Can Water Softener Resin Be Cleaned?

Last Updated On November 29th, 2018

A water softening system in a home assists in getting rid of minerals such as calcium, iron, and magnesium in hard water. If the minerals are left, they could stain the pipes and thus reducing their efficiency. Therefore, having an efficient water system in a home is something very essential. But the question now becomes, can you clean the water softener resin? If you want to keep your system working at its best, regular cleaning of the water softener resin is imperative.

When is the right time to clean it?

We know cleaning the system can raise a lot of questions. Like always, there is a right time for doing something. The best time to do this type of cleaning is when the softening salt is about to be finished. This will help in avoiding the total depletion of the salt in the system. Remember that it is crucial to routinely clean the water softener resin for the purpose of the system running efficiently.

Methods of cleaning water softener resin

Apparently, the resin tank is not cleaned just like any other kitchen utensils. There are two ways you can use to clean the resin tank, which include:

  • Using a resin cleaner
  • Unplugging the softener unit

Get a resin cleaner

One of the reliable ways to clean your resin tank is by purchasing a resin cleaner. Generally, hard water contains useless minerals. Resin cleaners help to do away with unwanted minerals by absorbing them through the resin beads and swapping them with sodium. While some of these cleaners target iron ions only, there are those that provide an all-inclusive solution. Also, other resin cleaners have a self-cleaning system that droops inside the salt-water tank
It is advisable that when using this method to clean your water softener resin, ensure that you buy the resin cleaner that comprehensively cleans the beads.

Here is what to do:

  • Pour the cleaner to the tank
  • Set the tank into regeneration mode by using a level-bladed screwdriver.
  • Repeat the process if required to purge out the useless minerals
  • Restore the system’ default settings

Unplug the softener unit

This is another way to clean your water softener resin. This method is straightforward, and you may not need someone to tutor you. Here is what you should do:

  • Unplug the water softener unit
  • Unscrew the bolts and disconnect the valve to remove the resin tank
  • Take out all the water in the resin tank
  • Remove any softening salt left in the unit. Using hot water, break and dig out any huge blocks of salt in the water softener
  • Use a soapy mixture of water and a brush to clean the tank and then rinse before re-setting up the tank

Bottom line

Throughout our research, we established that you could clean your water softener resin. This is the only way to ensure your water system’s efficiency. The two ways we have mentioned are easy and the best. However, it is crucial to be aware when to repeat the procedure. For instance, if a family uses less water in a month, you can repeat the procedure once in a month. Additionally, if you realize your softener is losing resin, the solution is to install the latest resin screen.

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