Best Mobility Scooter Reviews UK 2022 – Which One Should You Buy?

Last Updated On December 27th, 2021

Whether it’s the result of getting older, illness or injury – losing your mobility can have a serious impact on your quality of life. Simple activities such as going to the shops, visiting friends or getting outside in the fresh air become difficult to achieve, potentially leaving you feeling trapped and isolated from your community.

Thankfully, finding the best mobility scooter UK has to offer can help give you back some of your freedom. These specialised vehicles come in a wide variety of styles which can meet the requirements of many medical disabilities, enabling you to get out and about independently again.

However, due to the number of manufacturers and mobility scooters on the market, picking the right mobility scooter for your circumstances can get a little overwhelming.

But don’t worry, we can help! In this review, we have gathered together 9 of the best mobility scooters in the UK, to help you find the right one for you and your lifestyle.

Our Favourite Mobility Scooters Compared

Luxury Choice
VELECO Faster ROOF - 4 Wheeled Mobility Scooter - Fully Assembled and Ready to use - Hard-top roof and Windshield - Safe and Stable - Alarm - Spacious Storage & Cupholder(Gray)
Best Foldable
VELECO ZT16 - 3 Wheeled Mobility Scooter - Easy to manouver - Big Wheels - Removable Shopping Basket - Small Turning Circle - 750W 48V (Silver)
Veleco 4
Veleco Trike ZT16
8 mph
16 mph
30-35 miles
15-19 miles
Maximum Capacity
120 kg
Luxury Choice
VELECO Faster ROOF - 4 Wheeled Mobility Scooter - Fully Assembled and Ready to use - Hard-top roof and Windshield - Safe and Stable - Alarm - Spacious Storage & Cupholder(Gray)
Veleco 4
8 mph
30-35 miles
Maximum Capacity
Best Foldable
VELECO ZT16 - 3 Wheeled Mobility Scooter - Easy to manouver - Big Wheels - Removable Shopping Basket - Small Turning Circle - 750W 48V (Silver)
Veleco Trike ZT16
16 mph
15-19 miles
Maximum Capacity
120 kg

Best Mobility Scooter Reviews – Top 9 Picks

1. Veleco ZT63 Retro (Editor’s Choice)

Veleco ZT63 RetroThe Veleco Retro scooter has a stylish design that makes riding a mobility scooter fun and fashionable. We love that it is manufactured by high quality, reputable UK brand and comes with an extensive product guarantee.


This scooter features a large, elongated seat for extra comfort, It reaches speeds as fast as 16 miles per hour and has a maximum range of 25 to 35 miles. The speed and range combined give you the opportunity to travel far and quickly without having to worry about running out of battery.

It has a full lighting setup with low beams, high beams, brake lights, and turn signals. Both a small case on the back and a spacious compartment located beneath the seat provide you with ample storage. This scooter takes between six and eight hours to charge and comes with a VIP warranty that includes call out service. You can also choose between red, black, or white for the scooter frame.

Be aware, neither the tiller nor the seat is adjustable on this scooter so it may be less customisable as far as size is concerned. It also lacks a spring beneath the seat so some people may find it less forgiving than a traditional scooter seat.

  • Retro looking scooter style
  • Up to 35-mile range per charge
  • Full lighting system
  • VIP warranty included
  • Ample built-in storage
  • The seat position may not be adjustable
  • Tiller may not be adjustable
  • The seat may be less forgiving for some people

2. VELECO 4 Wheeled (Luxury Choice)

Veleco 4 Wheeled with CanopyThe VELECO 4 Wheeled Electric Mobility Scooter is a great option if you’re looking for a sturdy, yet stylish scooter for everyday activities.


Capable of charging up in as little as 4 hours, this mobility scooter has a range of up to 35 miles per charge. It should be more than enough for a few days of standard use, depending on your lifestyle. The battery level is displayed prominently on the dashboard, so you’ll always know how much charge you have left.

The 4-wheeled design feels very stable, even over rough surfaces, while the adjustable seat is comfortable and supportive. If you need a little more space to get on and off the scooter, the armrests can be pulled up to allow more manoeuvrability.

With three adjustable speed levels and a max speed of 8mph, this scooter will help you to feel independent again. A low/high beam headlight, indicators, brake and emergency lights ensure you’ll be seen on the road, even in dim conditions. If you’re heading to the shops, a lockable storage box on the back will keep your items safe and dry, should you get caught in the rain.

