Best Heated Rollers Reviews UK 2021 – Top 10 Comparison

Last Updated On April 28th, 2021

Looking for great heated rollers that money can buy?

Then we’ve got a treat for you. The best heated rollers in the UK might not be easy to come by, but they are one of the most valuable and versatile styling tools that a woman, long-haired man, or hair stylist can have.

Though some people still regard rollers to be a little old fashioned compared to options like curling wands and irons, they have a lot of value to offer. Rollers can add volume to your hair, as well as helping you to achieve a wide range of styles, from tight pinup curls to smooth and sensual waves.

Like most styling products available in the beauty market today, heated rollers come in a range of shapes and sizes. Each of this device has its own distinct benefits and drawbacks to consider. The right option for you will depend on what you want to accomplish with your hair. For instance, some people will be in search of the best hot rollers that allow for quick and easy short-hair styling. Whereas, others will need the best jumbo heated rollers for longer hair.

Whatever the kind of look you’re hoping to achieve with your new styling tools, we’ve done the hard work for you by searching through endless roller reviews to bring you this list of the top contenders in the UK. Here’s your guide to the ultimate tools for hair styles you could only have dreamed of before today.

Our Favourite Heated Rollers Compared

Best Dual Power
TRESemme 3039U Volume Rollers
TRESemmé Beauty Full
Quantity of Rollers
Available Sizes
1 size
Special Features
High heat performance
Best Dual Power
TRESemme 3039U Volume Rollers
TRESemmé Beauty Full
Quantity of Rollers
Available Sizes
1 size
Special Features
High heat performance

Best Heated Rollers Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. BaByliss Thermo-Ceramic (Editor’s Choice)

BaByliss Thermo-CeramicBaByliss is a styling and beauty company known throughout the world for its affordable yet effective products. This thermo-ceramic set of large heated rollers from BaByliss are designed for people in search of smooth waves and curls.


The ceramic-infused product means that you get a higher level of smoothness and shine than you would get with a traditional set of salon rollers.

Designed with a heavy focus on high-temperature performance, these are some of the best heated rollers for long hair, because they come in a range of sizes to suit all styles. Not only does the thermo-ceramic technology deliver excellent heat transfer and heat distribution for a more rapid curling action, but it also ensures that you can enjoy results for longer, too. There are even cool ends on each roller so you can rapidly wind your hair up without burning your fingers.

This BaByliss kit includes a total of 20 rollers in three different sizes. Thus, you can create a wide selection of different looks. BaByliss recommends using the smaller rollers on shorter hair, and for those who want tighter curls. What’s more, the 20 rollers come in a heating case so you can keep track of where all of your accessories are. There’s even a handy “ready to use” indicator light on each roller to prompt you that you can start curling.

One thing that might make these rollers less than perfect is that they’re not ideal for fine and wispy hair. If you’re looking for small heated rollers for hair that isn’t very thick, then this might not be the option for you. Also, the accessories included with the rollers are only “okay” at best. Many reviewers suggested that you might be better off buying your own metal pins to use with the rollers.

  • Great for protected, smooth and shiny hair
  • Range of sizes to choose from for different styles
  • Easy winding feature for simple use
  • Storage is quick and simple
  • Ready to use indicator included
  • Not great for fine and wispy hair
  • Metal pins aren’t very good

2. TRESemmé Beauty Full (Best Dual Power)

TRESemme Beauty Full PinkAnother name in the hair styling industry that has gained a positive reputation over the years is TRESemmé. The great thing about TRESemmé is that the company usually offers a wide range of professional salon-quality products, without a huge price tag. That’s certainly the case for these hot rollers available as part of the “full volume” range. One of the top heated rollers for volume on the market, these ceramic rollers work with all types of hair, including frizzy and fine locks.


The fact that these voluminous rollers come in a compact bag means that they’re quite easy to store when you’re not using them. That’s a huge benefit for people who like to stock up on hair and styling products but might not have a lot of extra space around the house. What’s more, unlike most of the cheap heated rollers that you’ll find elsewhere, these curly hair devices also come with a dual power supply option. Hence, you can pack these together with your hair dryer when you’re travelling, too.

