Best Keychain Blanks Reviews UK 2021 – Top 8 Comparison

Keychains are an important part of keeping your keys organized, as loose keys are easy to misplace. There are a significant variety of keychains on the market, however, which makes the process of selecting one in particular hard. We’ve taken a look at the top keychain blanks that are available and presented a list with our selection of the top picks. The options we share are versatile, easy to use, and sure to help you keep your set of keys organised at all times. 

Benefits of Keychain Blanks


The main benefit that you get with keychain blanks would be the versatility offered by these products. A keychain blank generally consists of a transparent disc that you can decorate according to your own preferences. These blanks come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes too, which allows you to really explore your creative side. In addition to the blanks themselves, the kits come with additional accessories that further expand on the versatility that the products are able to provide. 


Bulk Kits

Keychain blanks are generally sold in bulk packages, with most giving you the ability to create multiple keychains using the items included in a single pack. This is ideal for people who are looking to make their own keychains and gift it to friends and family members. It also creates an opportunity for individuals who wish to use their creative skills in a more professional way. The bulk kits also add greater value compared to buying individual keychains separately. 



You’ll find that most of the keychain blanks on the market contain discs made from acrylic material. Acrylic is a type of hard plastic that is known to be not only affordable but also durable. By providing a sturdy construction, you can expect your custom made keychains to last longer. 



Another important benefit that comes with the use of a keychain blank is the organisation it provides. Keys are incredibly easy to lose. People misplace their keys all the time. By organising your keys on one of these chains, you are able to keep them organised while also reducing the risk of losing your keys at the same time. Since keychain blanks come in bulk packs, it also means you can easily categorise your keys.


1. Willbond Acrylic Transparent Circle Discs (Top Pick)


Durable Blanks

A set of keychain blanks that are made from a tough acrylic material. These keychains are available in different pack sizes, ranging from 12 to 36 keychains per pack. The transparent design allows you to easily customize these discs with text and graphics. The 1/10 inch thickness of the discs adds to the durability, ensuring the keychains won’t break upon impact or start to wear out with daily use. In addition to the keychains, small decorative bells are also included, along with a keyring. 


2. Duufin 160 Pcs Acrylic Transparent Circle Discs (Best Variety)


Colorful Discs

This collection offers a colourful selection of tassels, which easily accompanies custom designs on the keyring. The keyrings are provided in a circular form. The colorful variety of the tassels helps to enhance the appearance of the keychains, adding an extra creative element to a DIY project. The discs are made from acrylic plastic and feature a transparent structure. The edges of the discs are lined with a silver material. An alternative option featuring a golden lining on the edges is also available. There are 40 discs included in the package, as well as 40 tassels. 


3. CDJX Acrylic Keychain Blanks (Best For Crarfts)


Creative Keychains

These keychains are the ideal option for people who are interested in arts and craft projects. The pack comes in two different shapes. With this set of keychains, you gain access to both circular shapes, as well as hexagon discs. Each keychain comes with its own chain, as well as a colourful tassel. The use of acrylic material in the creation of these keychains makes it easy to write on them while also providing compatibility with stickers and labels. 


4. Pveath Photo Keyring (Best Photo Holder)


Keyring For Photos

The hollow interior of these keychains make them ideal for people who wish to carry a photo with them. The pack comes with 30 of these keychains.  The square shape of these keychain blanks provide compatibility with standard small photo sizes. Acrylic materials add to the durability that these keychains are able to provide. Each of the photo holders come with a keyring attached, making it easy to add it to your collection of keys. 



5. TUPARKA 90 Pieces Acrylic Keychain Making Kit (Best DIY)


DIY Keychain Kit

A kit that focuses particularly on do-it-yourself projects. All parts that are included come separate, allowing you to explore different design options. The 90-piece set features a sufficient collection of items to create up to 30 keychains. Each set comes with chains, discs, and a selection of tassels. The tassels come in pink, green, purple, red, blue, and several other colour options, which allows you to easily match the design you place on the disc. 



6. Outus 30 Pieces Acrylic Keychain Blanks (Best Durability)


Durable Blanks Set

The thick structure of these blanks helps to create a more durable set of discs. A metal material is used in the construction of the chains, which further adds to the sturdiness provided. The heart shape of these blanks make them ideal for people who wish to provide a gift to someone special. There are 30 keychains included in the set. Each of the blanks come with a protective paper applied, which helps to prevent scratches while the pieces are stored. The blanks are transparent, which adds versatility when it comes to customising each one. 


7.  Kurtzy Blank Photo Insert Key Chains (Best Dual Sided)


Compact Keychain Set

The double-sided design of these keychains adds more creative opportunities to explore. The blanks are designed specifically for small photographs. The 3.2cm by 5.4cm design of these keychains provide compatibility with standard ID photo sizes. You can add two photos to these blanks since both sides of the item are transparent. The chains are already attached to the blanks, which speeds up the process of creating your own keychains. 



8. Shyne Acrylic Blank Keychains (Best Bulk)


Bulk DIY Kit

If you are looking to create a large collection of custom keychains, then this is the ideal package. The kit comes with a total of 200 pieces.  The circular shape of the blanks included in the package adds versatility to your craft projects. A hard acrylic structure means you can easily add labels to the surface of the blanks. Chains, rings, and tassels are also included in the pack, making it quick and easy to assemble these keychains without the need for extra accessories. 


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