Fully legal for both road use and pavements, this scooter is ideal if you struggle with mobility. However, like any product, it does have a few minor drawbacks. There’s a slight delay when pulling away, which may result in a lurching motion until you get used to it. Also, the parking brake can be a bit stiff if you have weakness in your hands and the turning circle is quite wide.

That said, with a little practice, the VELECO 4 Wheeled electric mobility scooter has all you need to get out and about safely. Upon delivery, the courier will provide a safety demonstration and a quick driving lesson to ensure you’re fully confident with the controls.

  • Can charge fully in 4 hours
  • 35-mile range per charge
  • 4-wheel design is sturdy over rough surfaces
  • Variety of speed options
  • Lockable storage box
  • Parking brake is a little stiff
  • Turning circle is quite wide
  • Slight delay when pulling away

3. VELECO 3 (Best Three-Wheeled)

VELECO 3 WheeledIf you’re yearning to get back on the road again, this slightly less powerful, three-wheeled version from VELECO is also worth considering.


Fully road and pavement legal in the UK, this stylish mobility scooter has three speed options and a maximum speed of 8mph. On a single charge, it will take you approximately 20-40 miles. Meaning, most users will only have to charge the battery once a week.

If you’re in a hurry to get out, the battery can be fully charged in as little as four hours. The dashboard display shows the charge level clearly as you drive, reducing the risk that you’ll get caught out. Also, the large inflatable tyres ensure good stability over uneven terrain and inclines. Hence, you’ll feel balanced and secure on any route. Additionally, the comfortable seat is fully adjustable and the armrests can be lifted to assist you when getting on and off.

If you wish to head out in the dark, night driving is made safer – thanks to the comprehensive range of lighting. The headlight offers full and dipped beam options, while the indicators, brake and emergency lights ensure that you’re visible to other road users. Should you pick up some shopping on your travels, the lockable basket will keep your items safe.

In terms of downsides, there are a few issues worth mentioning. The turning circle is wide, so this may be a problem in small shops. Furthermore, the parking brake can struggle on steep hills and the reflectors are prone to coming loose if you regularly ride on bumpy surfaces.

These small issues aside, the mobility scooter offers a reliable, stable, and stylish way for you to enjoy some independence. As with all VELECO scooters, the courier will give you a run-down of the controls upon delivery and a short driving lesson if you feel you need it.

  • Range of 20-40 miles per charge
  • Battery can be fully charged in 4 hours
  • Three speed options
  • Well-balanced and comfortable to use
  • Lockable basket keeps belongings secure
  • Wide turning circle
  • Parking brake may struggle on hills
  • Reflectors are prone to coming loose
No products found.

4. Veleco Trike ZT16 (Best Foldable)

Veleco 3 Trike ZT16The Trike ZT16 by Veleco is another excellent option that comes with VIP Engineer Delivery in the UK, so you get a bonus, in-person demo, and tutorial at no additional cost. This model is our top choice for anyone looking for a foldable mobility scooter that is portable but also powerful.


The ZT16 mobility scooter has a three-wheeled black and silver design that arrives fully assembled. It features handlebars and a hand brake like a bicycle, as well as a foot brake. The powerful 750-watt motor has three speed settings, where 8mph is the maximum speed. You can also unlock the speed restrictor, in which case, it can go as fast as 16mph. You can expect a 15-19 mile driving range from this Trike when using the slower speeds.

A wire mesh basket adorns the rear of the ZT16 mobility scooter and parking brake, and an LED light on the front aims to increase rider safety. This scooter has inflated tyres which enable a smooth ride, although you may have to check the tyre pressure occasionally. The basic seat on the ZT16 adjusts up and down as well as front and back.

Unfortunately, the ZT16 mobility scooter has a 19-stone weight limit which may restrict some users. It also has a lengthier 6-8 hour charging time and a less comfortable basic seat design. However, it still makes a superior choice if you value portability above all else.

  • Engineer Delivery in the UK
  • Easy folding design
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Powerful 750watt motor
  • 15-19 mile driving range
  • 19 stone weight limit may be restrictive
  • Lengthier 6-8 hour charging time may not be ideal
  • Seat may be less comfortable

5. Go-Go Elite Traveller (Best Value)

Go-Go Elite Traveller PlusThe Go-Go travel mobility scooter is our number one choice, combining a vast range of useful features. One of the most important is that this model can be dismantled extremely easily. In fact, it is so easy that it can be done with a single hand. The resulting separate parts are also lightweight, making loading them into your car boot an almost effortless operation.


