Looking for a new way to get into shape or improve your health? Stand up paddle-boarding, otherwise known as “SUP” boarding, is an excellent way to have fun on the water and enhance your fitness, too. Today, countless water-loving consumers are discovering the benefits of stand up paddle-boarding for themselves. If you want to join them, then you’ll need to start by finding the best inflatable paddle board.

Paddling an SUP is an excellent way to get a strong core and upper body workout while enjoying the fresh feeling of being out on the ocean. As one of the world’s fastest-growing watersports, the number of SUP boards on the market has grown at an astronomical rate. These days, you can find countless inflatable boards from well-known brands who claim that they have the solution you need to embrace your new hobby. Of course, if you’re new to stand up paddle boarding, then there’s a good chance that you’re not sure exactly what you need to look for.

That’s why it’s so important to do your research and check out plenty of writeups. To help save you some time and effort, we’ve scoured through thousands of testimonials on your behalf and checked out the performance of some of the high-selling inflatable stand-up paddle boards on the market today. That means that we’ve been able to create this list of some of the must-see options for your new purchase.

Check out the list below, and we’re sure you’ll find something that’s destined to get you out on the water and paddling happily in no time.

Our Favourite Inflatable Paddle Boards Compared

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Best Inflatable Paddle Board Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. Aquaplanet 10ft All-Round Beginner’s Kit (Editor’s Choice)

Aquaplanet 10ftThere’s more involved with a hobby in stand up paddle boarding than choosing the right inflatable board to get you started. You also need a range of other accessories, too, including a reliable pump, a pressure gauge, adjustable floating paddles, repair kits, and a leash to keep your paddle-board nearby if you fall off during a particularly challenging wave.


Fortunately, if you’re looking to jump into your new sport headfirst, then the Aquaplanet Beginner’s kit provides just about everything you need to do just that. Designed for people of all ages, this inflatable SUP board can be used in a range of water environments including lakes, canals, calm seas, rivers, and more. Additionally, there’s no need for any extras, as all of the accessories you need are already included.

Great for beginners who are exploring a paddling hobby for the first time, the Aquaplanet is a unique stand up inflatable paddle board with a rugged and stable design. It’s considerably lightweight enough for you to manage it easily on the water. There’s also a large detachable central fin included to provide additional stability.

The SUP board comes with access to a deep EVA deck for enhanced grip, a recessed handle so you can carry it easily to the water’s edge. Furthermore, there’s a bungee storage area for your must-have accessories. There’s also a premium adjustable valve included and a pump with a pressure gauge for set up. Although it’s a little tricky to inflate at first, it’s an excellent beginners kit. Keep in mind, however, that the bag can rip quite easily.

  • Comprehensive paddle kit with everything you need to get started
  • Designed for all ages (with a max weight of 100 kg) and all water times
  • Convenient rugged design that’s also lightweight
  • Adjustable fins for better stability
  • Pump with pressure gauge included and with adjustable valve
  • Deep EVA deck for better grip
  • Difficult to blow up at first
  • Bag can rip quite easily
No products found.

2. Bluefin SUP Kayak Conversion Kit (Premium Choice)

Bluefin SUPIf you’re less of a beginner with SUP boarding and you want something more advanced, then the blow up paddle board from Bluefin is an excellent choice. The best inflatable SUP for those who need excellence from start to finish – this is one of the most versatile and stable inflatable boards on the market. What’s more, the Bluefin stand up paddle solution comes with access to all the accessories you might need.


Designed from the ground up to give you incredible durability and performance all around, the Bluefin paddle board comes with a kayak conversion kit included. That is, in case you want to change the way that you explore the water. This inflatable board has a high-quality adjustable paddle, a cushioned seat, a pump with pressure gauge, and as well as, adjustable fins. There’s also a bungee cord and a waterproof bag included for easier storage. The smart lock fin is particularly impressive, with a design that ensures fantastic gliding on any water surface.

The lightweight fibreglass paddle and the durable backpack also come together to ensure that you have everything you could want out of a comprehensive paddle-boarding kit. The paddle weighs up to 45% less than some of the common inflatable boards on the market. Additionally, the materials used throughout the kit are intended to reduce your risk of damage or chips.

