Can Electric Showers Electrocute You?

Many standard UK homes use a lot of money on fuel for providing heat and hot water. Electric showers never run out of the water, which is an advantage for big families. Electric water heaters come in different sizes, models, and colors and are available in different kilowatts meaning they are energy saving as compared to traditional water heater systems. Water and electricity are a dangerous combination but electric showers are safe if installed properly.

Electric showers, however, represent one of the biggest hazards in many homes yet many people have never read their water heater manuals. Common hazards caused by electric showers include electric shocks, burns, explosions, and fires.

If you are installing a new water heater system, it is advisable to consult and hire a professional electrician to prevent any danger to you and your family. Before installing an electric shower, it is advisable to check your fuse box and supply of electricity. This is because large showers use a lot of power, which can cause issues in older installations not capable of handling high voltage.

In many cases, hot water heaters are in basement and garages meaning people do not interact with them on a day-to-day basis. Many homeowners are unaware of any maintenance and precaution measures that are necessary for safety. Many homeowners are not aware that hydrogen gas can build up inside hot water systems when they remain inactive for more than two weeks.

Types of Water Heaters

Central heating

This is the most common type of heating in many households. The central boiler heats water. The water is pumped-up through pipes providing water to bathrooms. Most boilers run on gas, oil, coal or wood. Some boilers have an electric heater as a backup.

Instant water heater

This type of heaters heats water as it flows through the device and does not hold any water internally. These heaters use copper heat exchangers due to their ability to conduct heat faster.

Their main advantage is the ability to offer a continuous flow of hot water as compared to conventional water heaters.

Storage water heater

This type heats water in a tank and is located in the ceiling above the bathroom. Storage water heaters can hold up to 100 liters of water and because of this; it only takes a short while for the water to heat up.

Storage water heaters are consistent in terms of temperature and water pressure.

Water heater manuals are extremely important and every homeowner should study them to learn how to maintain the water heater systems.

It is important to understand electrical dangers these hot water heaters present. Hot water heaters contain electrical heating elements submerged in water. These elements degrade with time and short out electricity to the water heaters metal casing. When these shorts happen, it is possible to receive a shock when touching the hot water pipes or during a shower.

There is the risk of shock if you touch the showerhead while showering.

Taking a shower during a lightning storm is dangerous. Many people thought this fact was an urban myth. It is dangerous because, when a lightning bolt strikes a house or a building, it can travel through plumbing and shock anyone who is in contact with an electric heater. This phenomenon is however rare.

Many people ask the same question-“Are electric showers safe?”

Electric showers are safe if properly installed and there are not any exposed wires. Electric heaters should remain sealed to make sure the electric current that flows within the elements do not meet with the water that touches your skin while you shower avoiding electrocution.

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