Best Drawer Organisers Reviews UK 2021 – Top 7 Comparison

Last Updated On July 15th, 2021

Keeping your home clean and tidy isn’t easy, but with drawer organisers, you can separate accessories and clothing to help you locate them easily. These items are great for preventing a pile-up of socks in your drawers that you then can’t find the one you need. Keep your drawers organised to make your life a little easier.

In this article, we’re sharing the best drawer organisers to help you manage your belongings without having to rummage around and have everything readily available.

Best Drawer Organisers Reviews – Top 7 Picks

1. SONGMICS Storage Boxes (Editor’s Choice)

SONGMICS Storage Boxes

These are the best drawer organisers for many reasons. This set features a four-piece set with a five, six, eight, or 24-cell organiser that is great for storing socks or other accessories, making it highly versatile for all needs.


Best of all, it’s made to last, thanks to the non-woven fabric with firm stitching that carefully holds delicate garments without any tugs. This set is also foldable and portable, so you can use this convenient storage solution when moving home or for easy transitions between different furniture. However, these drawer organisers remain firmly intact to prevent them from collapsing while stored in your drawers. Containing an odourless PE material to maintain the frame of each box, the organisers won’t easily collapse when there’s nothing stored inside.

Additionally, the choice of fabric allows you to slightly expand each section, which is great if you have any slightly larger garment that you require more space for. The organisers’ thin material is also flexible and allows each section to expand.

  • Set includes four organisers of different sizes to accommodate different accessories
  • Non-woven fabric is delicate for sensitive garments while remaining firm and sturdy
  • Set is suitable for smaller accessories—such as jewellery—to larger items—such as bras
  • It might be flimsy and too soft which can make tiny accessories fall through the gaps

2. InnoGear Set of 12 (Luxury Choice)

InnoGear Set of 12

Opt for this drawer organiser set, which includes 12 organisers with three different sizes to accommodate various accessories. With three sizes available, you have a lot of options of where to put things with different sizes. This can avoid smaller items from mixing with larger ones.


Designed from PS material, these organisers are durable, sturdy and easy to clean. This choice of material also allows the organisers to remain strongly in place, even when there’s nothing inside. This allows you to use them for storing cosmetics, office supplies, jewellery, sundries and more, helping you to have a clean and tidy living space.

Furthermore, the set offers 2.4 inches of depth, making them ideal and suitable for all types of drawers, such as a bedside table and office desk. Designed with a transparent finish, you can clearly see everything that’s inside without having to sift through the organisers to locate your items. In fact, this transparency also makes them a luxurious choice for storing on top of your desk as well as inside.

  • 2.4-inch depth makes them appropriate for virtually all types of drawers
  • Transparent design allows you to clearly see your items inside without searching
  • Includes 12 organisers, which is great for storing lots of clutter
  • The uneven surface on the base might pose difficulty with storing some items upright

3. Ticent & Co. Storage Bins (Best Value)

Ticent & Co. Storage Bins

This storage set includes six organisers with two large bins, two medium rectangular bins and two small square-shaped bins. This variety of size makes this set great for storing small to large items, accommodating underwear and t-shirts.


Designed with eco-friendly non-woven fabric, these organisers remain soft, breathable and non-irritating while protecting your skin and items from damage. This material is also moth- and moisture-proof while remaining highly durable. You’ll also receive a removable polypropylene square board for each organiser to keep them sturdy and durable without taking up much room.

Furthermore, they boast a 10 cm (around 3.9 inches) depth so that you can fit in a plethora of items, even in the smaller organisers.

  • Non-woven fabric is expansive, breathable and soft while remaining gentle on items
  • Variety of three sizes to accommodate various-sized items
  • 10 cm depth accommodates a lot of items into each organiser
  • Might not be able to hold heavyweight items

4. Harcas Bamboo Cutlery Tray (Best For Cutlery)

Harcas Bamboo Cutlery Tray

Keep cutlery safe and organised in your kitchen drawer with the Harcas Bamboo Cutlery Tray. This cutlery tray features eight compartments that keep your knives, forks and spoons separate for easy management.


This product is designed with bamboo, which offers natural antibacterial properties to eliminate mould or mildew from developing in your utensil drawer. It’s also designed to not be too deep to help you obtain the cutlery easily without having to dig into the drawer. This also encourages you to keep only a few utensils to each compartment, preventing a build-up that would look messy.

It’s also easily extendable to fit most drawer sizes from 32 x 43 x 5 cm to 50 x 43 x 5 cm.

