What is the Difference Between an Ergonomic Baby Carrier and Narrow Baby Carrier (NBC)?

Last Updated On March 10th, 2020

Do you use a baby carrier when you are moving with your bundle of joy from one place to another? Babies who are carried by their parents are generally more content, and what could make us happier than their joy?

The intimate contact leads to the production of a hormone called oxytocin which improves your baby’s mood and your relationship.

Oxytocin helps the baby feel closer to you and strengthens the parent-child bond. Using a baby carrier is also more convenient in your everyday life- all you have to do is strap it on, and then you will be ready for a happy journey with your kid. You will not have to be extra careful about safely navigating a stroller.

How does it lead to babies’ development?

Babies are positively affected when held close by the parents, leading to their mental and physical development.

Ergonomic baby carrier

An ergonomic baby carrier helps balance your baby evenly and places no stress on the wearer’s shoulders and back. The baby carrier has padded shoulder straps and a waist belt so that the weight of the baby is distributed in an even manner. The padding lets you carry your baby for longer durations.

An ergonomic baby carrier also offers certain benefits for your baby:

1. Back development:

The baby carrier gives excellent support to your baby so that the development of the back is hampered in no way. It holds your baby’s back in a C-curve rather than absolutely straight.

2. Hip development:

An ergonomic baby carrier offers a wider leg position which helps to support the baby’s legs so that their knees are level. The baby carrier holds only the backs of the knees so that the baby can move the lower leg as he wants. This means that the hips are supported well. A newborn baby’s hips are soft and in the process of formation. They need to sit naturally for the first few months.

Narrow baby carriers

The narrow-baby carriers do not let you hold the baby in a natural holding position. The baby is supposed to sit in a narrow seat, and the legs just dangle down. These carriers are the centre of a lot of debate to determine if they are actually bad for babies. However, not a lot of research has been done on either side.

They also do not come with wide belts and shoulder pads that will make it difficult for you to carry the baby around. Pediatricians advise against the use of NBC’s because it might do some harm to the development process of your baby’s hips and spine.


The main difference lies in the fact that an ergonomic carrier will be much better for your baby than a narrow baby carrier which might put your baby’s growth to risk. The former will care for both your baby and you as a wearer will be more comfortable. It will not harm your hips and shoulders because of uneven weight distribution. The NBC, on the other hand, is a misfit for both your baby and you.

To summarize, the comfort level of the wearer and the baby’s sitting position mark the difference between these two carriers.

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