleek, stand alone desk that is exceptionally sturdy.


The Stand Up Desk Store Crank Desk features one workspace with a dual post design that has a super easy to use crank for height adjustment without any specific preset height settings.

This standing desk ranges from 32.5″ in height, adjustable up to 48.5″ and provides stability at all of its varying height options. The sturdy design also boasts an impressive weight limit of 69.5kg, so you won’t have to worry about your valuable office equipment resting on top of your new desk.

Another fun design aspect for this sit stand desk is that it is available in multiple colour options. This means you can easily match it to your preexisting decor or add a pop of colour if you want. This also makes it a fun option for a child’s room.

This is one of the newer products on our list so it does not have a lot of consumer feedback yet, but we think you’ll like it regardless. If not, you can always return it within 30 days, however it does not come with an extended warranty if something were to go wrong.


  • Sturdy and easy to manoeuver workplace
  • Range of colours available
  • Easy to use crank for height control
  • Glossy finish and sleek appearance
  • 69.5kg weight limit


  • No extended warranty
  • Requires some assembly
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Our next choice for the best standing desk in the UK is the DlandHome laptop stand. We like this standing desk because it stands alone, and not on top of another desk. While this does mean a lower workspace overall, this is still a good choice for a kid or anyone looking to use their sit stand desk over their bed.


The DlandHome one tray laptop stand would easily fit into any home office as a small addition. This product is sturdy enough to withstand up to 30 kgs. of weight when set up and locked in place. However, you can still expect some minimal wobble from this product.

This standing desk boasts a 71 cm height, adjustable up to 90 cm. We know that’s not a big difference but the range it does possess is easily manoeuvered with sliding poles on either side. Another key trait that lends to smooth manoeuvrability to this product overall is the movable and lockable wheels. While you may not travel with this out of the house, it can easily be transported from room to room.

As far as workspace size is considered, the DlandHome stand desks have a simple single tray platform that should accommodate a small monitor, keyboard, and mouse without any issues. This product would also be great for use as a reading table or dining tray.

Despite its simple design, this desk does require some assembly and has a relatively low maximum height which may not be ideal for most people.


  • Versatile usability
  • Movable, lockable wheels
  • Easy to use
  • A fun option for kids
  • 30 kg lift capacity


  • Requires some assembly to set up
  • Low maximum standing height
  • Slight wobble
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Stand Up Desk Store makes our best sit stand desk in the UK list again with their Mobile Standing Desk Computer Workstation. We really like this standing desk because it features a third tray at a lower position which is great for storage, a printer, or a computer tower.


The Mobile Standing Desk Workstation has a two-post design which is made manoeuvrable by a set of four, lockable wheels. This standing desk can easily be moved around your home but is not collapsable. As a result, this desk is also very sturdy and will not wobble while you work.

The Mobile Workstation has a range of 88 cm in height, adjustable up to 118 cm. Additionally, the top shelf features 13 adjustable heights and the main shelf has 15 adjustable heights so you can easily tailor the desk to your body height.

It should be noted that this desk is better suited to shorter and average-sized individuals. Taller people may find it does not quite reach an adequate height to promote proper posture while standing.

Unfortunately, you cannot quickly switch between standing and sitting while you work with this desk, unlike many of the other standing desks on our list. Instead, you must remove your equipment and change the height just like you did during the initial setup. The silver lining to this seemingly negative trait is that you will not have to worry about your cables getting tangled or caught up during height adjustment.


  • Two size options
  • Three separate shelves
  • 15 adjustable height settings
  • Sturdy work surfaces
  • Features lockable wheels


  • Does not adjust easily
  • Requires a lengthy initial set up
  • Not great for exceptionally tall people
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Our next pick for our best adjustable standing desks list is the Bontec Mobile Standing Desk Tray Workstation. We chose this standing desk for our best-of list because of its exaggerated 40-degree tilt option on the main workspace and because of its high-quality alloy steel frame.


The Bontec Mobile Standing desk features a dual-platform and double post design on lockable wheels. An interesting part of the design that we haven’t seen on our best standing desks list so far is that the two rear wheels have a lower profile than the two front wheels in order to help their desks stand closer to a wall. This allows them to be more flush with the wall and save space in the room simultaneously. All four of the wheels also facilitate a quick 360-degree swivel so you can easily turn your workspace, assuming you don’t have any cables to get in the way.

