Best Bike Stand Reviews UK 2023 – Top 10 Comparison

Last Updated On December 28th, 2021

Anyone who owns a bike will understand the trials you can face trying to store and stack your bike, especially if you have limited space. Inevitably, you end up propping your bike up against your garage wall, or at a strange angle in your shed. This can lead to damage and make it difficult to get your bike out again – and what if you want to repair your bike?

Enter the bike stand. The best bike stand can be an invaluable tool for storage and repairs. Having a bike stand allows you to keep your bike accessible, and store it in a safe manner. Also, a bike repair stand can be incredibly helpful if you need to make repairs.

If this is something you could benefit from, we have reviewed 10 of the best bike stands available for your benefit – enjoy!

Best Bike Stand Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. Ultrasport Expert (Editor’s Choice)

Ultrasport Expert

The Ultrasport Bike Stand Expert is our pick for best bike maintenance stand. If you need to complete complex home mechanics on your bike, this repair stand can be the best bike stand for you. It lifts your bike fully off the ground and suspends it for easy repairs.


These stands have a great design and features for full bike repairs. The clamp can be rotated fully and positioned at various angles. This clamp is supported by a solid metal frame and four support legs.

We also like the handy tray at the centre of the main pole; you can easily store your equipment and accessories like nuts and bolts here.

In terms of dimensions, the height can be adjusted, and the clamps can also be adjusted. Also, its maximum carrying capacity is 30kg.

These bike stands are brilliant, but they may not be infallible. For example, if your bike has no crossbar, the quick release clamp system could be harder to use. Also, if your bike isn’t balanced exactly, you could find it moves more.

  • Folds down when not in use for a space-saving solution
  • Has a four-legged tripod base for extra stability
  • Can adjust the height for various bike types
  • Has paint-friendly quick clamps that are adjustable
  • Can hold bikes up to a weight of 30kg
  • May not be suitable for clamping a bike without a cross-bar
  • You could find that you have to balance the bike perfectly for maximum stability

2. CXWXC Adjustable (Luxury Choice)

CXWXC Adjustable

The CXWXC Bike Workstand is an excellent product and one of our choices for the best bike work stand. It lifts your bike off the ground and holds it steady with its advanced clamp and durable aluminium frame.


These stands are supported by sturdy aluminium legs and a durable aluminium frame. The aluminium is also corrosion resistant and can comfortably be used outdoors.

Just below the clamp, there is a magnetic tool tray. This is a great addition as it means you can keep your tools organized, but also allow bolts and nuts to stick to the tray so you don’t lose them.

When not in use, these stands can be folded down into a relatively small footprint, and they do not weigh that much either. The top clamp is robust and can be fully adjusted 360-degrees, or positioned at different angles. The clamp also has suspended wheel support that you can attach to your wheel for extra stability.

These work stands are an excellent choice, but they could still present a few small issues. Some customers, for example, have received scratched bike work parts on delivery. Also, you could find the assembly manual is missing.

  • The clamp style is rotatable and has an angle adjustment too
  • Made from durable aluminium which is corrosion resistant
  • Has a magnetic tool tray for the organisation when making repairs
  • Also has a grab bar which helps keep the wheel stable
  • The tripod base has rubber feet for extra stability
  • Some may have received scratched item on delivery
  • You could find that there is no assembly manual

3. Ibera Easy Utility (Best Value)

Ibera Easy Utility

The Ibera Easy Utility Bicycle Stand is our pick for the best bike repair stand if you are looking for a simple and effective bike stand. This is also an excellent choice for storage or for simple repairs.


These Ibera stands are essentially a two-frame product. You pull the two frames outwards to erect the stand, and your bike clamps in place using the two chainstay mounts.

The chainstay mounts offer varying distances and can be changed from 4.5″ to 5.25″ – this is suitable for various wheel sizes.

These stands are lightweight and could provide an affordable storage solution for your bike or for quick repairs.