This mobility scooter has an average range of 14.5 miles per full battery charge, allowing you to travel a good distance between charges, along with a maximum speed of 4.5 miles per hour. However, there is a 21 stone weight capacity limit, so not everyone who needs assistance in getting around will be able to benefit from this particular model.

In terms of manoeuvrability, the Go-Go mobility scooter really is an excellent choice. Thanks to its careful design, variable speed and delta-style handlebar, you’ll be able to make extremely tight turns using only one hand. This makes it perfect if you’re planning on using your mobility scooter in shops and shopping centres. Its ground clearance makes it suitable for use over uneven terrain, but as there is no suspension system, it can be rather uncomfortable to use on rough surfaces for long periods.

This scooter also comes with a free one-year in-home service and a whole host of accessories including a USB charger and a front shopping basket. Note that it will require some assembly upon delivery, so you may need assistance with this.

On the whole, this is a great choice if you’re looking for a scooter that is outstandingly easy to store and transport, while also being easy to drive and manoeuvre in tight spaces.

  • Extremely easy to dismantle for transport or storage
  • Easy to steer, even with just one hand
  • Comes with a wide range of useful accessories
  • Variable speed for better control
  • Average of 14.5-mile range per single charge
  • 21 stone weight capacity limit
  • Delivered unassembled so you may require assistance
  • No suspension which makes it a rough ride over uneven terrain

6. Elite Care Pride Go-Go LX Traveller (Best Four Wheeled)

Pride Go Go Traveller LXThe Pride Go-Go LX Traveller mobility scooter by Elite Care is an excellent choice if you require a highly adjustable seat and steering column. This scooter is also easy to disassemble into five pieces with one hand, while the tiller folds down for easy transport.


The four-wheeled design of the Go-Go mobility scooter provides you with a stable riding experience. It features an adjustable angle tiller and a captain’s chair that allows for a variety of heights and positions, including a 360-degree swivel. The Go-Go also has easy-grip wraparound handles, puncture-free tyres, and a removable battery pack for charging on the device or in your home.

This mobility scooter reaches a maximum speed of 4mph and has an 8-mile driving range. It comes with both blue and red colour panels, a plastic basket on the front, a light on the lower front, and a 19.9-stone rider weight limit.

Keep in mind, the Go-Go LX mobility scooter has a lower max speed and a shorter, more restricted driving range compared to other options. Lastly, consumers report the ride being less comfortable on uneven surfaces due to the smaller wheels.

  • Highly adjustable captain’s chair
  • Collapses and disassembles for easy transport
  • Adjustable angle tiller
  • Puncture free tyres
  • Removable battery pack for easy charging
  • Eight mile driving range may be too restrictive for some
  • 4mph max speed may be slower than other options
  • May not be ideal on uneven surfaces

7. Electric Power ZT500 (Best with 900W Motor)

Electric ZT500Next on our list is the Electric Mobility Scooter ZT500. We love that it comes with complimentary Engineer Delivery in the UK, which means a technician will deliver your scooter in person to offer some helpful tips and ensure it gets set up according to your specific mobility and space requirements.


The three-wheeled design of the ZT500 comes with a complete lighting system containing a large headlight, turn signals, and tail lights. It has a 4-6 hour charging time and can last for up to 40 miles per charge. The ZT500 comfy captain’s chair features adjustable armrest and headrest heights, the back reclines, and the entire seat slides forward or back, just like in a car.

This mobility scooter also features an alarm system with a key fob, lockable storage under the seat, a wire basket on the back, dual hand brakes, and rearview mirrors. The powerful 900watt motor can go 4 or 8mph and reach up to 15mph. Green Power Mobility also includes a waterproof cover, drink holder, and phone holder with each scooter purchase.

Full disclosure, the ZT500’s brake lock may be a bit tricky for some, the three-wheeled design may be less stable on uneven surfaces, and there are reports of customer service complications.

  • VIP Engineer Delivery
  • 40-mile driving range
  • Powerful 900watt motor
  • Three speed settings
  • Alarm system with a key fob
  • Brake lock may be tricky for some
  • Reports of lower quality customer service
  • May be less stable on uneven surfaces

8. Drive DeVilbiss Scout (Best Compact)

Drive DeVilbissThe Scout by Drive Devilbiss is our top choice for the best compact mobility scooter because it easily disassembles for transport. It offers easy controllability and is an excellent option for someone with limited dexterity in their hands.