For extra peace of mind, this inflatable paddling kit comes with a 5-year warranty and access to all the support and customer service you could need. The only real issues that reviewers had was that the rucksack wasn’t well designed, as it doesn’t make the paddle board much easier to carry. Additionally, it may be too expensive overall for some people.

  • Stable and versatile design with excellent materials throughout
  • Maximum weight capacity of 140 kg
  • Go-Pro mount and kayak conversion included
  • Lightweight fibreglass paddles included
  • Range of accessories such as smart lock-in fin and double action pump
  • 5-year warranty included
  • Not the most budget-friendly option
  • Backpack doesn’t make carrying the board much easier
No products found.

3. Bestway Hydro-Force SUP (Best Budget SUP)

Bestway Hydro-ForceIf you’re exploring the hobby of paddle boarding for the first time, and you’re not sure whether it will be right for you just yet, then you might not want to spend a fortune on your paddling kit. In that case, a budget inflatable SUP solution like the Bestway Hydro-Force could be the perfect solution.


Designed with a premium 6-inch thick base, this incredible SUP board offers fantastic value for money. With excellent buoyancy in the water and a unique drop-stitch fabric to improve durability and rigidity, the Bestway is the best budget inflatable SUP on the market.

There’s even a non-slip pad on the surface of the board to give you a stable and solid foundation when you’re exploring the waves. The Bestway Hydro-Force inflatable paddle board also comes with a helpful carry handle and travel bag included to transport your inflatable SUP board around the beach or other water locations.

If you’re keen to get on the water as quickly as possible, this blow-up paddle board is also excellent for a quick set-up. It can inflate within 10 to 12 minutes with the hand pump provided, and it deflates rapidly, too. The kit also comes with removable fins for better balance, and a bungee cord to get you started. It’s a fantastic SUP kit for beginners with a maximum weight of 110 kg.

The only major niggle that reviewers had was that the pump provided with the SUP board wasn’t as reliable as they had hoped. The pump didn’t work very well, and even when a replacement one was sent, they couldn’t get it to work correctly. It might be work investing in a separate option.

  • Premium stable design with high-quality buoyancy
  • Drop stitch material for better durability
  • Travel bag and carry handle included
  • Quick inflation and deflation action
  • Non-slip pad on the surface
  • Pump doesn’t work very well, need to invest in a separate one
  • More for beginners than real athletes
No products found.

4. Aquaplanet Max SUP Kit (Best for All Water Surface)

Aquaplanet MaxThe great thing about SUP boarding is that you can effectively explore just about any body of water as long as you have the right equipment. You don’t necessarily need to stick to the ocean. This Aquaplanet inflatable paddle board is specifically designed to give you the freedom to go wherever your next adventure wants to take you. It’s available to use in lakes, rivers, canals, and even choppier sea environments. You can also use it for racing and surfing purposes.


The Aquaplanet blow up paddle board is designed to suit people of all ages. It offers better stability levels for beginners who are just learning for the first time. The super-rigid board inflates as quickly as possible with the included pump, which comes with a pressure gauge. There’s also an adjustable aluminium floating paddle included as part of the complete stand-up paddling kit.

To help you get started, Aquaplanet provides everything from a kayak conversion kit with seat rings, premium leash, and a heavy-duty rucksack for carrying your new board. There’s even a repair kit just in case something goes wrong when you’re out on the water. What’s more, the convenient and compact inflatable paddle board can assemble in under 10 minutes. Thus, you can get out and enjoy the waves as quickly as possible.

This is an excellent inflatable SUP kit for beginners, although it might not be quite as advanced enough for people who want something for professional racing purposes. Also, make sure that your set comes with everything, as some people complained of missing pump parts or receiving bags that had broken zips.

  • Versatile option for any age with maximum weight of 120 kg
  • Range of accessories included to get you started
  • Convenient and compact design assembles in 10 minutes
  • Suitable in virtually any body of water
  • Repair kit included for peace of mind
  • Better for beginners than advanced SUP users
  • Kits sometimes feature missing parts
No products found.

