Best Car Cover Reviews UK 2023 – Top 10 Comparison

Last Updated On December 27th, 2021

Car covers offer garage-free protection against moisture, snow, tree sap, and dirt and debris collected from cars passing by. This convenient accessory can also avoid paintwork damage by offering UV protection. Car covers can also add an element of security if you hide valuable items in your car overnight.

To help you find the best car cover, we’ve devised a list of the top 10 available to buy right now. Each of these covers is good for various car sizes and boast excellent breathability to prevent moisture from building up inside your car. After all, cars are valuable items so we need to make the most of good-quality accessories to improve their longevity.

Best Car Cover Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. Cosmos 10323 (Editor’s Choice)

Cosmos 10323

This cover is available in four sizes and four colours, this car cover is ideal for small to medium-sized cars such as Mazda MX5, Porsche Boxter, and more.


It’s easy to attach this to your car, thanks to the elasticated base that provides a secure fit. This ensures that no wind or rain will cause it to blow off. Plus, this elasticated base is soft to avoid any scratches when removing the cover or placing it on your car for storage.

This waterproof cover boasts a breathable polyester fabric that has a soft inner lining for protection and remains light for convenient removal. With a 130 gsm thickness, it’s lightweight to transport.

Unfortunately, the polyester material may not be weatherproof, meaning that rain and severe snow could still reach your car’s bonnet.

  • Easy to fit the front and rear
  • Protects your car against UV rays
  • Includes a free carrying bag
  • Available in four colours
  • Polyester fabric may not protect against all weather conditions
  • Material may rip if tugged

2. Cartrend New Generation (Luxury Choice)

Cartrend New Generation

This is one of our favourite car covers for protecting your vehicle’s paintwork from scratches and fading. Simply fit this outdoor car cover onto your vehicle for improved security when leaving accessories inside each night.


It boasts an elasticated seam, which you can use to make sure it securely stays on top of your car. Its drawcord design provides an excellent fit for all cars of different makes and sizes, even during the rain, wind, or storm.

Designed from polyester, this car cover is gentle against your vehicle, with a soft lining that won’t cause any scratches. When you remove this cover, it won’t leave any marks or residue on your vehicle, either.

However, this material and its thickness don’t make it great to use as an all weather car cover, unlike a 4 layer car cover, and some liquid might seep through.

  • Elasticated seam that accommodates more than one size
  • Protects your vehicle’s paintwork while having excellent breathability
  • Won’t leave marks on your vehicle after use
  • Soft inner lining
  • Drawcord design for added security
  • Rain might seep through the car cover
  • May not be completely waterproof to use during winter

3. Maypole 9871 (Best Value)

Maypole 9871

For a winter car cover that’s excellent value, consider this Maypole product. It’s available in four sizes to cater to a variety of car shapes and sizes.


This car cover uses polypropylene, which is extremely soft and boasts a soft inner lining that will protect your vehicle during storage. In fact, this material is especially ideal if you want a car cover that’ll avoid any paint damage.

In addition, the adjustable straps provide a secure fit and protect your car from hard straps that could potentially damage the paint. The cover’s secure windproof fit allows for tailored protection against UV rays and severe weather conditions.

However, some people may prefer a four or five layer car cover for additional protection, but this outdoor car cover only features one. In addition, the sizing may be too big for some cars, making it difficult to provide a secure fit.

  • Includes a storage bag
  • Polypropylene fabric is soft to avoid paint damage
  • Breathable fabric that prevents mould and condensation
  • Available in four sizes for various cars
  • May be slightly too heavy to attach to the front and rear
  • Clips may be poorly placed for some cars

4. Cartrend 70339 Half (Best Half)

Cartrend 70339 Half

This is the best cover for quick and easy removal. It’s suitable for various car models, including Audi A4, BMW 3er, Ford Mondeo, VW Passat, and various others.


Boasting a half design, this car cover uses a polyester material that ensures that snow, ice, and sleet don’t stick to your car’s window screen. Plus, this material has a breathability factor that is also designed to be waterproof.

In addition, this quality car cover will remain secure to your vehicle in winds up to 40mph, thanks to the elasticated straps that reach underneath your wheels.

In contrast, this waterproof cover won’t provide much protection against bird droppings and tree sap since it only covers half of the vehicle. What’s more, it may not be suitable for intense rain.