The Scout mobility scooter is mostly black with red accents and runs on 12 amps of power that can achieve a 10-mile driving range at 4mph. However, it is not restricted to 4mph and has an easy to control speed wheel that allows you to make minor and more significant speed adjustments with no problem. The entire scooter easily disassembles into five parts, and the steering column and seat fold down for an even more compact size that is suitable for the boot of a car or airline travel.

Drive DeVilbiss’s Scout mobility scooter comes equipped with a removable storage basket, a lockable storage case, a safety horn, puncture-proof tyres, and an anti-rollback system. It also features a convenient battery indicator light to reduce the risk of getting stranded and a highly adjustable captain’s chair with flip-up armrests, an adjustable seat height, and full swivel capability.

Be aware; the Scout mobility scooter has a 20-stone weight limit, is not the best on hills due to its 8-degree maximum gradient, and has a more restricted driving range.

  • Easy to use controls
  • Great for travelling
  • Battery indicator light
  • Comfortable and adjustable seat features
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • May not function as well on hills
  • 20 stone weight limit may not be suitable for all
  • May have a shorter driving range

9. Vive 3-Wheel (Best for Ease of Use)

Vive 3-WheelIf you are looking for a scooter with an adjustable swivel seat for easy access, the Vive 3-Wheel should strongly be considered. This silver mobility scooter has an easy and safe to use the throttle as well as intuitive controls to help you make the most of your scooter experience.


This mobility scooter features a versatile seat that can swivel for easy access and can also be adjusted in height. The seat also features armrests, a good amount of padding, and a comfortable backrest so you can rest easy while you ride around. The Vive scooter is capable of achieving speeds of 3.7 miles per hour max and has a maximum driving range of 12.4 miles per charge.

For storage, the Vive scooter comes with a large plastic basket attached to the front of the tiller. You can remove the battery for easy charging and it also breaks down into four pieces so you can transport it in the boot of a car, no problem. To top it off, this mobility scooter comes with a 90-day guarantee so you can determine whether or not it is the right product for you.

Regretfully, this scooter has a somewhat restricted range and a slower maximum speed. However, for some people, the slower speed could be seen as a benefit.

  • Adjustable height swivel seat
  • Comfortable backrest and armrests
  • Removable battery for easy charging
  • Breaks down for portability
  • Safe and intuitive controls
  • Maximum speed may be slower
  • Battery life may not last as long as you’d like

What Are The Different Types of Mobility Scooters?

When deciding which mobility scooter to buy, you should think carefully about how you are going to be using it.

For example, are you going to be heading out on rough terrain frequently? Will you need to disassemble it and transport in the boot of your car? How far do you want to be able to travel on a single charge?

Once you know the answers to these questions, you’ll be better placed to make a decision about the type of mobility scooter you will get. Below, we examine the features of the most common types of mobility scooters to help you choose the right one for your lifestyle.

1. Four-Wheel Mobility Scooters

blue 4-wheel mobility scooter with a front basket4-Wheel mobility scooters are usually a great option for use outdoors and on more rugged terrain. These portable mobility scooters are especially designed to provide stability with its wide wheelbase and well-balanced 4-wheels. If you are looking for a mobility scooter which can cope with trips to the park or just heavily cobbled pavements, this type of scooter would be a great choice.

The range offered by 4-wheel mobility scooters usually starts at around 25 miles per charge. Their turning circle is quite wide, so if you are likely to use it indoors often, you may be better off with a 3-wheeled model instead. Whatever you decide, always remember to drive with care.

However, many all terrain mobility scooter reviews mention that it’s not possible to dismantle them for transport in the car boot. You should bear this in mind if your desired destination is some distance away from your home.

2. 3-Wheel Mobility Scooters

The number one benefit of 3-wheeled mobility scooters is their manoeuvrability. The single front wheel enables the user to make very tight turns – perfect for navigating around shops without bumping into shelves and displays! This type of scooter is designed to provide generous legroom due to its shape.

On the downside, 3-wheeled mobility scooters are less stable than their 4-wheeled counterparts. They are more suited for indoor use or short trips on smooth outdoor surfaces. If you are planning to be using your mobility scooter for longer trips and outdoor adventures, you’ll be better off with a 4-wheeled model.

