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Last Updated On December 28th, 2020

Shopping for the perfect CBD product can be difficult these days.

There are so many companies out there claiming that they offer the best of the best. That makes choosing a brand you can actually trust a lot more complicated. At the same time, if you are a CBD connoisseur, there are also many different ways that you can take CBD oil including adding it to your vaporiser pens or dripping it under your tongue in the form of a tincture. You can even get CBD infused foods and chocolates.

Finding the perfect CBD brand means finding a company that can offer both excellent service, fantastic results, and CBD in your preferred packaging. It’s all easier said than done. Fortunately, we had the chance to test out one of the leading options on the market for today’s UK customers – Hempura.

There are many Hempura reviews online since it is one of the most popular companies for CBD infused substances and oils in the UK. They give their clients some of the highest quality CBD products that money can buy. Not only are their products highly affordable, but they’re also made to the most stringent standards. Here’s our insight into Hempura.

Hempura Review

Hempura websiteHempura is a British brand specialising in CBD products, ranging all the way from CBD chocolates, to vape liquid and CBD capsules. The product that we got an opportunity to try was the state-of-the-art Original Extract CBD oil from Hempura, in the 250mg size.

This oil is the go-to choice for countless customers looking for help with relaxation, stress relief, and even pain relief in certain cases. Although Hempura is relatively new to the CBD scene, having launched in only 2017, they have already soared to the top of the marketplace for many consumers, thanks to the excellent customer service that they provide, and of course, their amazing quality CBD.

One of the things that really made Hempura stand out from our first interaction with them is how transparent the company is. You know that you’re dealing with a brand that you can really trust – which is important when investing in health and wellness products. Hempura is fully registered with the Cannabis Trade Association UK, and you can learn everything you need to know about their products on the Hempura website. For instance, Hempura’s products come from hemp that has been grown in Eastern Europe, and this hemp contains only trace amounts of THC, even though they use whole-plant extracts, rather than isolates.

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Features & Benefits

1. Hempura CBD Oil Production Process

Not only are Hempura products grown from scratch in Eastern Europe, but the oils are also extracted using the highest quality strategies. They use supercritical CO2 extraction along with other processes to enhance the taste and performance of the resulting oil.

One thing that really makes Hempura special in the UK CBD market is that the brand offers traceable batch numbers with each of their products. That means that you can track down the specific batch that your oil came from and find an individual lab report on each and every product.

There are few other CBD companies out there in the UK, or indeed in the world that can offer this level of transparency to their customers. For us, this feature alone was enough to make us feel as though we could really rely on Hempura before we had even put the CBD to the test.

2. Full-Spectrum CBD

cbd product lineAs mentioned above, there are a number of Hempura products available in the UK to review, including CBD vape liquid, CBD chocolates, and CBD capsules. The Hempura reviews about their CBD solutions are positive and boast of excellent high-quality substances.

The solution we were able to try was the full-spectrum Cannabidiol oils from Hempura. This oil can be used in a number of ways, and Hempura even includes an article on its website intended to support people who are having their first experience with CBD.

You can learn everything you need to know about the Hempura full-spectrum CBD by reading through the product page. Hempura products come with lab certificates for every bath that is sold. Additionally, due to UK law, Hempura products are sold as food supplements only, so you know that you’re getting a product from a company that’s compliant with UK regulations.

The features of the full-spectrum Cannabidiol oils include:

  • 1.25mg of CBD per drop
  • 250mg of CBD in each bottle
  • Zero CBD isolate
  • Full CBD hemp extract
  • Sublingual administration available
  • Made in Great Britain
  • Lab-tested for quality

3. Packaging

There are a lot of companies besides the CBD Hempura company in the market today that are all fighting for a share of the industry. Fortunately, there are also many ways that Hempura stands out from the crowd.

a. Branding

As well as receiving excellent reviews from customers for their vaping liquids, Hempura CBD oil and other solutions, Hempura is also easy to recognise. This is a company that has gone above and beyond to help clients see that what they’re getting is quality. From the moment you receive your Hempura CBD oil, you’ll see the care and attention that has gone into making a fantastic product.

b. Design

250mg original extract CBD oilOn the inside, you have the highest quality of lab-tested ingredients that have been carefully tested to ensure that they’re delivering the best possible vaping experience. On the outside, however, you also get a fantastic elegant design that immediately captures your eye.

