Best Cast Iron Griddles Reviews UK 2021 – Top 8 Comparison

Whether you’re looking to sizzle up a few steaks or grill a few veggies, griddles are known as versatile cooking tools that can have a big impact on the flavour of your dishes. While griddles can be made from various materials, most people agree that cast iron is the top choice. With cast iron griddles, cleaning up is easy, and you get a structure that will last for many years. Not sure which griddle is the right choice for you? Then take a closer look at our selection of the top options in this guide. 

Benefits of Cast Iron Griddles

Pre-Seasoned Coating

A cast iron griddle will generally contain a pre-seasoned coating on the cooking surface. This is actually one of the factors that contribute to the change in flavour you get when you decide to cook with these griddles. The pre-seasoning of these griddles help to add more flavour to your food. 


Multipurpose Cooking Tools

Griddles are also considered to be incredibly versatile in the kitchen. These cooking tools can be used for a large variety of foods. While many people turn to a griddle when they are looking to cook up meat, they can be used for other foods as well. It is possible to fry some onions, toast a burger bun, or even prepare your favourite vegetables. Many of these tools feature a dual-sided design, which further adds to their versatile functionality. With two sides, one provides a smooth surface for toasting bread and cooking up some burgers. The other side is ideal for creating those grill lines that adds to both the taste and the appearance of your steaks. 


Heat distribution

When using certain types of pans, you may find that heat distribution is a problem. This can cause food to be cooked unevenly. In turn, some parts of your food may start burning, while another area of the food is still not properly cooked. With the use of a cast iron griddle, you’ll generally find that heat distribution is no longer an issue. The material, along with the design of the griddle, helps to effectively distribute heat to ensure your food cooks evenly every time. 


Multi-Surface Support

With your regular pans, you won’t generally be able to use them when you decide to have a barbecue outside. A cast iron griddle, on the other hand, can be used for both indoor and outdoor cooking. These cooking tools are made to provide compatibility with any type of heat source. In fact, you can even place the griddle directly above the fire in your grill without the structure being damaged. 


1.  Lodge LDP3 42.55 x 24.13 cm Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Rectangular Reversible Grill (Top Pick)


Reversible Griddle

A dual-sided griddle that can be used for grilling and cooking any type of food. The griddle is pre-seasoned to assist with your cooking. These cast iron griddles measure 42.55cm by 24.13cm. This provides the perfect size for grilling larger batches of food at a time. The griddle is available as a standalone product, as well as a package with an additional frying pan. The rectangular design of the griddle provides an easy fit for most stovetops and grills. 


2. Nuovva Cast Iron Griddle (Best For Health


Griddle With Ridges

These griddles were designed to help you cook healthier meals. There are ridges on the edges that help to catch excess fat from your food. A high-quality griddle that is made from only cast iron, with no additional materials used in the construction. The griddle features a handle on both sides, which helps you carry the griddle with ease. One side of the griddle has a flat surface, while the other side features ridges that help with grilling and searing. 


3. Fresh O2 Australian Kitchen Ribbed Cast Iron Griddle Skillet (Best Skillet


Skillet Griddle Design

This griddle was made to provide a dual purpose structure. In addition to a griddle, it also doubles as a skillet and frying pan. The versatility of this griddle is what makes it stand out. The handle on the side helps to prevent your hands from burning when you need to pick the skillet up. The skillet has a diameter of 30cm, providing sufficient space for steaks and stir-fries. 




4. Velaze Grill Pan Induction 29cm (Best for Meat)


Griddle With Ridges

The ridges inside this pan makes it an ideal option for cooking meat. There are a couple of design and shape options that you can choose from. A pre-seasoned pan that has a cooking surface made from cast iron. Curves at the sides of the pan make it easy to pour out excess fat during the cooking process. The raised edges help to prevent oil or sauce from spilling over. The ridges on the cooking surface make the pan perfect for both searing and grilling. 


5. Homiu Griddle Pan Plate (Best For Non-Stick)


Griddle With Non-Stick Layer

A non-stick coating in this griddle makes it great for any type of food. The non-stick layer also makes the cleaning process significantly easier. A cast iron griddle that can be used on the grill, as well as on your stove. The double-sided design gives you a smooth surface, as well as a surface with ridges. This adds versatility to your cooking experience with the griddle. Two handles are included in the design of the plate for enhanced mobility. 


6.  Black Rock Grill Cast Iron Reversible Griddle Pan (Best Durability


Heavy Duty Griddle

The use of a heavy cast iron material provides a griddle that will last for a significantly longer period of time. The pan is compatible with any source of heat, including gas stoves and outdoor grills. A multipurpose griddle that you can use on a gas stove, induction hob, and the grill outside. The durable structure means the pan will likely last a lifetime. The pan was made to be easy to clean. There are channels built into the structure of the pan, which helps to catch oil and excess fats, making this an ideal option for reducing the amount of fat accumulating in your food. 


7. Home Solutions X-Large Non-Stick Cast Iron Reversible Griddle Plate (Best Size)


Extra Large Plate

The extra-large size provides an ideal option when cooking for a bigger family. The plate is made for both cooking on a hob or the BBQ. A durable griddle that is structured like a cooking plate. The griddle has a rectangular design and comes with a non-stick coating to prevent food from sticking to the cooking surface. The tray measures 50cm by 23cm. The pan is reversible, with both a smooth and a ridged side for maximum versatility while cooking. 


8. Buckingham Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Plate (Best For Oven)


Oven Safe Griddle

One thing that sets this griddle aside from many alternatives is the fact that you can use it in the oven. Two handles at the sides add extra convenience. A cast iron griddle that features a large cooking surface. The griddle’s length measures 51cm, with a width of 23cm. The thick structure ensures that heat can distribute evenly to all areas of the plate, which helps to provide more consistent cooking. The plate can be used on all types of hobs, except for those that are part of an induction cooker. This plate is reversible, ensuring you can create a wider variety of dishes. 

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