Can You Replace Your Sofa Bed Mattress?

Last Updated On July 21st, 2017

The answer to this question is that it is possible to replace sofa bed mattress though it can be very challenging to shop for a replacement. To shop for best sofa bed mattress replacements, one needs to consider the following steps:

1. Determining mattress size.

To determine the best size you need for a replacement, the most accurate way is by measuring the frame of the sofa bed. The existing mattress is not recommendable as it has already undergone some wear out which might have interfered with the dimensions. One is required to measure the length and width of the frame from the inside in inches.

2. Determining the type of mattress one needs.

There are common replacement mattresses currently which are: urethane foam, natural latex, coil, air cover and memory foam. To start with;

  • Memory foam is apparently the most used replacement due to its firm feel not so soft, not so hard. This makes it excellent for sleeping at night especially for occasions like a guest out of town. The memory foam is highly recommended by physicians and chiropractors as it has some benefits in relieving pressure. A new form of memory foam is out that incorporates gel which is infused in the mattress top layer and also designed to cool the mattress.
  • Latex mattress is recommended for those requiring hard mattress. Latex mattresses are created partly from soy plants and rubber trees which makes it eco-friendly. Therefore when choosing a latex sofa, consider its naturalness.
  • Urethane foam mattress is not as luxurious as compared to natural latex or gel foam sofa mattresses. However, it offers a high density one that is affordable and also eliminates sofa bed mechanism. A high density foam is more supportive and more durable.
  • Over coil mattresses in the base has coils and it’s an air sofa mattress. This mattress has several benefits which include, its comfort is adjustable as it comes with an inflator hand-held to adjust firmness. This type of mattress also drives away the mechanism of a sofa bed as it can expand when inflated.
  • Coil sofa mattresses are the common ones that come with most beds. These are the least comfortable type of sofa mattresses since on top of a steel coil three inches, the average coil has a ½ inch padding. Hydrogen embrittlement is considered in manufacturing the innerspring. When the coils undergo electroplating, hydrogen absorbed during embrittlement causes the coil to be brittle hence stressing, cracking and finally failure of coil. However, if not electroplated, they rust. For those interested to use coil sofa mattresses, models using coils that are heat treated are recommended.

3. Ask questions before purchase and read fine copy.

Before making any purchase for a sofa bed mattress replacement, choose a retailer already you know their policies. One of the key aspects such a retailer is that, in case of a dislike of the product, a return is allowed and a refund. In case of sofa mattress’ measurement problems, it’s advisable to ask on how to go about it. Warranties are important and should range at least between one and five years as this quite an assurance of quality.

To conclude, be careful of what is offered as an addition especially when buying the mattresses online as well as, successful business are ever on advert watch that for quality things.

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