Best Hot Water Bottle Reviews UK 2023 – Top 10 Comparison

Last Updated On February 25th, 2022

Hot water bottles have been used as a home remedy for various aches and discomfort for many years. They are also a great way to add extra heat to your feet, hands, or bed when it is cold outside.

To help you find the best hot water bottle in the UK, we searched through countless products to bring you a list of the top 10 choices. This article also features a handy buyer’s guide, so you know what to look for in a hot water bottle and why.

Best Hot Water Bottle Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. Revitale Luxury Cosy (Editor’s Choice)

Revitale Luxury CosyThe Revitale Luxury Cosy is a great all-around choice that offers quality and long-lasting durability.


The Revitale comes with a soft faux fur cover available in four different colours and features a pom-pom tie string to help keep it in place when in use. The water bottle itself has a large two-litre capacity to help keep you warm for hours on end.

This hot water bottle also comes with a wide-mouth opening for easy filling and a secure screw-on lid to prevent leaks. It is made with top quality natural rubber designed with a ribbed surface, making it easier to handle when full of hot water.

Unfortunately, the Revitale could be less durable when compared to other options on our best-of list. In addition, the cover is not machine washable.

  • Cosy faux fur cover
  • Leakproof lid
  • Four colour options
  • Retains heat well
  • Two-litre capacity
  • The cover may be less durable
  • The cover may not be machine washable

2. Cryopaq Thermotherapy (Best with Wide Mouth)

Cryopaq ThermotherapyIf you are looking for a high-quality option to ease your aches and pains, the Cryopaq Thermotherapy is our top luxury hot water bottle recommendation.


Cryopaq makes their hot water bottles using thick natural rubber with a ribbed surface for excellent heat retention that lasts all night long. Each bottle has a two-litre capacity with a wide mouth and a leakproof screw-in cap to make filling it as easy as possible.

The Cryopaq hot water bottle comes with a machine washable, double stitched-faux fur cover featuring a pom-pom drawstring. It is available in eight different colours and contains a slot on the side, making it easy to remove.

Be aware, Cryopaq does not accommodate returns for their hot water bottles. There are also reports indicating the bottle may arrive with an initial petrol odour.

  • Excellent heat retention
  • Two-litre capacity
  • Eight colour options
  • Double-stitched machine washable cover
  • Large-mouth prevents spills
  • May arrive with an initial odour
  • Returns may not be accepted

3. Samply Transparents 2L (Best Value)

Samply Transparents 2LThe Samply Transparent is a great option for anyone seeking a traditional hot water bottle that comes with a beautifully knitted cover.


Samply designed their hot water bottles to be highly durable with a transparent container, so you know exactly how much water is inside. They have a two-litre capacity, a cap that screws into the wide mouth, and are ribbed on one side.

Samply hot water bottles come with a satisfaction guarantee and tight knitted cover that easily stays in place. Nine different colour combinations are available, too.

This choice may provide you with an excellent value, but it may not retain heat overnight, and it is only ribbed on one side. And Samply doesn’t recommend filling it more than 2/3 of the way full, so it has a somewhat smaller capacity.

  • Excellent value
  • Highly durable
  • Tight-fitting knit cover
  • Fun colour combinations
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • May not retain heat overnight
  • Don’t recommend filling more than 2/3
  • It may be ribbed on just one side

4. CityComfort 2L Thermotherapy (Best with Lasting Heat)

CityComfort 2L ThermotherapyThe CityComfort Thermotherapy hot water bottle is our top choice for anyone seeking a more unique, cylindrically shaped option. Compared to a traditional hot water bottle, the 72cm-long container allows you to cover more area with only one bottle.


The CityComfort comes with an extremely soft faux fur cover adorned with a pom-pom drawstring on top. The bottle is made with natural rubber, has a ribbed surface, and a large two-litre capacity.

This long hot water bottle cover is available in eight colour options and is conveniently machine washable. An anti-leak lid screws into place to prevent possible messes.

You may find that this lovely hot water bottle is trickier to fill without any overflow due to its slim built, and unfortunately, it may not be 100% leakproof after extended use.

  • Extra-long hot water bottle design
  • Eight colour options
  • Super soft cover
  • Machine washable cover
  • Ribbed for easy handling
  • It may be trickier to fill without overflow
  • May begin to leak with extended use
No products found.