  • Half design provides an easy installation and removal
  • Offers a secure fit
  • Can withstand high winds
  • Elasticated straps prevent any paint damage
  • May not protect against intense rain
  • Cover may cling to your car when it’s raining

5. Breathable Leader Accessories (Best for a Secure Fit)

Breathable Leader Accessories

This breathable car cover boasts an elasticated hem that fits most cars well. The underneath buckle can make this cover remain in place, against high winds and heavy rains.


Its three-layered design makes this weatherproof car cover one of the best for keeping your vehicle free from damage and moisture in all kinds of weather while remaining breathable to prevent any build-up of mould and mildew. This design also provides protection against UV rays, so it’s made for year-round use.

The material is soft, which is ideal if you want to buy a car cover that you can keep on top of your vehicle in storage.

On the other hand, this car cover might not fit vehicles over 195 inches in length. Also, if you stretch the fabric, it could tear in severe weather conditions.

  • Includes a storage bag
  • Breathable fabric to prevent moisture build-up
  • Has three layers of protection
  • Elasticated hem provides a secure placement
  • Underneath buckle might be fiddly to secure
  • May not feature mirror pockets

6. Favoto Sedan (Best Multi-Layered)

Favoto SedanThe Favoto Sedan car cover is designed to protect your car from a variety of outdoor elements. It is wind, water, and dustproof and also protects your car from UV rays. It can also be thrown in the boot of your car easily once folded and put in its storage bag.


This car cover has a six-layer design that easily blocks scratches and keeps your car looking pristine for as long as possible. The interior layer is made from soft cotton that is gentle on paint yet still durable enough to be protective. The entire thing is double stitched for durability.

Several reflective strips adorn the sides of this car cover to help it remain visible at night. It features an elastic cord around the bottom for a better fit and tie-down straps to keep it firmly secure. It also has an easy entry side panel.

The Favoto car cover may let some water through around the rearview mirrors, and regretfully, the side entry panel is on the passenger side for UK cars. Lastly, the straps may not be extremely durable in areas with consistently strong winds, but overall, it is still well-deserving of a place on our top 10 list.

  • Reflective stripes for better visibility
  • Elastic hem for a better fit
  • A soft cotton interior layer
  • Easy entry side panel
  • Six layers of protection
  • Side entry is on the passenger side in the UK
  • Straps could be less durable in really strong winds
  • May not be entirely waterproof

7. Dripex Universal (Best for Summer)

Dripex Universal

Boasting an aluminium finish, this car cover is high-quality and refracts UV rays in summer. As a result, it’s great for protecting any bright bodywork from fading in the sun.


This car cover can also be used in winter. Incorporating cotton into its design, this material prevents the inside of your car from getting to cold when you leave it overnight, so you can travel to work the following day without feeling the cold.

This quality cover comes with mirror pockets, an elasticized hem, and hooks. The straps and buckle underneath the car ensure that the cover remains firmly in place—even when it’s windy outdoors.

In contrast, this may not be one of the best car covers for smaller cars since it’s primarily designed for larger vehicles. The front clips aren’t made of a heavy-duty material, which could cause them to easily break in intense winds.

  • Incorporates mirror pockets into its design
  • Elasticated hem that holds well when it’s windy
  • Six layers to offer good protection in all weather
  • Driver door zipper for easy access
  • May be too big for smaller cars
  • Front clips might not be of the highest quality

8. Kayme Rain Protection (Universal Option)

Kayme Rain Protection

This is the best outdoor car cover that’s available in a convenient one-size design. In fact, you can stretch the fabric to range from 194 to 208 inches, depending on your car length.


Impressively, this car cover boasts a driver’s door zipper for easy access and features reflective strips on the front and rear to protect your car against another vehicle crashing into it at night.

Furthermore, its secure fit is also down to windproof straps at the front and rear to offer ample protection against bird droppings, as well as rain and sun damage. This snug fit also prevents it from blowing away in high winds. Also, the high-density polyester fabric can withstand high water pressure to make this car cover waterproof.

On the other hand, it may not be easy to fit since you need to secure the windproof straps, rather than featuring an elasticated base.

