Are Baby Carriers Worth It?

Last Updated On June 10th, 2020

Parents who are considering baby wearing are sometimes going to go even further and ask themselves the question: are baby carriers worth it? Many people in this situation struggle with the question of which parenting trends and baby gears are ultimately going to produce good results, particularly in a world where parents are forced to debate about nearly everything. There is a great deal of conflicting information regarding all aspects of parenting, from what to feed kids to how to manage their sleep cycles. Parents may be indeed struggling when asking the seemingly simple question: are baby carriers worth it?

Baby carriers have become popular for a reason. They give parents more options when it comes to moving around their children, which is something that all parents are going to have to do from time to time and which can get tedious for the parents who have to rely exclusively on their arm strength. It should be noted that baby carriers are different from many of the other items that parents might purchase along the way in that they do fulfill a very real need. The baby industry partly relies on creating imaginary needs. However, parents are going to have to carry around their babies in some way at some time, and baby carriers certainly constitute one method of doing so.

Challenges Involved With Baby Wearing

However, baby carriers and baby carrying will two happy dads with their babieshave some problems attached. Many parents get terrible back pain as a result of baby carrying on a regular basis. Parents, especially new parents with very young children at home, are going to be achy and stressed anyway. Adding the back pain from baby wearing to the mix can be enough to push parents over the edge in some ways. For some parents, the added stress of baby carriers won’t be worth it, regardless of the obvious advantages associated with being able to carry around a baby while leaving one’s arms free.

Then again, it is important to remember that baby carrying is just an option. Parents don’t have to do it all the time. They can use strollers and other methods of carrying around a baby a good portion of the time as well. They can certainly rely on their arms most of the time. It’s usually the parents who come to rely on baby carrying who end up with back problems. The parents who only do baby carrying on occasion are probably not going to have to experience any back problems at all, and for them, baby carrying really can be worth it.


There are precautions that parents can take in order to minimize the back pain associated with baby carrying, even though these precautions are not going to eliminate back pain altogether for the parents who do baby carrying all the time. It is worth it to have a baby carrier as an option, even for the parents who are not sure that baby carrying is going to be right for them. Parents are usually not going to know that right away. Having a baby carrier on hand at least gives parents more choices.

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