5. dibikou Wrap-around (Best Set)

dibikou Wrap-aroundThe dibikou Wrap-around hot water bottle is our top recommendation if you are looking for an extensive cover design. This option also makes a great gift.


The dibikou hot water bottle features natural rubber and a 1.2-litre capacity. It has a wide mouth opening to make it easier to fill and should stay warm for a couple of hours.

This hot water bottle has a tight-fitting removable fleece cover featuring an elastic neck. It also comes with an animal style pouch in a wrap-around design and secured by magnetic fasteners. Hence, you can secure it around your waist, feet, neck, or shoulders for direct skin contact. Three colour options are available, too.

Unfortunately, this hot water bottle has a smaller capacity, and it takes some time for the warmth to penetrate the extra layers of the pouch.

  • Waist cover
  • Anti-ageing rubber bottle
  • 1.2L capacity
  • Plush material
  • Magnetic fasteners
  • May have a smaller capacity
  • It takes time to warm up

6. Ram Large 2L (Best for Lower Backache)

Ram Large 2L with Soft FleeceThe Ram Large 2L hot water bottle is another option on our best-of list that comes at an excellent value paired with above-average heat retention.


It has a two-litre capacity and is made with natural rubber. To prevent leaks, a screw-in stopper ensures a complete seal every time. When full of hot water, this bottle will provide you with hours of warmth.

This Ram hot water bottle features a form-fitting fleece cover with an elastic opening to keep it in place during use. The cover is also machine washable and comes in a vibrantly coloured pattern.

While this hot water bottle has its strong points, we think you should be aware that you cannot choose the cover design, and a random pattern is sent. Additionally, lower durability is possible with this product.

  • Machine washable fleece cover
  • Two-litre capacity
  • Anti-leak stopper
  • Decent heat retention
  • Excellent value
  • May not have the option to choose the cover design
  • It may be less durable

7. Habigail 1L Novelty (Best for Kids)

Habigail 1L NoveltyHabigail’s Novelty hot water bottle makes an excellent choice for kids. It is designed like a teddy bear and provides extra warmth on cold winter nights.


This cute Novelty hot water bottle is made with natural rubber and has a one-litre capacity. It should keep you toasty and warm while you rest or sleep for several hours.

The plush animal style cover is available in a sloth, red or brown llama, koala, and rabbit design that kids love. The cover has a velcro side opening and is machine washable.

Keep in mind that lesser durability is possible with the removable cover, and it has a smaller capacity than other hot water bottles. However, it does come with a satisfaction guarantee.

  • Cute animal design
  • Machine washable cover
  • Great for kids to snuggle
  • Natural rubber
  • 1L capacity
  • May have a smaller capacity
  • It may be less durable

8. Keplin Plush 2L (Best for Heat Retention)

KEPLIN Plush 2LThe Keplin Plush hot water bottle offers superb heat retention to keep you warm for hours on end. It is also delivered without an odour, so you can put it to use straight away.


This traditional hot water bottle has a large two-litre capacity and a ribbed design for added grip while it is being filled. The natural rubber water bottle also has a tight screw-on lid to prevent leaks.

The removable plush faux fur cover features pom-pom tassels around the neck and comes in four different colours. It is machine washable, too.

Keep in mind, this faux fur hot water bottle does not feature a wide mouth fill hole, so you will have to take special care while filling. Also, the cover doesn’t extend up to the neck, which leaves the stopper somewhat exposed.

  • Excellent heat retention
  • Plush faux fur cover
  • Ribbed design for added grip
  • Tight screw-in lid
  • No odour upon arrival
  • It may have a narrower fill hole
  • The stopper could be left exposed by cover

9. Vagabond Stars Grey 2L (Best for Durability)

Vagabond Stars Grey 2LThe Vagabond hot water bottle comes with an easy fit, removable fold-over fleece cover and an impressive two-year manufacturer’s guarantee that is quite uncommon for this type of product.


The Vagabond hot water is proudly manufactured in the UK and goes through stringent quality control checks. It has a two-litre capacity and retains its heat levels fairly well, providing you with several hours of warmth.

The removable fleece cover features a white star pattern with three background colour options. It is machine washable and highly durable, thanks to the high-density fleece material.

In our opinion, this hot water bottle doesn’t feature the softest cover, and the fleece could be a bit thicker to help keep it warmer for longer.

