Best Printer Reviews UK 2023 – Top 10 Comparison

Last Updated On September 22nd, 2022

Whether you are working from home and need to print official-looking documents or simply need a printer to print photos you have taken on your phone, home office printers are a great, often economical way to accomplish all of your printing needs from the convenience of your house. Finding the best printer can be easy if you know what to look for and have a fair understanding of a few basic printer concepts and traits. That’s why we compiled this list of the top 10 best printers paired with a buyer’s guide to help ensure you pick the best choice for you.

Best Printer Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. Epson WorkForce WF-4820 (Editor’s Choice)

Epson WorkForce WF-4820This outstanding selection serves as an all-in-one solution to many of your office needs. It has many abilities and performs exceptionally well, particularly when it comes to efficiency and a straightforward design.


The myriad of features included in this device make various tasks quick and easy. It possesses the ability to produce two-sided printing jobs and one-sided scans and faxes. A PrecisionCore printhead creates top-quality pieces with laser-like results. With an automatic document feeder and speeds of 12 ppm in colour and 25 ppm in black and white, you will be able to start a task and move on in no time.

The Epson WorkForce WF-4820 Printer has a simple interface with a giant 10.9 cm touchscreen. It is compatible with individual inks, which tend to be more cost-effective than tri-colour cartridges. For compatibility, it offers you a WiFi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet connection, allowing for a significant amount of versatility. Comparatively, this device doesn’t make a lot of noise, either.

This pick may not be the best choice if you are prioritising a steady WiFi connection and a high-calibre scanner. Installation could also be somewhat lengthy and involved. But once connected, it will bring you fantastic results.

  • Multifunctional design
  • Intuitive interface with large display
  • Various connectivity options
  • Equipped with duplex printing
  • Quick and quiet operation
  • It may take some time to complete set up
  • The scanner could be less capable than other models
  • The WiFi connection might not be as reliable as with other options

2. HP Smart Tank Plus 570 (Best for Home Office)

HP Smart Tank Plus 570Thanks to advanced connectivity, this pick allows you to print, scan, and copy from almost any location you like. Using the unit’s dual-band WiFi and the HP Smart app, you can easily manage and execute tasks remotely.


Conveniently, this product comes with up to three years of ink to get you started. For straightforward use, it contains a 5.58 cm touchscreen that establishes direct access to the controls. It also includes a 100-sheet paper tray and an automatic document feeder so you can set it up, initiate, and complete tasks with minimal interaction.

The HP Smart Tank Plus 570 Printer is capable of fast printing speeds, reaching 16 ppm with colour and 22 ppm with monochrome jobs. It produces vibrant colours and crisp, dark text providing you with exceptional quality. All of this model’s superior features make it a solid choice for both home and office use.

Regretfully, this option may not be able to perform duplex printing tasks, and its results could become less precise with extended use. Also, installing this device might take some time and be relatively complicated.

  • Remote access for enhanced user ease
  • Rapid production speeds
  • Large paper tray with auto feeder
  • Quality colour and text production
  • A large quantity of ink comes included with the purchase
  • This pick might not be capable of duplex printing
  • It may become less consistent over time
  • The installation process could be somewhat tricky

3. Canon TS3150 (Best Value)

Canon TS3150

If you are looking for the best value printers, the Canon TS3150 is on top of our list. We like that it is easy to use and has a convenient multi-purpose design.


The Canon TS3150 inkjet printer easily tackles both monochrome and colour printing tasks. It can produce 4 pages per minute in colour and 8 pages per minute in black and white. The TS3150 features WiFi connectivity so you can easily print quality documents and images so you aren’t forced to connect with a USB cable.

This home office printer prints with a horizontal resolution of 600 dots per inch. It has a USB 2.0 port, a fold-up rear tray on the back that holds up to 60 sheets of paper at a time, and has the ability to scan and copy in addition to printing.