Available in two different colours so you can show off your personal style, these TRESemmé rollers are great for delivering stunning style and volume in a matter of minutes. The rollers heat up ultra-fast and can cover large sections of hair at once. Unfortunately, it’s worth noting that the rollers could be a lot bigger for people with long hair. However, this won’t be an issue if you’ve got short hair.

  • Offered by a quality beauty brand
  • Get hot very fast with a fast heat-up technology
  • Dual power options for curling on the go
  • Great for creating volume
  • Compact for storage
  • Not ideal for long hair
  • Limited sizes available

3. Nicky Clarke NHS005 (Best Small)

Nicky Clarke NHS005For some people, the decision of which hair rollers to buy will be made based on the kind of volume that they can get from each kit – rather than any full curls. In that case, full rollers might not be necessary.


This Nicky Clarke kit comes with 12 rollers in a thermoplastic design, which are designed for small tight curls, short hair, and volume. Ideal for those with short to medium length hair, the Nicky Clarke heated rollers set can heat up to 6 rollers at a time within 10 minutes. Additionally, the compact kit comes with clips.

The bag itself is the heating system for these rollers. Its ionic technology allows for smoother, longer-lasting curls with minimal frizz required, similar to some hair straighteners we’ve featured before. There’s also an instruction booklet to help you figure out how to get the style that you want most. Overall, this kit won’t be great if you have long hair or you want to achieve smooth waves with a set of jumbo rollers. However, if you’re looking for an alternative to ceramic rollers to support a different type of hair, this could be the perfect choice for you.

The bag that comes with the rollers is particularly appealing. It comes with a useful carry handle so you can take your kit with you wherever you go. Once your hair rollers have reached the right temperature, a heat indicator light will change from red to white to indicate that you can begin styling. One downside of these rollers aside from the fact that they won’t work with longer hair is that they do take a little longer than necessary to heat up, according to some of the reviews we read. Additionally, this kit won’t suit you if you have long hair.

  • Easy to use compact kit of smaller rollers
  • Perfect for travel and curling on the go
  • Ionic technology for smoother curls
  • Instruction booklet included
  • Stylish design that’s easy to use
  • Not suitable for longer or thicker hair
  • Take a long time to heat up

4. Babyliss Pro Hot Sticks (Best Stick Stylers)

Babyliss Pro Hot SticksIf you’ve always wanted the perfect curly hair, then you’ve probably experimented with a few different kinds of heated rollers to get the best results. You might have even gone beyond the rollers ceramic and metal options to explore plastic thermo rollers that come in a stick format. These heated sticks from Babyliss offer a unique alternative to the standard hair rollers that you’ll see in most stores and salons.


Designed to create fabulous looking hair with a high-shine finish, these hot sticks are great for getting better results out of your style, no matter what hair types you might be dealing with. Because the hot sticks are so easy to use, separating sections and creating unique styles is simple. What’s more, there are different sizes of hot stick available. Hence, you can opt for volume or tight curls depending on your individual preferences.

Like many of the heated roller options that we’ve looked at so far, these hot rollers come with cold ends so you can easily manage your styles. Additionally, there’s an indicator light included as part of the roller technology. Therefore, you can tell exactly when you’re supposed to start styling. Overall, these hot sticks offer a unique and effective experience for those who want tight curls and smooth waves. However, they’re not ideal for volume.

Another point to keep in mind is that it can take a while to get used to this kind of heated rollers if you’re not familiar with using sticks. Fortunately, there are some instructions included to get you started. Likewise, you can find some additional guidance in the form of videos and articles online.

  • Multiple hot stick sizes to choose from
  • Unique loop fastening design
  • Great for frizz-free results
  • Stay-cool ends included
  • Indicator light tells you when to use your hair rollers
  • Better for tight curls than volume
  • Can have a bit of a learning curve
  • No temperature settings to choose from

5. BaByliss Pro (Best for Thick Hair)

BaByliss Pro 30If you’re looking for the best heated rollers for thick hair, or you simply need a curling option that will work with all hair types, look no further than this complete set from BaByliss.


