Can Dehumidifiers Be Used in Bathrooms?

With an inflow of water and remains of residual water on most times during the day, the bathroom is that one place which is always at a high risk of turning damp. So, can dehumidifiers be used in bathrooms? They can and should. No one would want to enter a bathroom that is damp, wet on the walls and smells awful. A bathroom is a very private place and spoiling this area of the house is not at all a very good idea.

Dehumidifiers ensure that the very high levels of humidity are kept in check. Earlier, it was thought that since the bathroom was closed and had small spaces, it was not at all the ideal place for one. However, with the advent of portable, compact and small dehumidifiers, this problem has largely been solved. These dehumidifiers are pretty easy to set up and can help you keep your bathroom clean and smelling of fresh air. You do not have to worry about any foul smell and you can choose one that fits your budget perfectly.

What Should You Consider When Setting Up Dehumidifiers in Bathrooms?

If you’re looking to get clean bathroom air that is devoid of bacteria and germs, setting up a dehumidifier is the right choice. However, there are certain things one should consider before setting up dehumidifiers in bathrooms.

1. Size

Size does matter, especially when you are setting it up in the bathroom. The dehumidifier needs to be small, compact and absolutely portable. You can use this same dehumidifier elsewhere where it is also needed. The other advantage with smaller sized dehumidifiers is that they are not overly priced. The warning out here will never leave your dehumidifier running in the bathroom after its usage. It runs on electricity and the bathroom has plenty of water around. Now that is a shocking combination.

2. Features

Any equipment nowadays comes loaded with features. Some are fun to use and some are important. Before purchasing your dehumidifier check on the following features or the availability of them in your equipment: Auto off, humidistat, digital displays and wheels, preferably for mobility.

3. Electric Consumption

This is also a vital aspect of any equipment running on electricity. You will not want a burn in your pockets, because of one small machinery placed in your bathroom, to take humidity away. Some portable dehumidifiers do not run on electricity but a majority of them do. Moreover, size does matter when it comes to electric consumption. The smaller dehumidifiers consume a lot more electricity than the bigger ones. That is because they have to work twice as hard in removing moisture from the area than the larger ones. This is where an auto shut off functionality comes into play.

4. Noise

Avoid the noisy ones. As with people, even equipment noise jars and annoys. Check out for dehumidifiers which are silent operators. Test it before you buy one.

There are some air dehumidifiers out there for you. Choose one according to your budget. Do not forget to have a look at the features.

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