5. Bestway Hydro-Force Oceana (Best with Attachable Seat)

Bestway Hydro-Force OceanaBlow-up paddle boards are incredibly versatile products for athletes who want to get the most out of their experiences on the water.


This Bestway Hydro-force solution, for instance, comes with a 4-inch thick design that gives you a more significant level of durability on the water – without making it hard to move your inflatable paddle board around easily.

Additionally, the product features a unique drop stitch fabric construction that is intended to enhance durability and rigidity. If you’re looking for a way to transform your experience on the water to something similar to kayaking, then the Bestway SUP kit also includes an attachable seat and footrest. This means that you can get more stability and comfort if you’re sick of standing up for a while.

The Bestway SUP set comes with carrying handles and a bag so that you can take your kit with you wherever you go. Additionally, the paddle board is designed to inflate as quickly as possible, too. With the included hand pump, you should be able to set yourself up within about 10 minutes or so. There’s also a three-part aluminium paddle included so you can use it as a double paddle or two single paddles. For peace of mind, there’s a coil leash and repair kit, too.

According to reviewers, the main problem with this SUP inflatable board is that the pump isn’t very good quality because it doesn’t lock into the valve properly. Additionally, the bag isn’t as strong or durable as most people would like.

  • Thick and durable design for stability
  • Drop stitch fabric improves rigidity
  • Attachable seat and footrest to convert into a kayak
  • Quick inflation to get you set up as fast as possible
  • Three-part aluminium paddle included
  • Pump included isn’t the best quality unlike that of other boards
  • Not the most reliable bag as it rips quite easily
  • Leash might not be elastic enough for some customers
No products found.

6. Aquaplanet Pace SUP Kit (Best for All Ages)

Aquaplanet Pace SUP KitIf you and your family are learning how to enjoy the wonderful world of the blow up paddle board for the first time, then you might want a board that can suit all of you. This versatile Aquaplanet option is perfect for all ages, no matter what your skill level might be.


The sleek aerodynamic profile of the SUP kit makes it excellent for use in rivers, lakes, seas, and canals too. Additionally, it’s great for yoga, touring, surfing, and more.

The Aquaplanet Pace kit comes with drop-stitch fabric construction and sizable traction foot pads for better grip, as well as triple fins for enhanced straight-line speed and performance. There’s a considerably large removable central fin included for greater stability, too. The complete kit means that everything you need is included within the same package. Therefore, you don’t have to spend more on accessories.

For those who need to take crucial components with them on the go, there’s also a bungee storage area which is great for keeping your bag and accessories stored when you’re out on the water. There’s also a premium adjustable valve included with an extra D ring for your safety leash to be added as quickly as possible.

The deep EVA deck pad on the Aquaplanet inflatable SUP board kit is also excellent for giving you an extra layer of grip. It’s hard to find anything to complain about this fantastic product. Although, it’s worth noting that some reviewers suggest that it does lose some air and inflation over time. However, this is common with many inflatable paddle boards.

  • Premium design with high-quality valve
  • Adjustable fins included for better stability
  • Bungee storage area for your accessories
  • Deep EVA deck for better grip
  • Enhanced range of accessories included
  • Great for all ages
  • Can lose air over time
No products found.

7. HIKS Products Battleship Grey Kit (Best for Adults)

HIKS Products BattleshipSpecifically designed for adults who want to get out on the water and start exploring the benefits of SUP hobbies, the HIKS Products Battleship Grey kit is an excellent solution for those in need of something easy to use and brimming with great features.


Created to offer outstanding balance and stability, while remaining lightweight and manoeuvrable, this may be the best inflatable paddle board for adults that we’ve seen.

If you’re interested in converting your stand up paddle board into a kayak when you’re on the go, then you’ll be happy to know that the HIKS also comes with everything you need to convert your board. There’s also an EVA traction pad on the surface to give you more grip when you’re in choppy waters. When it comes to carrying your SUP board around with you, the HIKS comes with central carry handle, a removable skew, and a backpack.

There’s an elastic bungee area on the front of the inflatable board where you can hold items like your bag, or essential water when you’re out exploring for a few hours at a time. However, keep in mind that the maximum recommended weight for this board is 150kg. Although, that should be more than enough for a wide range of users.