  • Extendable design to fit most drawer sizes
  • Strong and scratch-resistant, antibacterial bamboo material
  • Luxurious finish that complements any kitchen drawer
  • Bamboo material might feel too smooth, making it difficult to pick up items from the drawer

5. Anayra Set of 6 (Best Foldable)

Anayra Set of 6

This is the best drawer divider if you’re looking for a foldable option. Including a set of six collapsible organisers in three sizes, from small to large, this set is versatile and great for storing small accessories to larger items. In fact, the 10cm depth allows you to store ample items inside without any issues about space.


The fabric material ensures that these dividers won’t mark or scratch the inside of your furniture while also remaining delicate on the items you’re storing. The entire set also includes three layers of non-woven fabric and premium cardboard inserts for a sturdy, stable finish that protects your belongings from moisture and dust, remains breathable and doesn’t easily fall down when there’s nothing inside.

The unique feature of this organiser set is its collapsible design, which is great for portability benefits while also allowing you to place this set to the side when you don’t have anything to place inside.

  • 10 cm depth provides plenty of capacity for storing belongings
  • Includes three different sizes and a pack of 6 dividers in total
  • Non-woven fabric and premium cardboard inserts protect your items while remaining sturdy
  • Cardboard inserts might be too thin to withstand larger and heavier items

6. Unique Impression Set of 11 (Best For Make-Up)

Unique Impression Set of 11

Keep your make-up organised and on display with the Unique Impression divider set with 11 organisers measuring four different sizes. They’re also stackable with a recessed bottom and boast a clear design that easily allows you to see what’s inside each organiser to avoid rummaging around to find the make-up that you need.


Furthermore, each divider features a flat surface, which is ideal for holding your products in place sturdily, helping to prevent a messy drawer or keeping everything displayed perfectly on your desk. Plus, the anti-slip silicone feet ensure that the dividers stay the way you left them, which is great for moments when you’re rushing around trying to find the make-up you need from the set.

Each divider is made of thin plastic to eliminate wasting any space in your drawer for maximum organisation.

  • Anti-slip silicone feet prevent the dividers from sliding around
  • Transparent design helps you to find the accessories you need
  • Includes 11 dividers for maximum organisation
  • It only includes one extra-large divider which might not be enough

7. OSCO Wire Mesh Desk (Best One Size)

OSCO Wire Mesh Desk

Not everyone wants/needs multiple dividers, and this is when we recommend the OSCO Wire Mesh organiser. Available in one size, measuring 44 x 332 x 225 mm, this mesh organiser is ideal for holding stationery and accessories and keeping items organised inside of your desk.


It includes various dividers inside of this one organiser, so you can keep items separate for better storage. In particular, it’ll comfortably hold large pens and small rubbers.

The choice of mesh ensures that this drawer tidy is lightweight, so it won’t weigh down your drawer once you’ve placed heavy pens, paper, etc., inside. It also doesn’t have any sharp edges to prevent delicate papers, so you can safely store your notes inside with peace of mind.

  • Includes six dividers to help organise and separate your stationary
  • Lightweight mesh material helps to minimise weighing down your desk drawer
  • Large length accommodates pens and taller items
  • Mesh material might encourage some items to get stuck in the organiser

Why You Need a Drawer Organiser

No one but you sees the inside of your drawers, so why does its state and condition matter so much? Here’s why.

Saves You Time

personal belongings placed in storage bins

Think back to those times when you’re in a rush, and you can’t find what you need because when you open your drawers, you’re welcomed with a heap. This ease of finding things will help to save time and reduce stress while allowing you to find everything you need in the morning, rather than racing around.

Keeps Your Space Tidy

Drawer organisers help to eliminate this stress by keeping everything you need in a designated space. By having barriers set where you can store your accessories, you’re less likely to over-purchase products and overfill your drawers, helping to create a tidier space overall.

Drawer organisers encourage you to sift through your current belongings and discover what’s important to you and what’s no longer serving its purpose.

Protects Your Belongings

Dividers can help to protect your belongings by keeping your things from bashing together inside of your drawers. This means that you can get peace of mind that your jewellery won’t chip or break while it’s inside of your drawers because it’s caged by a supportive frame that stops it from banging around with other accessories inside of the drawer.

What Are Your Favourite Organising Tips?

Keeping your drawers and desk display isn’t always an easy task—especially when you have a plethora of items. But these best drawer organisers can help you to easily find what you need in a second, without wasting time looking around for your belongings.

Our Editor’s Choice is the SONGMICS Storage Boxes. This four-piece set with a five, six, eight, or 24-cell organiser makes it a versatile drawer organiser that can surely help in tidying up your things. It is also foldable and portable which makes it convenient in placing inside different furniture.

What are your favourite tips for keeping your accessories organised? Let us know, along with some product recommendations, in the comments.

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