Best Laundry Basket Reviews UK 2023 – Top 9 Comparison

Last Updated On December 27th, 2021

Doing the laundry isn’t fun, but laundry baskets can help to keep your dirty washing in one designated place—rather than scattered on the floor.

We’re here to help you discover the best laundry basket. So whether you’re looking for one with a lid, or a separate section for white clothes, moisture-wicking properties, and more, we’ve researched some of the top 10 laundry bins for your needs.

Let’s take a look at the best laundry hampers you can buy right now to keep your closet organised and smelling fresh. We’ve included a style, capacity, and design for every need. With a range of products, there’s something to suit every bedroom.

Best Laundry Basket Reviews – Top 9 Picks

1. Sea Team Collapsible 68L (Editor’s Choice)

Sea Team Collapsible 63L

This is one of the best laundry baskets with a 68-litre capacity. It’s constructed with high-quality materials to maximize its durability, including a thick canvas material that’s wear-resisting and durable. Plus, its waterproof lining helps to keep moisture and condensation away.


This laundry basket sports a leather handle that’s comfortable to hold when walking the bin to a laundry room or collecting clothes around the house.

Best of all, this laundry basket features a collapsible design that allows you to fold it down flat to one inch for a space-saving storage solution. Meanwhile, the basket’s drawstring allows you to keep dust away from the clothes inside.

On the other hand, as the basket is large, the handles might be slightly too small for some people when moving it around.

  • Drawstring bag keeps dust away from clothes
  • Thick canvas material enhances durability
  • Waterproof lining reduces water build-up
  • Collapsible design is great for storage
  • Available in a range of patterns and colours
  • Handles may be too small
  • Might collapse when only a few clothes are inside

2. BRIAN & DANY 150L (Luxury Choice)


Boasting a 150-litre capacity, this is one of the best laundry baskets for daily use within a large household. It presents itself with a polyester lining that’s breathable and lightweight. Plus, the cotton and linen surface layer makes it durable and help to prevent a build-up of odours in the laundry hamper.


One of the reasons this is one of the best laundry baskets is because it features a removable liner bag that makes transferring clothing from the laundry bin to the washing machine much more convenient.

This laundry basket also comes with a magnetic lid that makes it easier to close and prevent odours from forming in the bedroom or bathroom. Plus, this design helps to keep your home looking tidy and organised, rather than placing clothes on the floor in your closet.

Unfortunately, while the two separate organisers in the laundry bin can separate coloured and white clothing, this might make it more challenging to store larger items, such as towels. And, as you can’t collapse the laundry basket, it might not be ideal if you want to store the basket out of sight sometimes.

  • Large 150-litre capacity, which is great for families
  • Lining bags make it easier to transfer to the washing machine
  • Magnetic lid keeps the basket looking neat and tidy
  • Stainless steel handles make it durable and convenient to move around
  • Two sections for darks and lights
  • Uncollapsible design might be off-putting for those with a small living space
  • Separate organisers may restrict your cleaning schedule

3. DOKEHOM 82L (Best Value)


Sporting 82 litres of storage room, this laundry hamper is great for one or two people. And it’s crafted with double-layer 600D fabric oxford along with a PE coating on the inside to remain waterproof.


The combination of these materials makes it ideal for storing damp towels without impacting the laundry basket’s durability. In addition, it features an aluminium handle with a soft grip, making it a suitable basket for students taking to the washing room.

Furthermore, its collapsible design makes it easy to reach the bottom of the laundry hamper when removing clothes to place into the washer. Therefore, you don’t have to struggle to lean into your hamper when gathering your items.

On the other hand, this laundry hamper might struggle to stand up straight when there aren’t any clothes in it.

  • The soft-gripped handle makes it convenient for transporting
  • Waterproof lining prevents damp
  • Printed label is only on one side, giving you an option for design
  • Collapsible design makes it convenient to remove clothes at the bottom
  • Available in a variety of colours to suit your decor
  • May not be able to stand upright when empty
  • There may be no separate sections

4. Goodpick Woven (Best Natural)

Goodpick WovenThis rope basket measures 65cm x 50cm and is available with a mixture of brown and white colours. It’s also made from cotton thread rope with no chemicals, making it safe to use for intimate clothing and baby’s materials.