Cons for the Canon TS3150 office printer include lower horizontal resolution resulting in lower print quality overall, slower print speed, smaller ink cartridges that frequently need to be replaced, and the lack of a duplex printing function unless of course, you do it by hand which is often confusing and time-consuming.

Dimensions: 31.6×14.5×43.5cm

  • Excellent value
  • Good text and photo quality
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Easy to use
  • Scan, copy, and print
  • May have lower resolution
  • Slower print speed may not be suitable for some
  • May not have dual-sided printing
  • Smaller ink cartridges may need to be replaced more often

4. Canon Pixma TS5050 (Best Compact)

Canon Pixma TS5050

The Canon Pixma may be the best small printer on our list. Its ultra-compact design has high connectivity, saves space on your desk, and produces high-quality photo prints, as well as text.


The Canon Pixma colour laser printer comes equipped with multiple connectivity options making it easy to print remotely or directly from the printer itself. It features WiFi, USB, and SD card. This printer is energy efficient and has a 100 sheet input paper capacity. It can copy and scan with the maximum paper size for scanning being 216 x 297mm.

Canon Pixma printers also feature a larger than normal colour LCD display screen for easy printer accessibility. These printers have a 4800 maximum resolution and a monoprint speed of 12.6ppm and 9ppm for all colour photos and documents.

Canon Pixma TS5050 printers do not have an automatic two-sided printing function, do not come with a warranty, and have an unspecified duty cycle which makes it hard to know how much printing it can handle on a monthly basis without burning out quickly.

Dimensions: 31.5×12.6×37.2cm

  • Compact design
  • Energy-efficient
  • Ample connectivity options
  • Excellent print quality
  • Large 7.5 cm display screen
  • Duty cycle may be unspecified
  • Manual two-sided printing may be confusing for some
  • May not have a warranty available

5. Epson Ecotank A4 (Best with Connectivity)

Epson Ecotank A4

The Epson Ecotank is the top luxury choice on our best printers list because it offers exceptional print quality with advanced connectivity and an all-in-one design.


Epson Ecotank inkjet printers have everything you need to keep your home office connected. They feature dual-sided printing, WiFi connectivity which enables easy printing from your phone or any other Bluetooth capable device, and a USB port. It is also able to copy and scan in addition to the obvious printing feature. The Ecotank produces high-quality images and text and has an exceptional horizontal resolution of 2400 dots per inch.

With cartridge-free printing and a colour LCD display screen, the Ecotank is easy to use and has long-lasting ink. It has a rapid print speed that accomplishes 15 pages per minute when printing colour and 33 pages per minute with black and white. This home printer can hold 100 pages of paper at a time and has a duty load of 300 or more pages per month. It even comes with a three-year warranty.

The Epson Ecotank A4 doesn’t have a concealed paper drawer and the display screen is a bit small which may make it harder to read for some people. Also, be aware, this printer is not Mac compatible.

Dimensions: 34.7×37.5×18.7cm

  • Automatic two-sided printing
  • High resolution
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Rapid print speed
  • Long-lasting ink
  • Dual-sided printing
  • Smaller display screen may be difficult to use for some
  • Lack of internal paper drawer may be unsightly
  • May not be Mac compatible

6. HP Office JetPro 9010 (Best All-In-One)

HP Office JetPro 9010

The HP Office JetPro is our top pick for the best all in one wireless printer. This high capacity multi-purpose printer can handle all of your home printing needs and is designed to save you time and increase efficiency.


This inkjet printer is easy to use and comes equipped with wireless connectivity and is compatible with your phone, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant which enables voice control. It also has two-sided print, copy and scan capabilities, HP’s Smart Tasks time-saving program, and is even able to fax.

The Office JetPro has a high capacity monthly duty cycle of 1,500 pages and a horizontal resolution of 12oo dots per inch. It features a 250 sheet input tray paper capacity, a digital colour touchscreen display, and can print 22 black and white pages per minute and 18 colour pages per minute. This printer is also security-enabled and comes with a three-year warranty. It comes with HP’s Instant Ink program which helps keep the rate per page down.