  • Easy fit, fold-over cover
  • Star pattern with three colour options
  • Two-year manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Machine washable cover
  • It may not be the softest cover
  • May have a thinner cover material

10. iMedic Extra Long (Best for Cuddling)

iMedic Extra LongThe iMedic Extra Long is another fantastic option if you seek a hot water bottle with an elongated shape. Its design is particularly beneficial when used under the covers and at the foot of your bed during cold winter nights.


The iMedic hot water bottle features a one-litre capacity and is made using natural rubber. It has a ribbed surface that makes it easier to handle while it is being filled.

This long hot water bottle poses one knit and two faux fur covers options allowing you to choose which material you prefer. The elongated design is also good for wrapping around your neck or waist.

However, it does have a smaller capacity, and we wish it stayed warm for longer.

  • Faux fur or knit covers
  • Elongated shape
  • Ribbed water bottle
  • Top-quality natural rubber
  • Great to cuddle
  • May have a smaller water bottle capacity
  • It could stay warmer for longer

What to Look for In a Hot Water Bottle

Here are some important considerations when choosing the best hot water bottles.


a woman holding a bed warmerWhile each type has its own set of benefits, the traditional hot water bottle is still the most popular. A traditional hot water bottle is simply filled with hot water – often from a kettle, and then a stopper is inserted. This basic design is practical and easy to use. All of the choices on our best hot water bottles list are traditional hot water bottles.

Electric hot water bottles don’t require any kind of preheating, and warm-up via a built-in heating element. A microwave hot water bottle can be filled and then placed in the microwave to heat the water.

Bottle Texture

The best hot water bottles feature a textured or ribbed surface on the bladder. A textured surface provides a slight barrier between your hands and the water inside while you fill and replace it in the cover. This makes it easier to handle for longer periods without the need for an extra towel or potholder.


Another trait to keep your eye out for when searching for the best hot water bottle in the UK is the cover that comes with the bladder. Covers can be made from various materials, most of which are soft but some that make you want to cuddle up with it more than others. A thicker cover will also help to retain heat and keep your bottle warmer for longer.

Many of the best hot water bottles on our list have a faux fur or fleece cover, and all of them are designed to be cosy and soft. Some, but not all, also have machine washable covers. This is a bonus that helps you keep it clean and sanitary for years to come.


The capacity of a hot water bottle’s bladder should also be taken into consideration when searching for the best hot water bottles. The larger the hot water bottle, the warmer it will be and the longer it will retain heat. Most hot water bottles range from one to two litres in capacity.

If you plan on using your hot water bottle to help keep your bed and body warm on a cold winter night, you will want a larger sized bladder. A smaller one should stay warm for a considerable amount of time. However, it probably won’t last throughout an entire night, even when covered with extra blankets in your bed.

Benefits of Using a Hot Water Bottle

a sleeping boy holding a bed warmerHot water bottles are widely used and extremely popular because they offer various significant benefits to the user.

They help to keep your feet and body warm whenever you get cold. You can use them to add warmth to your bed during icy winter nights, too. Using a hot water bottle may also improve your sleep quality.

Hot water bottles may help relieve a variety of aches and pains, including arthritis, menstrual cramps, low back pain, sports injuries, and more.

Additionally, hot water bottles can be filled with cold water or ice and used as an ice pack for strained muscles or to help keep you cool in the summer.

Is Using a Hot Water Bottle Bad for You?

No, as long as you use it correctly. Similar to pain-relieving devices like massage guns, proper use will ensure your safety.

First, make sure you never put boiling water in a hot water bottle. Boiling water can deteriorate the rubber and, in some cases, cause it to burst. If it overflows while filling, it will likely scald your skin.

Also, never use a hot water bottle that shows signs of deterioration like cracking or thinning material as this could also lead to it bursting. If a hot water bottle bursts, it can cause severe burns.

Choosing the Best Hot Water Bottle

Now that you know all about these options and why we picked them, it’s time to choose the right one for your heat needs.

Our favourite is the Revitale Luxury Cosy hot water bottle. We love its extra soft faux fur cover, leakproof stopper, and large two-litre capacity. Plus, it can retain heat exceptionally well.

Of course, this hot water bottle’s cover may prove to be less durable, and it isn’t machine washable. If this is a deal-breaker for you, then we recommend one of the other fantastic options on our best hot water bottle in the UK list.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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