The BaByliss pro set is a salon-quality range of hot rollers that come in a variety of sizes. There are large rollers for volume, small rollers for tight curls, and even jumbo rollers for people with longer hair. The set also comes with a range of colour-coded metal pins to help you get the most out of your styling experience, and a number of super clips, too.

With two temperature settings to choose from, BaByliss Pro users will be able to get the best results out of virtually any hair style. What’s more, there’s a space-saving arm for vertical positioning when you need to explore more complicated styles. Ideal for multiple types of hair, the heated rollers reviews we read suggested that this kit is one of the best that money can buy. Not only do the rollers heat up incredibly quick, but they make it easy to achieve the best hot roller effect, even if you’ve never tried using this method of curling before.

If you want a complete salon experience when you’re trying to create voluminous hair, then you’re sure to get great results with the BaByliss pro set. The only real downside with this set is that some reviewers said they had a hard time getting the curls to hold for long periods of time. Additionally, the set itself is quite bulky, so it might be difficult to find somewhere to store it.

  • 30 rollers in multiple sizes for different styles
  • Clips and pins included for better hair sections
  • Two temperature settings to choose from
  • Easy to use even for beginners
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Curls don’t always hold for very long
  • Hard to find storage space for the large box

6. Remington H5600 (Best with Wax Core)

Remington is a well-known reputable brand when it comes to hair products so it’s no surprise their H5600 hot rollers made our best-of list. This hot roller set is great for anyone who wants to maximize shine and minimize static in addition to producing a natural look with a variety of curl sizes.


The Remington set of heated rollers comes with four 20mm rollers, ten 23mm rollers, and six 27mm rollers with accompanying fastener pins. The 20 soft rollers feature plastic ends for easier rolling and wax cores to preserve and prolong heat retention.

The Remington H5600 set features ionic technology that helps increase your hair’s overall shine while also reducing static, which is a common side effect of heated rollers. An easy to read indicator light alerts you when the rollers are fully heated and ready for use.

This set of Remington rollers have an extended heat-up time of 10 minutes and a smaller circumference so they aren’t ideal for people with long hair or when you’re in a hurry. The roller ends also tend to heat up more than desired and the pins are not attached to the rollers so there is more to contain and keep track of overall.

  • Ionic technology adds shine
  • Reduces static
  • Natural-looking curls
  • 20 rollers in 3 sizes
  • Wax core prolongs heat retention
  • Lengthy 10-minute heat-up time
  • Roller ends become hotter than desired

7. Cloud Nine Rollers (Best Velcro)

Cloud NineHair rollers come in a lot of different styles and varieties. You can get ceramic rollers that are designed to keep your hair smooth and shiny, or velvet rollers for damaged hair. There are even Velcro rollers, like the ones in this set from Cloud Nine.


These plastic rollers with a ribbed design are great when you want to produce volume and stunning curls instantly. Because the rollers heat from the inside out, they only heat your hair, and not your fingers.

The Cloud Nine hot rollers are extremely easy to use. Although they don’t come with any settings that you can use to control the heat or a lot of complicated technology, they’re sure to improve the look of your hair in no time. According to one review, the rollers are also excellent at creating body in lifeless hair. So, if you want to give your locks an extra boost, this could be the perfect set for you. Just keep in mind that Velcro may cause some issues for people with dry hair.

Velcro rollers can be a little easier to use for people with thinner hair who don’t need to rely on pins and clips to keep their hot rollers in place when they’re using them. However, if you have particularly thick hair, or something beyond medium length, then you might need a more specialist set of rollers to get the ideal curls. The limited properties available from these hot rollers are only suitable for people who need a very basic set of curling tools.