This bike stand is a great option, but it may have a few issues. For example, it may be better suited for storage as opposed to full mountain bike or electric bike repairs. Also, this may not be suitable for heavier bikes.

  • This bike repair stand has an incredible light weight and is portable
  • Has adjustable chainstay mounts
  • Also has simple instructions and is easy to use
  • The grip can be adjusted to fit a wheel size of 20 – 29 inches
  • Lifts the front or rear wheel completely off the ground
  • May not be suitable for full home bike repairs
  • May not offer the best stability for heavier bikes

4. Space-Saving Rack (Best Vertical)

Space-Saving Rack

Out of our bike stand reviews, the Bike Nook is one of the best portable bike stands available. It takes up minimal space and can easily be stored in your car or van if you travel regularly with your bike.


The Bike Nook has a small footprint and its overall dimensions are 38.1×55.88×76.2cm, and it weighs just 3.25kg. This means that it could easily fit in your car or van, for on-the-go repairs.

It has a simple design with wide feet for great stability. Also, it is made from durable materials and you can easily erect your bike in the handstand position.

For indoor bike storage, these stands are some of the best products available.

Look at this bike repair stand reviews, it’s clear this may not be perfect, however. Firstly, if your bike has any accessories around the wheels, you could find it difficult to fit in place. Also, if you don’t tighten the parts properly, your bike could wobble.

  • Great for on-the-go maintenance due to its portability
  • Store your bikes in a handstand position
  • Quite easy to set up and fit your bike in place
  • Made from durable metal materials
  • Should be suitable for bikes with various wheel sizes
  • If your bike has a fender or rear lights you could find it difficult to use
  • You could find that if not tightened properly, your bike is not completely stable

5. Relaxdays Repair (Best With Tool Storage)

Relaxdays Repair

The Relaxdays Bicycle Repair Stand offers full support for repairs that you would otherwise need to get completed at bike shops. It lifts your bicycle fully from the ground allowing you full access for repairs if you consider your self a bit of a mechanic.


These work stands are comprehensive and have an excellent set of features. Firstly, the frame has four support legs at the base which make it stable on the ground. The legs and frame are also made from durable materials for additional strength.

When using this stand, the tool tray is positioned ideally to allow you to keep all of your mechanic tools and accessories to hand for quick repairs.

For clamping, there is a top clamp that features padding so as to not damage your paintwork. It also has a quick-release feature. The clamp can also be rotated fully and used at different angles depending on which part of the bike you are working on.

This bicycle repair stand could have a few minor issues, however. For example, some UK customers have received German instructions. Also, you could find that the quick release clamps could fall off.

  • Has a height adjustment from 110-190cm
  • Also has a magnetic tool tray
  • The clamps are padded to avoid damage to the bike’s paintwork
  • Has a durable base with a four-legged stand
  • The clamp can be rotated 360-degrees
  • May have German instructions
  • You could find that the clamps could fall off

6. Feedback Sports RAKK (Best For Quick Access)

Feedback Sports RAKK

The Feedback Sports RAKK is a small and effective product that can be used as a bike stand or work support. If you need quick access and storage for your bike, this is a great choice due to its small footprint.


This stand has a simple base frame that is quite wide to provide good support. This is then connected to two brackets that hold the wheel in position. Also, there is a rear tube that provides additional vertical support to the wheel.

It is easy to set up and has an incredibly small footprint. The base measures 13.5×13.5 inches, and it weighs just 2.7kg. We also like that the vertical support has a runner wheel that will keep your wheel clamped tightly.

This bike maintenance stand is great, but it could present a few small issues. Firstly, for bikes with a larger weight, it may not offer great stability. Also, the configuration of this repair stand could mean its more suited for rear-wheel clamping.