This cotton laundry hamper has a modern design that allows it to suit any home decor and room of the house. It boasts sturdy handles that enhance its functionality, allowing you to pick it up and take it to different rooms of the house. In fact, the handles are soft and easy to grab for maximum portability and comfort. And with no plastic or metal handles, it’s the best laundry hamper to keep around children and pets.

Unfortunately, this rope basket doesn’t come with any lids, which might create a messy look in your room or slightly release an odour from unwashed clothing.

  • Soft handles make it convenient to transport around the house
  • Uses natural materials that are suitable for pets and children
  • Neutral colours (including grey) suit any room
  • Large capacity for laundry of several family members
  • Lightweight to move around
  • May have no lid
  • Might become out of shape once clothes are removed

5. Addis 518613 LQOC (Best Plastic)

Addis 518691 Rattan white

This plastic laundry hamper has a 38-litre capacity and folds completely flat to around 3cm thickness for convenient storage when not in use.


This laundry basket’s excellent portability makes it convenient to transport to the laundry room and offers an ideal storage solution for small living spaces.

In addition, its plastic design prevents the laundry basket from becoming misshapen—no matter how much clothing you keep inside.

On the other hand, its lower litre capacity might not be a great range for a household with numerous family members. And you may need to double-check that it’s connected correctly before placing clothes inside.

  • Conveniently folds away for storage
  • Small capacity is great for one person
  • Available in various colours to suit your tastes
  • Base fabric helps to preserve the base and add stability
  • Large handles are useful for moving it
  • 38-litre capacity might not be big enough
  • Basket might fall through if not adjusted back correctly

6. Brabantia 118180 (Best for Smaller Spaces)

Brabantia 118180

Hampers don’t have to be big and bulky. The Brabantia laundry basket can hold a maximum load of 25kg or 40-litre. In fact, this is the capacity of most washing machines, so it’s a great guide for knowing when it’s time to place your clothes in the washing machine.


It folds away flat in a couple of seconds, making it one of the best laundry baskets for smaller spaces. Furthermore, it’s also suitable for wet and dry laundry, thanks to its special water-resistant coating that helps to prevent mould build-up.

Furthermore, its sturdy top remains durable to keep the basket in shape when stored in your bedroom. This allows you to conveniently place clothes in the bin and remove them when it’s time for a wash.

Unfortunately, it might not be large enough if you tend to have a lot of laundry that needs washing. And, because it’s designed wider rather than deeper, it might be inconvenient to transport to a public laundry room and may take up more floor space.

  • Suitable for wet and dry clothes
  • Easily folds away in a few seconds
  • Compact design for small spaces
  • Remains in shape—even with nothing inside
  • Handles provide versatile ways to carry it
  • Capacity might not be big enough for some
  • Large width may cause it to be difficult to carry

7. Addis 517934 Foldable (Best Foldable)

Addis 517934 Foldable

This laundry basket has a large 45-litre capacity that’s ideal for a couple of household members. Its minimalistic design makes it great for necessity rather than keeping it on display in your bathroom or bedroom.


This laundry basket boasts a large opening that makes it non-restrictive. That way, you can conveniently place a pile of clothes inside while its long flat shape also makes it easy to transfer clothes from the laundry basket to the washing machine.

In addition, it conveniently folds flat down to 8.5cm in height when not in use, making it great for smaller spaces.

However, this laundry basket doesn’t feature any cushioning or soft materials on the handles, which might make it uncomfortable to hold when carrying it around.

  • Large opening makes it convenient for placing clothes inside
  • Folds flat for convenience
  • Easy to remove clothes
  • Made from a mixture of soft and hard plastic
  • Minimalist non-fuss design is great for students etc.
  • May lack cushioning on the handles
  • Plastic design may not suit those that are environmentally conscious

8. La Jolíe Muse (Best for Hygiene)

La Jolíe Muse

This bedroom basket measures 31.5 x 31.5 x 38cm and is made of 100% pure cotton rope with a natural cotton thread to make it environmentally friendly and soft.