3. Folding or Dismantling Mobility Scooters

So many things are becoming portable and easy to store when not in use. Examples are folding electric bikes, inflatable hot tubs, portable air conditioners, and even telescopic ladders. Mobility scooters are no different. If you like to visit different places often, a folding or dismantling mobility scooter offers you the freedom to pack it into the car for easy transport. This type of scooter is generally only suitable for use on smooth outdoor surfaces such as well-maintained pavements.

Folding mobility scooters enable you to reduce their size and shape to one which can be pulled along, much like a wheeled suitcase. This also makes them a great option especially for those that have little extra space to spare as they do not need to occupy a large area when not in use.

On the other hand, dismantling mobility scooters come apart into a number of pieces which must be reassembled before you can use them. Not everyone will be physically able to do this themselves, depending on the extent of your medical disability.

You should also bear in mind that the individual pieces of some dismantling scooters can be rather heavy, so you may need some help lifting them into, and out of, the car boot.

How To Choose The Best Mobility Scooter for You

As we have seen, there is much to choose from when it comes to picking the best mobility scooter UK market has come up with. With such a variety of features available, you should focus upon those which are the most important for you and your own particular circumstances.

In this section, we break down some of the key points to consider when picking the right mobility scooter for your individual needs.

1. Comfort

elderly woman on a scooterWhether you will feel comfortable when using your mobility scooter is perhaps the most important consideration to make. After all, you will be unlikely to enjoy your new-found freedom if you feel discomfort or are in pain.

Your physique will help determine which style of scooter is likely to be the most comfortable. For example, if you are tall in stature, a 3-wheeled model will give you more legroom than a 4-wheeled scooter. Some mobility scooters also have highly adjustable seats which enable you to change the height – so you won’t need to hunch over while riding.

Overall stability when riding your scooter will also contribute to your comfort. As mentioned above, 4-wheeled mobility scooters are the best option if you are heading out on uneven surfaces. The balanced wheels help to absorb bumps and dips in the road or pavement, so you’ll feel less shaken up on your outings.

While we’re on the subject of wheels, the quality of the tyres on your scooter should also be considered. Inflatable tyres are soft and comfortable, but they are also at high risk of puncture if you are venturing outdoors. Alternatively, tyres filled with foam offer complete protection against puncture, but some people feel that these provide a less smooth ride.

2. Safety

Of course, safety should be a high priority no matter what mobility scooter you get.

Many medical mobility scooters have features which help to keep you safe when out on the road, such as speed limitation, high-quality brakes, seat belts and anti-tip mechanisms to help you stay upright should you take a particularly sharp turn.

For those who like to get out and about for longer trips, a mobility scooter which has a large battery and a clear battery life indicator is a must. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting stranded without power should you underestimate how much range you have left.

3. Ease of Use & Portability

If the controls are too fiddly, you will not be able to get the most out of your mobility scooter. Therefore, you should make sure whichever medical scooter you choose is easy and intuitive for you to use during travel.

There are many different control methods available, which will depend upon the particular manufacturer and model you are considering. These vary from thumb levers and moped-style throttles to joysticks and buttons. If you have arthritis, joystick controls may be better, as they put less strain on the joints in the fingers and thumb.

Furthermore, if you want to be able to take your mobility scooter out on far-flung trips or weekends away, you’ll need to choose one which is easily portable. There are many mobility scooters which can be folded down or taken apart for transport in the car, but be sure to pick the lightest car boot scooter if you have trouble lifting.

4. Additional Features

Lastly, you should look for any additional features which will be well-suited to your desired usage and circumstances.

Many mobility scooters come complete with a shopping basket, but if you are going to be making multiple stops, you should look for one which has a more secure storage compartment to keep your belongings safe.

If you need crutches to walk or have a medical condition that requires oxygen – some mobility scooters offer space to store these items during use. If your needs are particularly specialized, you may be able to speak to the manufacturer to see if they offer bespoke mobility scooters with extra features for your needs.


Each of the mobility scooter reviews we have listed would make great choices to help you reclaim some of your freedom. But our overall favourite is the Veleco ZT63 Retro mobility scooter.

We love its retro style paired with up to a 35-mile range. We also chose it as our number one because of its full lighting system, VIP warranty, and ample amount of built-in storage.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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