  • Can hold up to 29″ wide wheels
  • Relatively lightweight and portable at just 2.7kg
  • Easy to set up and clamp your bike
  • Made from durable metal materials
  • A great space-saving option
  • You could find this bike work stand doesn’t hold larger bikes steady
  • Some could find that this works better for a rear-tyre clamp

7. Gioma GC 215-00 (Best Minimalist Design)

Gioma GC 215-00

The Gioma Bike Stand offers simplicity and a no-fuss approach to bike repairs and storage. It has a minimalistic design and is made from weather-resistant materials if you wish to keep your bike outside.


To support this stand there is a bottom bracket that has two prongs. These are coated in zinc and provide great stability for the bike.

The main shaft is also made from durable metal and features two adjustable clamps with a simple screw mechanism. The clamp should ideally fit onto the rear tubes that connect to your bike wheels.

This mechanic stand is also lightweight and small. It has overall dimensions of 37x32x64cm and weighs just 1.9kg which makes it one of the lightest products on this list.

This bike repair stand could present a few issues, however. Firstly, it only has minimal vertical adjustment and you may find it is not enough. Also, for larger bikes, you could find this repair stand less stable.

  • Has a height adjustment feature to suit different tyre sizes
  • Also has anti-slip rubber feet for extra stability on the ground
  • Can be folded and is highly portable
  • The coating is treated and finished with zinc for extra protection
  • Relatively easy to set up
  • Some could find that the vertical adjustment is not enough
  • You may find that this bike work stand has limited use for larger bikes

8. Oypla Heavy Duty Black (Best Advanced)

Oypla Heavy Duty Black

For advanced maintenance, the Oypla Stand is a top product. It features a quick-release mechanism so you can clamp your bike fully, and raise it from the ground. This is ideal if you need to complete extensive repairs or refitting.


This Oypla mechanic stand is supported by four legs which all have additional supports. This means the base is incredibly stable. The main pole can be adjusted in height, and there is a clamp at the top which has a quick-release function.

When working, these bike stands have a tool tray at a reasonable height. The tray has several holes to slot tools into and some trays for items like nuts and bolts.

In terms of dimensions, these stands weight just 7.5kg and can support a maximum bike weight of 30kg.

This bike repair stand is not without its flaws, however. For example, the quick release clamp could be difficult to adjust as you need to hold the bike. Also, some customers have reported damaged items on delivery.

  • Has a magnetic tool tray half-way up the main tube
  • Easy to use with a central clamp feature
  • Has four legs for extra stability when clamping
  • Your bike can be tilted and rotated for various working positions
  • Can hold a maximum bike weight of 30kg
  • Some could find the main clamp difficult to adjust
  • Some may have received damaged items on delivery

9. GearUp Grand Single (Best For Basic Repairs)

GearUp Grand Single

The GearUp Grand Single Bike Floor Stand is a simple repair stand that could be used for bike storage or for basic repairs. Made from durable materials, it has a simple design that clamps one wheel securely.


These work stands have a simple design and are essentially a double bottom bracket with two frames that support the wheel. The frames can be adjusted up to 2.25 inches.

The frame is made from durable ABS plastic which has weatherproofing. Also, for assembly, the hardware is included, but you may still need some additional DIY tools.

In terms of dimensions, this repair stand is 38.1cm long and weighs just 453g which makes it relatively lightweight.

This bike repair stand is a good product but it could have a few issues. Firstly, some could find this difficult to assemble. Also, some customers have reported receiving missing bolts on delivery.

  • Simple style stands that are easy to set up
  • The width of the clamp can be adjusted up to 5.7 inches
  • Made from weatherproof materials
  • All assembly hardware is included
  • A great space-saving option
  • Despite the small size and weight, may still be difficult to assemble
  • Some may have reported on the missing bolts

10. Yaheetech Heavy Duty (Best For Mechanic Repairs)

Yaheetech Heavy Duty

The Yaheetech Heavy Duty Mechanic Stand is a durable product for advanced bike work and mechanic repairs. The sturdy frame lifts the bike from the ground and suspends it so you can access parts such as the bottom bracket, top tube, seat tube, and gears.