  • Safe to use without heating your hand
  • Velcro helps to hold the hair in place
  • Great for a range of hair types
  • Different sizes available
  • Simple and compatible with Cloud Nine systems
  • Not ideal for dry or brittle hair
  • Might not hold well in longer hair

8. BaByliss Pro 20 (Best Jumbo)

BaByliss Pro 20If you’ve ever tried using a heating roller on long hair before, then you’ll know that you’re often going to need jumbo or large rollers to contend with more hair. Unfortunately, most kits of hair rollers that include multiple sizes will only come with a few jumbo rollers. That isn’t the case with this BaByliss pro set.


Similar to the other pro set of rollers that we’ve already looked at by BaByliss, this kit is designed for people who want salon level technology and multiple settings for curling their hair.

The 20 curlers in this set include a selection of extra-large hot rollers for longer hair. The ceramic rollers are also infused with special ingredients to help improve the shiny and frizz-free results that you can get when you’re finished rolling. Unlike other hot rollers on the market, this kit also comes with an easy-grip function. This feature makes it easier to wind up your hair for a quick and flawless curve that shapes the face and offer excellent volume.

The kit comes with everything you need to get started with curling via rollers. For instance, you get the heating system that heats the rollers in less than five minutes, as well as a selection of clips and metal pins to hold your hair in place while it’s curling. For the best possible experience, there’s also a set of instructions provided. Unfortunately, once again with BaByliss, the accessories included with the rollers aren’t as good as they could have been. You might need to buy your own clips and pins to keep your hair tightly in place when you’re curling. Moreover, the light indicator doesn’t always work well.

  • A wide selection of jumbo hair rollers
  • Hot rollers heat up very quickly
  • Stay cool ends for easy curling
  • Excellent for a range of styles
  • Professional quality materials
  • The indicator light isn’t perfect
  • Accessories included with the heated rollers aren’t great

9. T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers (Luxury Choice)

The T3 heated roller set won the Big Day Beauty Award from Martha Stewart in 2013, and the Elle Genius Award and the Allure Best of Beauty Award in 2014. It is a great choice for anyone with long hair or anyone who wants a loose wave with lots of volume.


The T3 heated roller set comes with four 38mm rollers and four 44mm rollers. They feature a flock coating that adds shine, with ionic technology to reduce static, and tourmaline which helps your hair retain moisture while providing maximum heat.

T3 rollers have a ceramic core that heats up rapidly and retains heat for an impressive amount of time. They actually only take three minutes to completely heat up so they are great for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time to commit to their hair curling routine. Another perk of the T3 hot rollers is their compact size which doesn’t require much counter or storage space.

We do not recommend this set of heated rollers for anyone with super fine or extra short hair because the rollers are larger, heavier, and the clasps are more likely to leave heat marks. T3 hot rollers also have hotter ends and may be hard to grasp until you get the hang of them.

  • Rapid 3 minute heat-up time
  • XL rollers for volume and natural wave
  • Compact for easy storage
  • Award-winning
  • Tourmaline provides maximum heat
  • Hotter than normal ends
  • Heavy rollers are harder to grasp
  • Clasps may leave marks
  • Not great for short, fine hair

10. Remington H9100 Proluxe

Remington H9100 ProluxeWhen you’re searching for the ultimate curlers for hair of all lengths and backgrounds, you’ll find that there are many great options to choose from, including this Remington H9100 set.


Unlike the other ceramic rollers and metal rollers that we’ve seen so far, Remington is offering easy curling via flocked rollers. That basically means that the pressure on your hair is reduced, making these tools particularly good for people with damaged or dry hair.

The velvet heated roller set offers full curl coverage with a range of different sized rollers, including 12 large and 9 medium barrels. Also, there’s a selection of high-quality clips included to hold your style into place. The clips come with anti-kink technology for better results overall. Additionally, the hair styles produced by these heated rollers can last anywhere up to 16 hours, according to Remington, making them a great choice for long-lasting style.

The cool-touch ends on the rollers make them easier to use. Furthermore, there’s an “on” indicator light to show you when your rollers are finished heating up. This kit is particularly useful for people with short hair, as it’s great for giving you the grip you need for really bouncy curls. However, those with longer hair might suffer because even the biggest heated rollers in this kit aren’t exactly “jumbo” in size.

