What Age do High Chairs Go Up To?

Last Updated On June 10th, 2020

Some parents are going to want to keep their kids in high chairs for a decent amount of time. Toilet training really makes a parent’s life easier, which is one of the many reasons why lots of parents try to rush their kids into it. However, high chairs really make it easy to get children fed adequately, and teaching kids to feed themselves is not always easy. Many parents prefer feeding kids to changing diapers, and they don’t mind it as much when their kids take some time when learning how to feed themselves. Parents are all going to have the same question if they’re in that situation: what age do high chairs go up to?

Age and High Chairstwo children eating their meal

Obviously, this question is complicated by the fact that kids vary a lot in their size and their development. Some kids are going to grow out of their high chairs quickly, especially if they’re just early bloomers in general. Other kids are going to stay little for a longer period of time for whatever reason, and they’re going to be able to use high chairs intended for younger children for a longer period of time as a result.

However, parents are rarely going to have a hard time when it comes to giving their kids high chairs if the kids are two years old or younger. High chairs are intended for babies and toddlers, and babies and toddlers are going to have plenty of choices for high chairs unless they are early bloomers and particularly large toddlers.

As kids start to approach their third years and especially their fourth years, parents are going to have a much harder time finding the high chairs that are going to fit them. Many kids have transitioned away from high chairs by the age of four, and some of them have done so by the age of three or so. As such, it is going to be harder to find high chairs past that point. Kids over the age of four have almost all transitioned away from high chairs. The parents of disabled children who still need to use high chairs might have to special order them if they’re looking for high chairs for older and larger children.

Transitioning Away From High Chairs

The related question for parents who have non-disabled children or children with different disability concerns when exactly they should upgrade and have their children use larger chairs and sit at the table. Often times, if possible, parents should look at the behavior of their kids. Kids often make it clear to parents that they want to be able to sit at the dinner table with everyone else in order to eat with everyone else. Kids might express this desire by playing around with the chairs at the dinner table. Other kids might ask outright.

Parents should try to get out of the mindset that there is an exact right way to do things. Kids develop on their own schedule, and parents will often get better results if they tailor their approach to individual children.

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