Can Water Softeners Cause Skin Problems?

Last Updated On November 29th, 2018

Hard or soft water affects the user in one way or the other. The calcium and the magnesium content determine whether the water is hard or soft. Water softeners are used to ease the hardness of water and make it ideal for use. By doing so, you will avoid the scum that covers the dishes and save the soap as you clean your dishes, laundry or bathing. The article will assess whether or not water softeners can cause skin problems and the benefits of using the water softeners.

The Effects of Hard Water on the Skin

In most occasions, people invest so much on the drinking water but do not question the source of the bathing and cleaning water. Due to the high mineral content, the hard water causes scum on the skin after showering. The scum will not only cover your skin but also some part of the bathroom and the bathing tab. Apart from the scum, hard water causes clogging in the draining system as well as the skin pores. The clogged skin pore may cause a skin breakage and eventually you may suffer from acne or other significant skin conditions. This may not be the case when you use the softeners as they will ease the hardness and you will realize a silky and soft skin.

How Do Water Softeners Work?

Upon understanding how water softeners work, you will be able to know if they can cause skin problems or not. Water softeners are the most reliable means of addressing the hard water dilemmas. Some water softeners are salt based. When the hard water is passed through the water softening process, magnesium and calcium ions are removed as the process entails ion exchange. Having completed the process, you will have the soft water with no traces of scum.

The softened water will leave your skin smoother and cleaner. Regular drainage unclogging will not be necessary as there will be no scum. The water softener system does not require frequent maintenance and can last for so many years. Soft water is gentle and beautifying. The water will give you a natural glow, and you will save significantly on the soap, shampoo, skin care lotions, laundry, and dish detergents among other washing items.

Things to Consider When Buying a Water Softener

  •  The amount of softener per regeneration
  •  The salt used per regeneration
  •  The duration per regeneration
  •  How often the water softener will regenerate
  •  The grains of hardness removed
  •  The maintenance and running cost per year

Water Softeners and Your Skin

Water softeners are not designed to harm your skin. They are made with a beautifying effect in mind. Before blaming the skin condition on the water softener, it is essential to analyze the quality of the water. There is a lot of evidence on the effects of hard water on skin. The water softener should, therefore, solve the issue of skin condition.

In summary, water softeners make the water right for use, and if you develop a skin condition, you will be among the insignificant percentage that reacts with the salts. It is necessary that you get the right water softener and be tested for other possible causes of skin conditions.

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