  • An attractive design in a rose gold kit
  • Velvet flocked for better hair protection
  • Improved clips included for better hold
  • All-day style for up to 16 hours
  • Multiple sizes to choose from
  • Not great for long hair
  • No extra-large rollers

Which are the Best Heated Rollers to Buy?

two girls putting hair rollersWhen it comes to choosing the right heated rollers on the market today, there’s no one-size-fits all solution. The best heated rollers in the UK are the ones that you can rely on to produce great results every time. For some people, that will be a set that heats up in 15 minutes or less when they’re in a rush. For others, it will be hair rollers that come with a range of tech-savvy traits, like temperature control. To improve your chances of making the right decision, you might need to ask:

1. What kind of hair do you have?

People asking “what are the best heated rollers for fine hair” will need a very different kind of kit compared to people who want rollers that suit thicker and longer hair. The shorter your hair is, the more likely it is that you’re going to need small rollers that can hold onto it very tightly. However, you might want to avoid Velcro if you’re dealing with damaged or dry curls.

Remember that the length of your hair will have an impact on the kind of rollers that you need, too. Usually, bigger rollers will work best for bouncier hair and volume, but they will only produce curls in people who have a longer mane. If you’re wondering how to curl shoulder length hair with rollers, then you might need a smaller set. Short hair will need a smaller barrel to create a curl.

2. What do you want to do with your hair rollers?

a lady twirling her hairFiguring out which heated rollers to buy also means thinking about what you want to accomplish with your rollers. Some hair rollers are specifically designed to be hair curlers. Whereas, others are more about giving you some general waves and body. If you’re wondering how to curl your hair with rollers, then you’re going to need a kit that includes a lot of different sizes of roller. Bigger barrels will allow for larger curls, while smaller ones create tighter curls.

If you want to learn how to put rollers in short hair for volume, then it’s best to look for curlers that are smaller in size. These rollers can be placed in your hair at the very root next to your scalp to improve the body and movement in your hair and produce more “oomph” for your next hair style.

On the other hand, if you want to know how to get big bouncy curls with rollers, then you’re going to need to focus almost exclusively on small rollers again, as they allow you to create tighter curls. Just make sure that the rollers you choose are big enough for your hair.

3. What kind of features do you need?

Another thing to keep in mind when you’re looking at curlers and rollers, is what kind of properties you want to come with your new kit. For instance, some rollers ceramic ones in particular often come with the option to adjust your heat settings. Thus, you can achieve a curl that lasts for much longer when you’re planning your hair for some kind of event. On the other hand, you can also find rollers that can be used with damp hair and left on all night. Hence, you can wear them when you’re relaxing in front of the television or while having a foot spa.

Some curlers come with dual power systems and plugs so that you can travel with them and keep your hair looking fresh and bouncy when you’re on the move. There are also plenty of rollers on the market today that are designed with heat settings and a built-in indicator light so you can see when your hair rollers are hot enough to start using. These traits can be particularly useful for beginners who are just getting started in learning how to use their curlers themselves.

Choosing Your Heated Rollers

Finding the right set of heated rollers for your hair isn’t always easy. The best heated rollers in the UK will depend on a lot of different factors. You need to consider the kind of styles you want to create, and the type of heated accessories you’re used to using. If you’re familiar with using a wide variety of tools to get long-lasting curls, then you might find that you have an even wider selection of products to choose from.

The best thing you can do is browse through all of the different tools on the market today and ask yourself what kind of heated rollers appeal most to you. You might even be able to borrow someone else’s rollers for a day and put them to the test.

Our favourite set of heated rollers from our review are the BaByliss Thermo-Ceramic Rollers.

These ceramic infused rollers offer you continuous smoothness and shine, especially if you have long hair. While the rollers’ surface have excellent heat transfer and distribution, their ends remain cool so that you don’t burn your fingers. We also really liked that this set comes in a pack of 20 and has three different sizes. Furthermore, the heated storage case features a “ready-to-use” indicator light so that you’ll always know when you can start curling your hair.

Let us know which was your favourite heated rollers set.

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