The HIKS inflatable SUP solution is an excellent option that offers fantastic value for money. Keep in mind that you might need a higher-quality pump than the one included to get the pressure right. According to the inflatable SUP reviews that we read, it’s also worth investing in higher-quality paddles and a stronger bungee cord, too.

  • Lightweight board with excellent design for adults
  • Converts easily into a Kayak
  • EVA traction pad for added grip
  • Pump, paddle, backpack, and other accessories included
  • Repair kit for peace of mind
  • Requires a better quality pump
  • Could benefit from higher quality bungee cord and paddles
No products found.

8. THURSO SURF Waterwalker All-Around SUP (Best Quality Accessories)

THURSO SURF WaterwalkerWith a stunning design that combines style and practicality into one amazing package, the THURSO SURF SUP is sure to catch your eye. This all-around inflatable board is made for paddlers at any skill level. Not only does it combine elements of a touring board with a traditional beginners board, but it also offers exceptional tracking and stability.


The SURF stand up inflatable board comes with access to things like the strongest structure the market has to offer, thanks to a double-layer construction and military-grade PVC coatings. On the deck is also a two-layer PVC coated tarpaulin for better longevity. This means that the SURF is durable and lightweight, with all the performance of a hardboard combined with the flexibility of a blow up paddleboard.

The thing that makes this option stand out, of course, is its carbon shaft paddle. This type is far superior than any of the aluminium or fibreglass options on the market. Although it only weighs 900 grams, the paddle is stronger and more durable than most other materials. Additionally, the blade itself is made out of a sturdy nylon composite.

For better balance in the water, the THURSO SURF inflatable also comes with 3 removable fins. If you’re looking for the best materials, a range of deluxe accessories, and second-to-none surface, then this could be the option for you. There’s even a 24-month warranty included. Just keep in mind that this option isn’t one of the most budget-friendly boards out there, and it may take some time to get used to all the features available.

  • 3 removable fins included for enhanced stability
  • Exceptional engineering and materials throughout
  • Designed for beginners and athletes alike
  • Carbon shaft paddle included – lightweight and more durable than most paddles
  • Deluxe accessories for a complete kit
  • 24-month guarantee
  • Not very budget-friendly
  • Could have a learning curve for some
No products found.

9. WeSkate iSUP with Adjustable Paddle (Best for Diversity)

WeSkate iSUPIf you’re looking for a blow up paddle board that will suit virtually any style, then search no further. The WeSkate blow up board is an excellent piece of SUP kit which comes with everything you need to embrace your new hobby, including an adjustable paddle, leash, backpack, and pump.


The iSUP design comes with three fins for extra stability in virtually any kind of water, which makes it an excellent choice for cruising, paddling, fishing and more.

Surprisingly, the inflatable paddle board itself only weighs around 22 pounds with a maximum load of 240lbs. Thus, you can rest assured that anyone can use this board. Additionally, the fact that there’s a backpack included and a useful handle on the board itself means that you’ll have no trouble taking it with you on the go. The ultra-durable board also comes with military-grade PVC throughout as well as a drop-stitch interior structure for better durability and performance.

If you’re looking for a rigid and reliable paddleboard that still give you the convenience of a blow-up structure, then this could be just the thing for you. There’s even a coil leash and a dual-function pump included, along with a repair kit for peace of mind. What’s more, there’s a 30-day risk-free return policy and a 1-year material guarantee added.

According to the inflatable paddle board reviews we read, the only issues are that it’s a bit too thick for some. You can even choose from a range of colours to embrace the style that appeals most to you.

  • Multiple colours and iSUP styles to choose from
  • 3 fins available for added stability
  • Complete SUP package with added accessories
  • 30-day return policy and 1-year material guarantee
  • Ultra-durable design
  • Too thick as compared to other stand-up paddle boards
No products found.

10. GEEZY Surf SUP (Best Basic Board)

GEEZY Surf SUPFinally, if you want a stylish and simple-to-use inflatable board that comes with everything you need to start your new paddle-boarding hobby on the right foot, look no further.


