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Daily beauty routines take time, but one source of annoyance for many people in the UK is their hair. The last thing most people want is to combat a headful of unruly locks throughout the day. For many, hair straighteners can lessen the time it takes to get ready on a daily basis, but picking the perfect one out from the hundreds available is no easy task. When selecting the best hair straightener, there are a few things you should consider.

Top 10 Best Hair Straighteners Comparison

Product NameMax TemperatureHeating PlateSettingsOur RatingPrice

GHD IV Styler



TRESemme 2066U



Remington S8590

230°CEnhanced Ceramic5


Remington S9600

235°CSilk Ceramic5


GHD V Gold Max Styler



H2D Wide Pro

210°CTourmaline CeramicNone


BaByliss Pro 235



Cloud Nine (Original)






Cloud Nine (Wide)



Think About Size

Hair straighteners work on hair of almost any length due in part to their many design options. However, some work better than others. If you have very short hair, look for a straightening iron that has narrow heated plates. If you have longer or thicker locks, one with longer plates will work best.

The more surface area you can cover with one pass, the more consistent the look will be. Larger hair straighteners also reduce the amount of time you have to spend straightening since more strands are covered by each pass.

Consider Your Hair’s Texture

The length of your mane is not the only determining factor; texture also plays a part in determining which iron will work best. Hair straighteners come with different temperature controls and different maximum outputs. If you have very thick, coarse, or curly locks, one that reaches high temperatures will work best for you. However, if your hair is thin or fine, it will take less heat to achieve the desired result.

Different Types of Straighteners

New straightening irons are hitting the market almost daily. There are round drying brushes, ionically charged straightening brushes, and a constant influx of new designs, but basic models are still the clear favourite for most people.

Brush or Iron?

Hair straightening brushes are still relatively new technology, but many people enjoy using them for their simplicity. Rather than sectioning, you simply run the brush through your locks, just like normal. While most people agree that the results from straightening brushes are not long-lasting, they are incredibly easy to use.

Hair straightening irons require a bit more work. The hair must be thoroughly brushed before using it; otherwise, tangles will create wrinkles and ruin the sleek look. Then, run the iron through small sections, slow enough to press out kinks, but quickly enough to avoid burning or scorching. Though hair straightening irons are more difficult to use, they’re still preferred by professional stylists and DIY enthusiasts alike.

If you’re unsure about how to straighten your hair using a normal flat straightening iron, check out this video:

What Are the Plates Made of?

Within the family of normal straightening irons, there are still different types to choose from.


Ceramic irons are the most common type available. The material is used because of its high heat tolerance and even heating characteristics. It works well for most hair types and provides a smooth surface. However, not all models are created equally. Some prefer models that are made entirely of ceramic while others are plated. The latter may chip, exposing the hair to uneven heating and possible damage. Stick with a solid ceramic iron whenever possible.


Titanium irons are commonly used by professional stylists as they provide the most consistent heat and feature the widest range of temperature settings to accommodate multiple hair types. Titanium can reach a very high temperature without cracking.

Since most titanium straighteners are geared towards salon professionals, they can be quite a bit more expensive. However, if you’re looking for a good home-use straightener to get you through your routine each day, you’ll likely be fine with a ceramic option.

Curls or No Curls

Hair irons are versatile tools. While traditional models are little more than heated tongs, more modern models are designed to provide versatile styling options. Not only will they straighten and tame your hair, but they’ll also curl it around a rounded edge or lip.

While the results may not be as dramatic as those achieved by a dedicated curling wand, the gentle curls are a great way to change up an otherwise monotonous hairstyle. Curling straighteners offer the best of both worlds: a sleek straight look or controlled, silky curls and waves.

Top 10 Hair Straightener Reviews

Though finding the right model will depend on your hair type, preferred style, and length, you shouldn’t have to be disappointed in your latest beauty product acquisition. It seems like straighteners come in all sizes, materials, and temperatures, so picking an ideal model on your own can be tricky.

We’ve put together a list of the best hair straighteners available today to help you make an informed decision, so you can focus on enjoying your new sleek hairstyle rather than fighting with a lack-luster iron that’s not right for you.

1. GHD IV Styler

GHD IV StylerThe GHD IV Styler uses top-notch ceramic irons for a superior heat distribution and even warming. A rounded barrel allows for versatile styling options, from straightening curly hair to adding controlled waves back in. Smooth plates keep frizz to a minimum while providing a soft and shiny finish.

Designed to professional standards, this is suitable for daily personal use. Each plate heats up to 185 degrees in as little as 30 seconds, but will automatically shut off if unused for 30 minutes as an added safety precaution.

