Best Coffee Pods Reviews UK 2021 – Top 8 Comparison

A morning cup of coffee serves as fuel for many people, allowing them to wake up and feel focused during the earlier hours of the day. Waiting for a pot of coffee to brew, however, can be a time-consuming task. With coffee pods, you get coffee served up much faster while also being able to reduce wastage compared to brewing up a large container. While coffee pods are considered versatile, you do need to ensure the ones you buy complies with your needs and preferences. We’ll take a look at some of the best coffee pods on the market in this post. 

Benefits of Coffee Pods

Single serving brew

A major problem that people have with brewing a batch in their coffee machine is the fact that these devices are generally made to fill up a large container, allowing multiple individuals to enjoy a cup. When you only need to prepare a single cup or perhaps two cups of coffee, this becomes an impractical solution. With coffee pods, you do not need to worry about the long wait or the wastage that comes with preparing a pot of coffee. Instead, you are given the opportunity to prepare coffee individually per cup. 


Wide variety of blends and roasts

When looking at coffee pods, you’ll find that there is a significant variation in terms of both roast and blend on the market. This means these pods add versatility to your ability to choose the right coffee based on your own preferences. Additionally, this also gives you more options to try out, compared to buying ground coffee in large bags. With individual coffee pods, you also have the ability to provide a suitable option for every individual in your family – perfectly complying with what type of blend they prefer. 



A common complaint that people tend to have when buying large bags of filter coffee or grounded beans is the fact that they lose their freshness. This generally occurs after the pack has been opened up. Even though some of these bags provide insulation on the interior, over time, the coffee may no longer provide you with that rich and flavourful taste that you desire. With coffee pods, each serving of coffee is individually sealed in its own pod. This means there are no worries about the beans losing their flavour after opening a pack. In turn, each cup of coffee you prepare with these pods will taste just as good as the previous one you made. The fact that the pods are individually sealed also means you can easily open up multiple packs to enjoy different blends throughout the day.


1. Tassimo Kenco Americano Smooth Coffee Pods (Top Pick)


Bulk Pack

The bulk set provides coffee pods that will last for a longer duration of time. There are five packs of pods included in the set. With nine different blends available, you have a greater variety of flavours to choose from. The pods are available in standard and espresso variations. With 16 pods in each pack, this package gives you access to a total of 80 coffee pods in total. Blend options include Americano smooth, flat white, Kenco decaf, Kenco Colombian, and more. 



2. Starbucks House Blend by Nespresso (Best Blended)


Blended Pods

A classic option that infused different coffee beans to create a very unique flavour profile. The package comes with eight boxes of these pods. This is the ideal option for people who enjoy their daily cup of coffee from Starbucks. In addition to the classic House Blend, these pods also come in a large variety of alternative options. There are a variety of packs available as well, which gives you more options to choose from when you prepare a cup of coffee. You can choose between different pack sizes too, providing between 80 and 200 pods each. 


3. Nescafe Dolce Gusto Cafe Au Lait Coffee Pods (Best Creamy)


Creamy Blend

If you prefer your coffee with a few drops of milk, then this might be the ideal pack of pods for you. The pods come with milk powder included in their formula. The creamy texture offered by these coffee pods add quite a unique element. Instead of only focusing on the inclusion of soluble coffee, these pods also contain whole milk powder. There are two blend varieties that you can choose from. The pods also come in two pack sizes, allowing you to pick an option that is suitable for your needs.


4. Nespresso Original Coffee Capsules (Best Organic)


Quality Coffee

What makes this particular pack of capsules stand out is the fact that the manufacturer uses organic ingredients. This provides a purer, safer way to enjoy your coffee. These pods are made by the original Nespresso brand and give you a variety of blends in one package. There are five different blends included in the package, with a total of 50 pods. Each pod contains approximately 60mg of caffeine. The pods are colour-coded, which makes the process of identifying each blend much easier. 


5. Nescafe Dolce Gusto 48 Capsules/Pods Pick N Mix 3 Boxes (Best Choice)


Mix And Match Pack

A unique option that does not provide a pre-packaged range of pods but rather offers you the ability to choose your own favourite blends. There are over 27 different blends to choose from.  Each of these packs give you a total of 48 capsules. By allowing you to choose the specific blends you prefer, you won’t need to worry about having pods that you do not enjoy. In addition to standard options, the variety of choices also gives you access to hot chocolate, espresso, and even a few tea blends. 


6. L’OR Espresso Variety Pack Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods (Best Aroma)


Aromatic Blends

The manufacturer of these pods created each blend to offer you an aromatic experience. Aluminium is used in the design of the capsules.  The universal design of these pods ensure you can enjoy them with any type of pod machine. The high-quality ingredients used in the preparation of these pods add a richer, full-bodied taste. Each pod is sealed individually to ensure it remains fresh. There are 10 different blends included in this set, with a total of 100 pods. 


7. BrewBlack Coffee Capsules Variety Pack (Best Italian Blends


Italian Coffee

This selection of pods all feature original blends that are produced according to the original Italian styles. There are five different blends for you to enjoy.  A unique collection of blends that gives you something different compared to classic options that are generally available. These pods are compatible with the original Nespresso machines. You get 50 capsules in this pack. Individual packs are also available if you have a preference for a specific blend. Each of these packs come with 10 capsules. 

8. Lavazza A Modo Mio Eco Caps Coffee Pods (Best Bulk)


Large Pod Collection

With 256 capsules included, this is the ideal option for people looking to buy in bulk. There are a total of seven blends that you can choose from. An espresso blend that provides a dose of caffeine, along with a flavourful aroma. A decaf option is also available for those who are sensitive toward caffeine in their coffee. Apart from espresso blends, the coffee also comes in a Lungo Dolce blend. Eco-friendly materials are used in the production of the capsules. These pods are compostable. 


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