The Bontec Standing Desk design also features alloy steel for enhanced durability and stability overall. Bontec standing desks range from 103 cm in height, adjustable up to 125 cm. As a result, we do not recommend this standing desk for tall people as it may not promote posture and ergonomic shape as well as it could.

When compared to other products on this list it has a much lower weight capacity of 20kg. In addition to this, this seems to be truly a standing desk only and may be too tall to convert to a normal desk if you ever wanted to sit.


  • Alloy steel frame is sturdy and doesn't wobble
  • Wheels feature a 360-degree swivel
  • Easy to use
  • Low profile rear wheels
  • Built-in locking mechanism for tilt and wheels


  • Lower weight limit
  • May not be low enough for some to sit
  • Not ideal for tall people
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DlandHome makes our top 10 best standing desks list again with another one of their awesome products. This a great option for a smaller person, such as a kid, or someone looking to use their adjustable desk with their bed or couch.


DlandHome standing desks are not as tall as some of our other desk options, but they are relatively sturdy, can hold up to 30kg of weight, and make a great option for kids. The design for this standing desk features a single platform, dual sliding posts, and four lockable wheels.

Once you get through the initial assembly, this standing desk is easily adjustable by way of two turning dials on the rear of the posts and does not have any preset height settings. You can easily change the height, with a range of 71 cm- 90 cm, of the desk without removing your equipment. You can also easily wheel it around the house, that is, of course, assuming you aren’t plugged into any wall sockets.

This standing desk only has one platform but it is relatively large, measuring 40cm x 60 cm, and should accommodate your laptop and a mouse without cramping the usable space. It could also hold a small monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

The limited height range means it may not be suitable for tall people and may be better suited to those wanting to use it in various places around the house, and not necessarily standing. There have also been reports of the structure having a slight wobble to it which may be frustrating when typing rapidly or writing notes.


  • Holds up to 30kg
  • A great choice for kids
  • Lockable wheels
  • Excellent customer service
  • Easy to use


  • Not suited for exceptionally tall individuals
  • Only one platform
  • Slight wobble
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The Yo-yo standing desk converter takes our final spot on the best standing desk in the UK list, but don’t let its last-place position fool you, it remains a solid best pick overall. We chose this standing desk for our best-of list because it is highly durable, easy to use, and extra sturdy.


The Yo-yo desk features two easy press levers on each side backed by dual gas springs inside the stand’s legs which facilitate a quick and nearly effortless height adjustment every time. The Yo-yo desk is supported by a double x-shaped heavy-duty aluminium frame that has further reinforcement against wobbling by way of a centre cross beam.

Yo-yo is so confident in their product that they offer a 30-day free trial as well as a 3-year warranty. If you decide this the desk for you, you can expect durability that lasts.

The height range for the Yo-yo desk is between 15 and 50cm making this a highly-versatile choice for people of all heights and sizes.

The Yo-yo desk is also available in three other sizes if this size doesn’t seem right for you and your specific standing desk requirements. All four size variations feature non-slip silicone on the frame pads to help prevent slippage or damage to your existing desk.

The main drawback for this product is that, although sturdy, this desk is on the heavy side and may be hard for some people to move around. However, if you’re planning to keep this desk in the same spot then you may not find this to be an issue.


  • Easy to use
  • Wide range of height adjustments
  • 4 varying sizes
  • 3-year warranty
  • Featured on the BBC


  • Lower lift capacity
  • Heavy, may be difficult to move for some
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Standing Desks Explained: A Detailed Buyer's Guide

Our top 10 list is complete but what traits did we use to choose our products for the best standing desks list? What should you prioritize as a consumer? And most importantly, what traits should you prioritize for your specific likes and needs? The following sections serve as a buyer’s guide so you can be fully educated and make the most informed decision when its finally time to buy a new standing desk for your home.

What is a Standing Desk Converter VS a Standing Desk?

First things first, is there a difference between a standing desk and a standing desk converter? Absolutely, and the difference can make it or break it for your specific home situation. A standing desk converter is placed on top of your existing desk and enables you to raise the new, added work surface high enough to stand during use. A standing desk will stand alone and establish the same goal, without the need for a preexisting desk. Which do you need? Do you already have a desk you want to convert, or not?

What are the Benefits of a Standing Desk Converter?

