Can a Baby Monitor Interfere with Wireless Internet?

Last Updated On November 20th, 2018

Can a baby monitor interfere with wireless internet? Typically, you don’t really have to worry about this type of interference occurring on a regular basis but the truth of the matter is that in some cases, it can become a real problem. It really depends on the type of products that you have purchased and the frequencies on which they operate, as well as a few other outside factors that can end up making all the difference in the world. Keep reading find out more information.

Interference Can Happen

The first thing that you have to understand is that both baby monitors and wireless internet operate in much the same way. If you really stop and think about it, they are both operated wirelessly, meaning that the possibility does exist for them to interfere with one another. It really comes down to the frequency that they both use to operate. As long as the frequencies are nowhere near each other and don’t overlap, you won’t have any problems. Therefore, it is not usually a problem because the frequencies that are used to operate the two are usually different.

However, interference can and does occur. This is much more likely to occur if the device you are using to operate your internet has a frequency that is fairly close to the one used by the baby monitor. If they are close enough, you can start to see interference occurring with one or both systems. In addition, there are a few other factors that you have to consider.

Making Adjustments

The first thing that you should consider is the location of the baby monitor, as well as the wireless router or the hot spot you are using to operate your internet. If you do notice that you have interference on one system or the other, the first thing that you should try is to simply move one or both items to a new location. In many cases, this offsets the problem and you won’t have any more issues. However, if you do notice that issues persist, you might try switching to a system that is more secure for your internet access. This makes it less likely that interference can occur. This might mean purchasing a new router, but it could be worth it in the long run. If that is not an option or you have already tried that and you found little or no success, you might be forced to purchase an entirely different system.

Additional Factors

What other types of factors can sometimes be involved? Sometimes, it is as simple as understanding where you live. Some people use all kinds of wireless systems in their homes and they never have a problem while others seem to have nothing but problems. A lot of it can frequently have something to do with the area where you live. Interference that already exists from things like transmission wires, large radio or television antennas, or even repeaters that are used for 911 systems and emergency radios plays a big factor. Therefore, some places are simply more susceptible to interference than others.


Chances are, you really won’t experience any issues with either your internet or your baby monitor. If you do, take the time and systematically eliminate one issue at a time until you have a setup where you can have both systems in the house without experiencing issues every time one or the other is turned on.

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