The work stands have a four-legged base and a central tube with a clamp system. You suspend the bike from the clamp while the height of the main stand can also be adjusted.

On the centre of the pole, there is a tool tray that has slots for tools and several trays for items like Allen keys. Also, there is a bar that can be attached to hold the wheel in place.

The height can be adjusted up to 74.8 inches, and it can hold a maximum weight of 30kg.

Although this is a good repair stand, it may not be perfect. For example, the design could mean that it is not suitable for electric bikes. Also, you may need to hold the bike whilst using the clamp which could prove difficult.

  • These bike stands can be adjusted from 42.5″ to 74.8″
  • The main clamp can be rotated 360-degrees
  • Has a stable base with four legs
  • Has an additional front wheel stabilizer
  • Includes a tool tray for efficient home maintenance
  • May not be suitable for use with electric bikes
  • You could find the main clamp difficult to use

How to Choose the Best Bike Stand?

old man repairing bicycle

The style and design of repair stands vary greatly. As you can see, some are essentially a simple clamping mechanism that keeps your bike upright on the ground. Others, however, are more complex and offer not only a clamp mechanism, plus a host of other features. As a result, it could be difficult knowing which work stands are suitable.

Before buying one of the bike repair stands, first, consider your usage. How many bikes do you own? What type of bike do you have? Do you have a mountain bike, or a BMX, or even an electric bike, for example? Also, how often do you use your bike?

If you cycle on a weekly basis, you may want to invest in a deluxe home mechanic repair stand. Whereas if you only cycle a few times per year, a deluxe home mechanic repair stand could be a waste. Once you have looked at your usage, consider the following factors listed below too.

Weight and Size

The weight and size of the work stand are important in several aspects. Firstly, how heavy and bulky is the work stand? Ideally, you don’t want to have to carry a bulky stand that is heavyweight – unless you never intend to move it.

Also, the weight limit is also vital. What is the maximum weight capacity the work stand can hold? This is important as you don’t want to overload your work stand and potentially break it. Always check the weight of your bike first so you know what minimum carrying capacity you require.


Next, consider the portability of the repair stand. Some bike repair stands are suitable only for stationary use in a garage or garden shed, for example. Alternatively, you could buy a folding stand that you can store in your car or van allowing you to repair road bikes on the go.

Portability depends on your usage. If you intend to make your repairs at home in a designated bike repair station, you may not need bike stands that fold. Alternatively, if you cycle competitively, a portable work stand may be vital for safe on-the-go repairs.

Strength and Stability

One of the most important features of a bike work stand is its stability. This is essentially the whole point of a work stand. You should therefore look at how your bike is supported, and what stability is provided.

For example, some bike work stand models may have a tripod base for extra stability. Others may have a traditional two-pronged clamping mechanism with parallel legs. You should also consider what materials the components are made from and how durable they are.

Additional Features

workman doing maintenance check on bicycle

Finally, also look at any additional features the bike work stand may have. Some repair stands can be fitted together, for example, to provide support for multiple bikes at once. Others may have tool trays so you can keep your tools handy when working on your bikes.


A bike repair stand is a great item to have if you or your family have bikes and regularly use them. These simple but effective devices can allow you to work on the bike without propping it up against something else. Also, they allow you to reach difficult parts on the bike such as the wheel connections.

Any one of the above 10 bike repair stands will make a great choice if you are buying a bike and intend to do home repairs. However, our choice for the best bike stand is the Ultrasport Bike Stand Expert. This is an excellent product for repairs and will hold the bike securely off the ground so you can access any part of its frame and wheels. We also like the tool tray and the sturdy base that it has for stability. Whether you consider yourself a home mechanic or you simply want to keep your bike safe and off the ground, this is a great bike repair stand to consider.

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