  • Mirror pockets that you can conveniently unzip
  • Excellent car cover for a secure fit
  • Reflective straps give you peace of mind to leave your car at the side of the road at night
  • Driver’s door zipper in case you forget something inside
  • One-size fits all design
  • May be timely to fit your vehicle
  • One single layer may not be enough to protect against intense weather conditions

9. ICover Heavy-Duty Large (Best for Large Sedans)

ICover Heavy-Duty LargeIf you are looking for a heavy-duty design to protect your car, the ICover Large is strongly recommended. It is constructed with a dual-layer of protection and is great for larger sized sedan style cars.


This car cover features a double-stitched elastic hem and straps in all four corners for proper wheel coverage. It also features a centre strap with a hefty buckle to keep it anchored in any kind of weather. In addition to the waterproof outer layer, an anti-scratch fleece interior layer provides your car with protection from both sides of the cover.

The Large size ICover is designed for sedans, but an extra-large version is also available for trucks and crossovers. Each cover comes with a convenient carry bag as well, so when it is not in use, you can stow it in a compact, dry space.

While this car cover provides you with a high level of protection in all types of conditions, it may not be 100% waterproof. Regretfully, it may be a bit tricky to fasten the centre strap, and we think the corner straps could benefit from being slightly longer, especially when it comes to covering larger cars.

  • Double-stitched for durability
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Anti-scratch fleece interior layer
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Elastic hem plus five straps for a secure fit
  • The centre strap may not be the easiest to fasten
  • Might not be 100% waterproof
  • Corner straps could be a bit longer

10. Asteri Five Layers (Best for Year-Round Use)

Asteri Five Layers

This car cover features a five-layer design that provides exceptional breathability benefits to avoid any moisture entering inside the car.


The cover’s woven design acts as a water barrier to help insulate your car. This is good when you plan to drive during the winter but don’t like getting into a freezing car. It’s also simple to clean, so you can remove any gunk or grime in an instant.

Furthermore, it features a windproof elasticized hem around the bottom and rear of the car for excellent protection. In fact, the straps and buckles prevent the car cover from blowing off during heavy winds.

On the other hand, this outdoor car cover doesn’t have a cotton lining, which might not shield your car from paintwork damage.

  • Prevents a build-up of moisture inside of your car
  • Elasticized hem prevents it from blowing off
  • Low maintenance to clean
  • Provides protection against sap
  • May not be 100% waterproof
  • Cotton lining may not provide paintwork protection

Car Cover Buying Guide

parked vehicle outside of house

To help you discover the best car covers for you and your vehicle, below are some of the most important considerations to remember before you make any purchases.

UV Protection

Car covers aren’t just for winter, but they can provide great breathability and help to avoid any paint damage from sun exposure. Opt for an aluminium layer that will shield your car’s exterior and interior against harmful UV rays. Furthermore, this material provides great security as it is thicker than most fabrics used in car covers so people can’t see any hidden accessories inside.

Dust and Scratch Protection

Car covers not only offer security by not allowing people to see indoor accessories but if you purchase a cotton cover, it can maintain your car’s value by offering protection. In particular, this material can limit the amount of damage caused by knocks, and scratches, as well as prevent lingering dust, which is ideal if you leave your car unattended on a busy street.

Thickness and Number of Layers

You may have noticed that some of the best car covers have several layers; a 4 layer car cover can provide great security against heavy winds. But this level of thickness isn’t necessary if you’re looking for an indoor car cover.

It’s also important to remember that while a thicker fabric and several layers can avoid any leaks on your car, these outdoor car covers won’t have excellent breathability. As a result, your car’s interior can become overheated in the hotter months.


Finally, car covers typically have the option of buckle straps or an elasticated hem, while some of the best car covers on the market even offer both. For buckle straps, ensure that you test that it won’t be impossible to reach while securing the cover to your car. While most are placed underneath the car for a stylish finish, some can be placed further to the rear, while ones designed in the centre can be difficult to get to.

Furthermore, ensure that you check reviews for the sizes. You could purchase one of the best car covers available, but if it’s too big or small for your car model, it could blow off and leave gaping holes for moisture to enter. An elasticated hem helps to provide a secure fit on the front and rear.

parked vehicle with sun protection

The Best Cover for Your Car

We hope you enjoyed these outdoor car cover reviews and have a better understanding of what to look for in a winter or summer car cover.

If we could choose the best car cover, it’d be the Cosmos 10323. This accessory features an elasticated base for security, is suitable for various car sizes, and uses a breathable polyester fabric to avoid paint damage.

What are your thoughts? Share your feedback, or additional recommended all-weather car cover, in the comments.

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