Can Sewing Machines Do Embroidery?

Last Updated On August 22nd, 2018

Every person’s interest differ from that of the other. It is possible to put people together, but the most difficult bit is getting them to think the same. That’s not achievable. The varying interest and the outstanding personalities from one person to another are what motivates different professions, abilities, and hobbies. People choose careers based on their interests and commit themselves to performing daily activities pertaining the job since they love and are competent in it. Sewing is done on a professional level, but also as a hobby. Embroidery goes hand-in-hand with sewing and hence the need for one to have skills in both areas, more so those that pursue sewing professionally.

Can a sewing machine do embroidery?

The answer to the question may differ. As the growing need to do embroidery arose, professionals had to emerge that were competent in the areas, some specialize in threading while others do embroidery alone. However, one may have the skills for both of the tasks. The growing need for the professionals had to come alongside better tools to do embroidery hence the emergence of embroidery machines that are sorely dedicated to embroidery. This, however, doesn’t limit persons with an interest in both sewing and embroidery; some machines do perform both tasks. Before the emergence of the embroidery machines, however, it doesn’t mean that embroidery was never done; it is possible to embroider with an ordinary sewing machine. You require the skill and competence for the task, though, more so when professionally decorating. Practice makes perfect and with time you will perfect the task.

How to embroider with a sewing machine

Experts refer it as free-motion embroider, it entails setting the sewing machine so as to be fit for the task and enable you to perform your work easily.

Gather the equipment

The sewing machine is the principle equipment for the job. However, other specialized equipment is required for the embroidery task. The darning foot, to enable you to stitch safely without your fabric flagging. This minimizes the time you take to put the fabric back in place and reduces the risk of the embroidery going bad. However, the foot style may differ with the type of sewing machine, ask for the appropriate on for your machine. Embroidery scissors, useful in every embroidery more so for dealing with stressful loose threads as well as connecting threads. An embroidery hoop, it need not be fancy, but it requires you to master how to use it. For hand embroidery, it could be much easier and memorable, but while using the machine, remember to use it back to front. Also essential is a pencil or a trick marker, which you will use to draw the pattern before commencing embroidery.

Set machine

Upon gathering all the necessary equipment, set the machine, to be ready for the task ahead and to avoid any frustrations in the course of sewing. Install the darning foot, instructions on how to switch the foot are available in the manual if you don’t know how or have forgotten. Handle tension, to allow harmonious running of the thread and fabric. Lower the feed dogs of your machine. Normally, they facilitate free movement of the fabric during sewing, lowering them will, therefore, enable you to move the fabric only when you have to and at your pace and to whichever direction. You, therefore, will be in control. Set the stitch length to zero to enhance maximum control and accuracy when sewing.


Once you are all set, begin embroidery to your preferred design and style. To begin, you press the foot control and then push your hoop in any direction. Ensure tightness at the loop to avoid puckering, always start with the tester scraps first before you decide to stitch onto other expensive fabric. It is also advisable to start with the open free lines before getting into the complex work.

It takes self-confidence to believe you can perform a task. Set your mind positively and allow only positive thoughts to flow, this will minimize tension and allow you to sow easily without messing up much since you are at ease. You need not invest in an embroidery machine, master the skill to use your sewing machine, and with time perfection is achieved.

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