  • Durable and long-lasting design that stands up to the rigours of daily use without damaging your locks.
  • Design features an automatic wattage adaptor for consistent styling when travelling out of the country.
  • It is scratch-resistant.
  • It has only one size and may be too narrow for people with long, thick, or coarse hair.
  • Because it is in high demand, there have been a series of counterfeits released into the market. Only buy from an authorised GHD seller.

2. TRESEemme Salon Pro

TRESEemme Salon ProThis professional-grade hair iron smooths and curls with high-quality ceramic plates. Each panel is polished smooth to give you a static-free style without pulling as you go. Three levels of heat adjustments make it possible to fine-tune the temperature to fit your needs with a top temperature of 285 degrees.

The high temperatures allow it to work quickly while giving you a style that lasts for most of the day. The rounded top tube creates gentle curls without resorting to a dedicated curling wand

  • Reaches top heat in 15 seconds.
  • High heat encourages will hold the style long after initial straightening, reducing long-term damage.
  • The heating mechanism automatically turns off after 72 minutes, letting you work on multiple styles without restarting.
  • Auto shut-off takes a long time, so if you forget and leave it on, there’s a higher risk of electrical fire.
  • It cannot be used on wet hair as it may burn the strands.
  • Coarse hair may stick when styling.
  • High heat-level makes accidentally burning hair easy to do.

3. Remington S8590 Keratin Therapy Pro

Remington S8590 Keratin Therapy ProThe Remington S8590 Keratin Therapy Pro strives to protect your hair from damage by infusing the panels with micro-conditioners. These conditioners buffer against the 230-degree heat generated by the straightener for a long-lasting smooth style. The unit includes a five-year guarantee against manufacturer defects, giving you peace of mind.

The model heats quickly, reaching full temperatures in just 15 seconds, but unlike other models, it features a sensor to let you know when your locks are getting too warm. Five settings allow you to find the perfect level without struggling with a huge jump between settings.

  • Heats quickly but gives an optimal temperature range.
  • Suitable for all hair types, from fine to thick.
  • Conditions ass it works, reducing frizz and static buildup.
  • Plates have a suspension system to ensure even and complete contact.
  • This is a straightener only; you’ll need a dedicated curler to change up the style.
  • It is heavier than some models, leading to fatigue if you have a thick or difficult-to-style mop.

4. Remington S9600

Remington S9600TheS9600 is designed to help people get the look they want in a hurry. It is ready to use after 10 seconds and features a digital readout, so you know the precise temperature that’s best for you.

The unit also includes a memory function that stores your last setting for easy styling. The plates are coated with a smooth finish that allows the hair to glide through without interrupting heat distribution. This also features a swivel cord that moves as you move, eliminating cord tangles and twists.

  • The unit has a max temperature of 240 degrees, perfect for unruly waves and curls.
  • Indicates ideal range for your specific mane type on easy-to-read digital display.
  • Long panels ensure even contact and more coverage with each pass.
  • Lock function prevents accidental temperature changes while in use.
  • The design of the unit makes it difficult to add curl on the back of your head.
  • The Silk’s narrow barrel produces tighter curls than other models.
  • The narrow plates require more sectioning and take more time to use.

5. GHD V Gold Max Styler

GHD V Gold Max StylerThe Gold series from GHD features wider panel than the GHD IV, making it a better choice for those with thick and long locks. The unit does heat up in as little as 30 seconds, with a top temperature of 185 degrees. Though it has a lower peak temperature, it performs admirably, giving long-lasting softness in a short period of time.

The unit is also ideal for frequent travellers as the electronics adjust to the changing power output without altering the performance of the unit. Its automatic shut-off feature kicks in after just 30 minutes without use, making it one of the safer straighteners on the market.

  • Wide panels provide even heating without damaging any single section.
  • Consistent performance allows you to know what to expect when travelling.
  • Simple settings and features make using it easy, even for beginners.
  • The low-temperature setting may be too low for those with difficult-to-style hair.
  • Plates may be too wide for some types and lengths, resulting in scorching and damage. It also makes curling a little difficult.

6. H2D Wide

H2D WideUnlike other straighteners, the H2D Wide uses high-quality tourmaline to create the plates for their units. Tourmaline is commonly thought to provide a smoother more conditioning stroke when compared to ceramic. The minerals from the tourmaline fill in any gaps in the material that might otherwise cause snags, tugs, and damage.

It heats up to 210 degrees and has a fully adjustable temperature range, so it works well for all hair types. The plates are wide enough to accommodate large sections easily but are still narrow enough to work for shorter hairstyles.

  • The turn dial allows for easy temperature adjustments on the fly.
  • Despite their large size, the bevelled edge curls easily.
  • Tourmaline’s infrared heat output relaxes even the coarsest frizzy tresses.
  • Takes time to get used to the wider heating surface, especially when trying to curl.
  • It is heavy and may initially cause wrist strain until you adapt to using it.
  • Cannot be used on wet tresses as this may damage or burn the strands.
  • No notification tone to indicate that it is warmed up and ready for use.

