Are Dehumidifiers Good for Damp?

Last Updated On April 23rd, 2016

People ask themselves ‘are dehumidifiers good for damp’ before they purchase them, which is always a good idea. It is important to know what a device is really capable of in advance, since some people are going to run into problems that they did not expect or into situations where they tried to resolve problems and failed.

Dehumidifiers are certainly going to take moisture out of the air, which can contribute to reducing problems with damp. However, some people are going to have so much moisture in a given area that it is going to be difficult for them to really address it all with just a dehumidifier, even if that device is going strong for a long period of time.

Humidity and Damp

Humidity certainly contributes to damp problems. The entire home can feel more damp when humidity levels are very high. However, it is also important to know that severe damp problems can have other causes. Usually, a house that is going to be damp enough to be regarded as having a damp problem in the first place is going to need more drastic solutions than a simple dehumidifier.

A damp problem could signal some sort of a household leak, which is a serious problem that people should try to address as soon as possible. Getting a dehumidifier in order to slowly evaporate the water that is coming into the house is not even going to work as a stopgap solution. Dehumidifiers are going to work well when it comes to getting rid of water vapor, even if there is a lot of water vapor.

Actual liquid water is still going to have some water vapor wafting off of it as a result of state changes, but it isn’t all going to turn into water vapor unless the temperature of the room or the environment is very hot. As such, people are only going to be able to address some of their damp problems with dehumidifiers if they have some sort of severe water infiltration. In many cases, they’re only going to be taking the edge off of them, if that.

However, some people are going to try to solve severe humidity problems by getting multiple dehumidifiers. For them, this part of the process might be worth it. Usually, humidity isn’t going to be that severe, but it certainly can be for some people. As such, dehumidifiers can manage to solve certain damp problems.


People can underestimate just how uncomfortable humidity can be in a room. In some cases, they will have gotten so used to it over the weeks that it is going to be difficult for them to even imagine life without high levels of humidity. They will notice the difference right away as soon as they plug in their dehumidifiers, and they might notice that some of the liquid condensation on their furniture will go away as a result. Dehumidifiers may not be able to solve severe water infiltration, but they can help people get through the warm and moist summer months.

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