This complete SUP kit from Geezy is brimming with features to help you get the most out of the exciting paddle boarding sport. The set includes a pump, a long fin, and an ankle strap to keep you secured to the board. There’s also a rucksack included for portability and a repair kit.

Available in 3 colours to suit your style, the stand up paddle kit comes with a comfortable footpad constructed with EVA foam that’s fantastic for reducing your risk of slipping. There’s also a rust-free ring on the back of the board so you can moor your SUP when you’re not using it. Additionally, the elastic attached to the front of the inflatable board means that you can keep your accessories safe when you’re on the go.

The paddle board inflates and deflates relatively easily. However, some reviewers said that it felt a little bit narrow and flimsy underfoot. This could be an issue with the level of pressure available when you’re pumping up your inflatable kit. Additionally, you won’t be able to paddle with your child on board at the same time, as this is only for one person. What’s more, the ankle strap is quite uncomfortable to wear unlike that of other boards. Moreover, the bag for portability isn’t very durable.

  • Complete SUP set-up kit
  • Comfortable footpad with EVA Foam
  • Rust-free ring for mooring
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Inflates and deflates easily
  • Flimsy compared to some boards
  • Not for use with a child
  • Ankle strap isn’t very comfortable
No products found.

Picking Your New Blow Up Paddle Board

Father and son riding an SUP boardA blow up paddle board is an excellent investment for anyone that’s looking to have some fun on the water and burn calories at the same time. There are countless health benefits to using one of these unique inflatable water paddle boards – from better balance to improved strength in your upper body muscles and core.

However, before you can start exploring all the advantages that stand up paddle boards can provide, you’ll need to make sure that you’re investing in the right piece of equipment for your needs.

Main Points to Remember in SUP Board Shopping

One of the easiest ways to make sure you’re investing in the right stand up paddle board for you is to start by considering the size of the piece of equipment that you need. For instance, tall and heavier adults are likely to need a larger inflatable board that provides a greater level of stability. On the other hand, smaller lightweight adults might not need the same size of board. The larger the SUP board is for shorter adults and children, the harder it will be to control.

If you’re relatively lightweight as a person, consider sticking to a paddle board that’s less than ten feet in length when you’re just getting started. It’s also worth thinking about the thickness of the SUP board that you choose. For instance, inflatable boards will typically range anywhere between 4 and 7 inches in depth. The thicker the board is, the more stable you’ll feel on the water. However, once again, a thicker paddle board might be harder to control.

Make sure that whatever size of inflatable board you choose, you remember to ensure that the SUP board is rated as being strong enough to withstand your weight. You should be able to see details about the kind of weight a paddle board can manage in the product description page.

Other Important Factors to Consider

As well as looking at things like the size and thickness of the inflatable SUP board, remember that most blow up paddle boards can come with a range of accessories like:

  • Bungee cords that keep you tethered to the board
  • Storage area for your accessories
  • A bag and carry handle to take your board with you on the go
  • A pump with a pressure gauge to set your board up
  • Removable fins for extra stability
  • A carefully-chosen surface for grip on the board
  • Repair kits and additional features included

You may find that many stand up inflatable paddle boards also come with features that allow you to convert them into a kayak if you want to, as well. Additionally, you should ensure that your inflatable SUP board comes with access to a reliable set of paddles so you can make the most of your time in the water. The best paddles will be strong enough to cut through the water, but also lightweight and flexible.

Which is the Right One for You?

SUP to kayaking boardChoosing the best inflatable paddle board will be a highly personal experience. You’ll need to think carefully about the kind of features that you need to ensure that you can confidently dive into your new hobby and get the most out of your time on the water.

Our favourite option for this year is the Aquaplanet 10ft inflatable paddle board kit, which comes with everything you need to get started. This amazing stand-up paddle set includes a pump, a bungee storage area on the inflatable board, repair kits, and a leash to keep your board tethered to you. There’s also an EVA-enhanced deck to ensure that you don’t fall off your board as frequently when you’re learning how to use it.

Depending on what you need from your SUP board, you might find that the Aquaplanet is perfect for either beginners or advanced users alike.

Good luck finding the ideal stand up inflatable paddle board for your water adventures.

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