7. BaByliss Pro 235 Elegance

BaByliss Pro 235 EleganceThe BaByliss Pro is designed to provide salon-quality performance at home. It can reach temperatures of up to 235 degrees and can be ready to use after just 15 seconds. The swivel cord reduces twists and tangles, letting you get to hard-to-reach areas without moving away from the mirror.

This is 25 percent longer than other models, meaning more hair can be straightened at once without the same heavy weight associated with wide plates. It uses nano-ceramic technology to minimise the risk of flaws.

  • Rounded arms allow for both straightening and curling with ease.
  • Automatically adjusts to changing voltage so that international travellers can use it, worry-free.
  • This features an auto shut-off for added safety when not in use.
  • The unit only has three levels, so some users may struggle to find the ideal setting for their tress type.
  • Plates fit closely together when closed and may tug at your locks.
  • The power button may start to wiggle over time and after repeated use.

8. Cloud Nine (Original)

Cloud Nine (Original)The Cloud Nine Original uses high-quality ceramic to provide a smooth, easy gliding straightening experience that reduces frizz and leaves your tresses sleek and smooth. Each panel is infused with minerals which encourage tresses to relax at lower temperatures, reducing the risk of damage.

The plates conduct heat evenly, so the entire length is heated and pressed consistently. The Cloud Nine features an easy-to-use LED display to adjust the setting and shuts off automatically after 30 minutes. Best of all, it features an adaptable plug as well as international voltage control, making travel easy.

  • It has seven settings with temperatures ranging from 100 to 200 degrees.
  • Each panel has a unique identification number for simple troubleshooting and ongoing support from Cloud Nine.
  • Heat resistant bag allows you to stow it immediately after use without waiting for it to cool down.
  • This model is not ideal for those with incredibly thick or coarse locks.
  • The temperature settings may be too low for some users, meaning it may take more time to achieve the desired style.
  • Hair can stick in the plastic between the plates, causing damage or pulling.

9. AsaVea Brush

AsaVea BrushThe AsaVea Brush is a simple to use two-in-one beauty tool. The stiff bristles power through tangles and the heating element uses the brushing action to straighten your hair quickly without the need to section off.

The brush provides a range of temperatures and a temperature lock, so you won’t accidentally change the setting while in use. Since it relies on a brushing movement rather than sectioning and pressing, the brush is suitable for all hair types and can easily be used to straighten hard-to-reach areas.

  • It’s a simple tool that requires minimal effort and planning to use.
  • Easy to clean; simply wipe with a damp microfiber cloth to remove dust and residue.
  • May take longer to straighten thick or coarse hair than traditional hair straighteners.
  • Straightening effect does not last as long as results from normal hair straighteners.
  • Cannot be used on wet hair.

10. Cloud Nine (Wide)

Cloud Nine (Wide)The Cloud Nine Wide features much of the technology of the Original but is better suited to long, thick, or otherwise difficult hair. It allows you to choose between seven temperature settings between 100 and 200 degrees and the floating heated elements conduct heat throughout the entire surface, keeping your hair from being burned.

The included heat guard allows it to cool on the counter without damaging your other products and protects the finish from scratches during storage. Each panel can reach 200 degrees in 20 seconds, so you’ll be ready to start styling quickly.

  • Wider plates accommodate thick hair easily, conducting even heat across each strand without damaging the hair.
  • It shuts off after 30 minutes of idle time, keeping your home safe and reducing the risk of electrical fires.
  • Automatically adjust the voltage for international travel and includes an adaptable plug to transition from standard three-prong outlets to two prong outlets quickly.
  • While the arms are rounded, curling is difficult because of the wide panels.
  • The cord does not swivel as you move, making it somewhat difficult to position in hard to reach areas.
  • At high heats, it may damage finer hair.


Of the ten best hair straighteners we reviewed, we feel the highest quality product for your money is the Remington S9600. The top-end ceramic warms up evenly without placing undue strain on any single spot. Though the panels are narrow, it is still possible to get beautiful curls out of the unit.

Unlike most hair straighteners, the Silk offers a digital readout, allowing you to pinpoint the perfect temperature for your hair without any room for confusion. Best of all, the product’s memory function ensures that you won’t have to reprogram the unit every time you want to use it. While it may not have the brand recognition and acclaim like GBH or BaByliss, Remington’s emphasis on quality and a user-friendly interface make this the best one yet.

Simplicity can make all the difference. After all, a straightener that’s too difficult to use is one that simply gets left in the cupboard. Rather than opting for a premium brand that costs twice as much, choose one that you’ll be willing and happy to use. The Remington S9600 will do everything you need it to without draining your wallet.

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