This is the best laundry basket for hygiene purposes because its elastic cotton rope material is durable enough and easy to clean, while the materials used also prevent it from snagging on your clothes.

Also, it’s one of the best laundry baskets for a stylish design that’ll complement any place in the house. Designed with two comfortable handles, neutral colours, and high-quality threading, this makes a great replacement for a laundry bag.

On the other hand, the hamper might lose its shape at the base if there’s nothing inside of it. And it might not be ideal if you’re looking for hampers with a lid.

  • Soft materials won’t snag on clothes
  • Stylish and elegant design
  • Large handles make it convenient to move
  • Can easily fold away for storage
  • Three designs available
  • May lose its shape when empty
  • May have a lack of lids

9. SONGMICS Bamboo Hamper (Best Bamboo Choice)

SONGMICS Bamboo Hamper

Sporting a whopping 100-litre capacity, this bamboo laundry basket is divided into two sections, allowing you to separate colours from whites.


This bamboo hamper features a clip-on lid that’s easily removable if you’d prefer to take out the inner bag and carry your laundry to the washer. Otherwise, the rope handles provide another transportation option while adding a stylish element. It also boasts a sturdy board attached to the lining for improved stability when there aren’t any clothes inside.

The basket has a cotton lining that prevents a build-up of moisture and odours, helping to keep your home smelling as fresh as possible.

Unfortunately, this laundry basket doesn’t have a collapsible design, which might pose a problem for those looking for a space-saving bin.

  • Features two compartments for separating laundry
  • Bamboo is an environmentally-friendly choice
  • Inner bag makes it convenient to transport laundry to the hamper
  • Breathable cotton lining
  • Clip-on lid keeps clothes organised and provides a neat look
  • Noncollapsible design may be an inconvenience
  • The lid might not extend all the way back

Things to Consider When Buying Hampers

Before you purchase any hamper for your home, you can purchase the right one for your space by following the below considerations.


dirty clothesFirstly, do you know what size hamper you need? The standard size is 50 litres, which is suitable for a household with three people. But if there are more people in your home, opt for a larger hamper. Alternatively, choose a smaller laundry bin if there’s only one person in your home or you have limited space.


A dual laundry basket features separate compartments—typically two: one for whites and the other for colours. But some laundry bins come with additional sections, so you can keep delicate fabrics in a separate compartment, too. There are many benefits to this style, such as not having to organise your clothes when it’s time to put on a wash. And you can also tailor one compartment for immediate washing and the other for non-essential washes, for example.


If you want to take your hamper with you, i.e. to a laundry room, it’ll need to have some sort of portability factor. In which case, it’ll need to be lightweight, feature handles, and maybe even come with wheels.

Furthermore, you might prefer a collapsible design if you’re then taking the laundry bag back, too. In which case, look at the dimensions that it folds down to along with the handles’ comfort and size.


housewife organising clothes

What the hamper’s made of makes a big difference to durability and style. And, if you don’t want your hamper to collapse when there’s nothing inside, you’ll need a sturdy frame and base to support its shape. Bamboo is moisture-wicking, helping to prevent odours from building up when the basket holds wet clothes.

Alternatively, a fabric hamper is a great solution for saving space or placing it in a corner of your bedroom when it’s not in use. These hampers also expand much easier when placing a full load into the bin. Another popular option is plastic, which is easy to maintain and clean, while also folding away into a compact size.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed reading about these products. Not sure which hampers to choose? We recommend the Sea Team Collapsible 68L  as the best laundry basket on our list. It sports a 68-litre capacity with moisture-resistant lining, as well as stylish leather handles to help with transportation. What’s more, it’s available in a range of colours to match your style.

Do you have any other recommendations for laundry bags or a go-to style? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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