Standing desks can increase your overall wellbeing and increase workplace productivity. When you give yourself the option to stand on your feet while at your desk it increases your metabolism, circulation, movement, and can even alleviate neck, shoulder, and back pain for some people. Most of all, standing helps to improve posture and increase proper spinal alignment in many of us because we tend to get more comfortable and slouch while sitting down in a chair.


Workspace Dimensions

The dimensions of a new desk are always important, whether its a standing desk or not. Before you buy a new desk always determine how much space you have in your home or office for the desk itself, and also how much space you will ultimately need to fit all of your workplace equipment on the usable workspace. A new desk won’t do you much good if you can’t actually do any work on it, right? Knowing your computer monitor’s size is a great place to start.


a working womanIt might seem a bit obvious, but height plays a big role in purchasing a new standing desk, or standing desk converter. Actually, to achieve the proper ergonomic shape, height is crucial. Most standing desks will work for most people, however, if you are above or below the average height you may want to measure and get a better idea of what height range will work best for you without compromising your posture.

If you are unsure about height, simply measure to find out what the perfect size standing desk for you will be. To measure, stand up tall using correct posture, relax your shoulders, and reach out for an imaginary keyboard tray with your hands. Once in a comfortable position, that doesn’t compromise your posture, measure the height from your extended hands to the top of your existing keyboard’s position on your desk. This measurement is the perfect height for your new standing desk’s keyboard. As long this height falls into a prospective desk’s height adjustment range you should be all set.

Different Standing Desk Frame Styles

The frame of a standing desk has a lot to do with the movement it makes while adjusting, how easy it is to use, and also the stability. The frame also determines how many separate usable surfaces there are on a standing desk. Do you want a single, dual, or triple platform standing desk? This is a great place to start when it comes to the stand design you need or prefer. For most, a dual platform is sufficient but a third platform doesn’t hurt, so which type would you benefit from most?

Almost all of the standing desk converters on our list have either a z-shaped, dual z-shaped, or an x-shaped frame. This is because they tend to be the sturdiest and easiest to use without a lengthy setup process, as is common with floating desks that require installation.

An electric standing desk would also make a great choice but they tend to be technical and involved. This is because electric standing desks offer many upgraded features such as extremely fine-tuned height adjustments, memory presets, built-in lights, additional storage, and more. While they do offer a lot of fancy upgrades, keep in mind that an electric standing desk will not be portable and will also weigh significantly more.


Considering the additional loft on standing desks, stability is also a crucial determining factor for which desks will be most desirable. The last thing you want is a wobbly, unstable work surface, especially if you plan on typing on the desk, which most of us do. Keep in mind that both the main monitor platform and the keyboard tray should maintain stability while you work for optimum performance. We made sure to seriously consider stability when we comprised our top 10 list of standing desk products and you should too.

Ease of Use

When it comes to adjusting standing desks, not all products are made the same. The majority of standing desks will allow you to change the position of the work surface while working but some will not so make sure you know what to expect before making a final decision. Also, varying standing desks rely on different mechanisms and methods for adjusting the height, so you will need to do your research to know which one suits your needs. The easier a standing desk is to maneuver, the better, especially if you have limited mobility or expect kids to utilize and enjoy the desk as well


Whether or not your new standing desk arrives assembled can be a big determining factor for some. Are you the kind of person that just wants to take their new product out of the box and start using it right away? Are you the kind of person who just really doesn’t like assembling things or using tools? Or, maybe you enjpy putting stuff together? Whatever your preference, there is a standing desk to suit your needs. Most of the desks on our list have a minimal assembly process and should not pose any issues, even for the mechanically un-inclined.


You have reached the end of our top 10 list. Before you decide which is best suited to your specific needs and preferences, let’s quickly review our Editor’s choice, the Vivo Desk-VOOOV, one final time.

We love the Vivo standing desk because it requires minimal setup out of the box, it has a quick and easy transition due to the spring-loaded base and, compared to other standing desks, it’s incredibly easy to use. Additionally, the Vivo Desk’s sturdy steel frame provides durability and stability while you work, has ample workspace that can hold two monitors, a keyboard, and a mouse, and the keyboard tray tilts to ergonomically suit the natural shape of your body.

Ok, so you know why we choose the Vivo as the best standing desk in the UK, but if it doesn’t check all of your boxes for a new standing desk we think one of the other choices on our list will. So whether you are looking for a portable standing desk, a standing desk converter, or a more permanent standing desk, there is something on our list for you. All you have to do now is make a decision and you’ll be on your way to burning more calories and increasing motivation while you work.

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