For us, taking the Hempura UK oil out of its box and seeing how amazing it looks was another factor that helped to put our mind at rest when taking this fantastic product. The beautiful design of the bottle and packaging was a statement to the care that Hempura puts into its products, allowing us to feel confident with what we were using.

You’re sure to be blown away by the luxurious combination of gold and deep green on the packaging label. At the same time, the label includes that fantastic code on each of the bottles that you receive, so you can track down the lab tests for your specific CBD product too!

4. Taste

Of course, there’s more to consider when you’re looking at a fantastic hemp product than just the packaging alone. Hempura CBD oil also delivers a unique taste for people who want to get a fantastic experience from their relaxing supplements.

The Hempura full-spectrum oil that we tested contains a huge range of terpenes, cannabinoids, and phytonutrients from the carefully grown and cultivated Cannabis Sativa plant. However, you can rest assured that the CBD oils contain less than 0.05% THC. The product is also vegan-friendly and gluten-free, so you know that anyone can take it without risking anything.

There are no artificial colours or flavours in the Hempura CBD oil either. That means two things, you’re getting something that’s pure and free from unnecessary chemicals, and at the same time, you’re going to get a pretty strong flavour. The high quality of the pure CBD ingredients that have gone into this liquid makes it incredibly potent. You’ll need to expect a relatively deep flavour, even if you’re vaping the CBD oil, rather than placing it under your tongue.

On the plus side, while the flavour is quite overwhelming, and perhaps a little too much for some consumers, the result of the oil is something that really works.

5. Performance

hand holding a Cannabis plantAs a group who has tried a number of CBD oils, and someone who knows about all the benefits that these products can bring, we were excited to see just how fantastic Hempura actually was. Just as we read when checking out other customer reviews, the Hempura CBD oil was effective at quickly creating a sense of peace and relaxation throughout our bodies. After about 20 minutes when taking the drops, we found that we were in a much more relaxed and calming state.

For us, the benefits of the CBD oil were purely emotional, as we were taking the substance specifically for relaxation purposes. However, the advantages of CBD substances, particularly something as high quality as CBD Hempura products, can go a lot further.

Not only does the World Health Organisation find that CBD oil is generally well tolerated by most of the population, but they’ve also highlighted that it could offer relief for people suffering from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, Generalized Pain, Diabetes, and insomnia.

6. Value

Whether you’re looking for a CBD vape, oils for your tongue, or something else entirely, Hempura provides a wide range of solutions for people in the CBD market. This fantastic company is one of the most straightforward and reliable on the market, and if you’re lucky enough to get a Hempura discount code, you can experience the benefits for an even lower price.

Even without a Hempura promo code, the pricing is pretty good for such a high-quality CBD product. Additionally, you get a fantastic and fast delivery process included as part of the price. That means that you can get your CBD substances straight to your door as quickly as possible.

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Hempura Verdict

Overall, the value of Hempura is fantastic! It’s very difficult to know what to expect when you’re testing CBD products in today’s rapidly growing market. However, we were pleasantly surprised at how good this company was at allowing us to relax.

Not only did the CBD oils themselves create a relaxing atmosphere for more, but the fact that Hempura was allowing us to track down lab results on its website and find out more information about the products we were using was fantastic too. Overall, this is an excellent company, with products that are well worth trying.

Do you have any personal Hempura reviews you would like to share? Let us know in the comments section.

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  1. I have been considering CBD oil as I have been suffering from severe sciatica for the past 2 months. The doctor had prescribed pain pills plus others but to very little effect. So, I have heard of this oil and I wonder if it would be of any use to me?

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