Unfortunately, this home office printer may take a bit of time to set up initially, has a smaller display screen that may be difficult to read for some, and requires you to create an HP account for use.

Dimensions: 46×51.1×23.3cm

  • 1,500-page duty cycle
  • 3-year warranty
  • 250 sheet input tray
  • Rapid printing speed
  • Voice control
  • Smaller display screen may be difficult to read
  • HP account may be required
  • Setup may take a little longer

7. HP DeskJet 3760 (High-Resolution Option)

HP DeskJet 3760

The HP DeskJet 3160 made our best printer list because we like its sleek and compact design that provides high-resolution printing and produces high-quality text pages.


The DeskJet colour laser printer features Bluetooth connectivity for easy printing, scanning, and copying from your phone or other smart devices. It has manual dual-sided printing and an impressive 1,000-page monthly duty cycle. The DeskJet’s ink cartridges can also be recycled for free through HP Planet Partners.

DeskJet colour laser printers can print 8 black and white pages every minute and 5.5 pages of colour per minute. True to HP fashion, they come with a two month trial of HP’s Instant Ink program to help keep the rate per page low. This laser printer also features a 1200 dots-per-inch resolution for black and white documents and a 4800 dots-per-inch resolution for colour documents and photos. It comes with a three-year warranty backed by HP.

Keep in mind, this laser printer has a slower print speed, may take a bit of time to set up initially, and doesn’t always have the best WiFi connectivity. However, for a laser printer, it still does a pretty good job with photo prints.

Dimensions: 41.5x18x13.5cm

  • Colour laser printer
  • 1,000-page duty cycle
  • High-resolution printing
  • Recyclable ink cartridges
  • May have a lengthier initial setup
  • May not have the best Bluetooth reception
  • Print speed may be slower than others

8. HP Envy 5010 (Best Photo)

HP Envy 5010

The Hp Envy 5010 printer is our top choice for anyone prioritizing photo printing. Aside from being the best colour printer for photos on our list, we like its slim design and that it comes from the trusted HP brand.


The Envy 5010 inkjet printer comes equipped with wireless connectivity and is both Mac and Windows compatible. This multifunction printer can also scan and copy documents and photos. It features automatic double-sided printing and can produce up to 6 colour pages per minute and up to 9 black and white pages per minute. In addition, this photo printer comes with a two month trial of Instant Ink, so you won’t have to worry about running out of ink cartridges.

This photo printer has an exceptionally high horizontal resolution of 1200 dots per inch which is one of the main reasons it is so great at printing photos. It also has a 1,000-page monthly duty cycle, and comes with a one year warranty.

Setup with the HP Envy 5010 has reportedly been tricky for some people, it doesn’t always get the best WiFi reception, and you will be required to open an HP account to operate this printer.

Dimensions: 56.4×44.5×12.8cm

  • 2 month trial of Instant Ink
  • Excellent photo printing
  • High-quality resolution
  • 1,000-page duty cycle
  • Automatic duplex printing
  • Initial setup may be trickier
  • May not have the best WiFi reception
  • HP account may be required

9. HP DeskJet 2632 (Cloud Compatible)

HP DeskJet 2632

The HP DeskJet 2632 is one of the best printers for home use if you are looking for a compact, all-in-one printer with a pop of colour.


This white and teal inkjet printer can also copy and scan wirelessly for easy operation from a variety of devices in a close range. It prints up to 7.5 monochrome pages every minute with 12oo dots-per-inch horizontal resolution and up to 5.5 colour pages with 4800 dots-per-inch resolution. It also has a 1,000-page monthly duty cycle.

The HP DeskJet 2632 features manual dual-sided printing and comes with a two-month Instant Ink trial which saves ink over time.

While this printer deserves to be on our best wireless printers reviews list, it does have a slower printing speed, lacks automatic dual-sided printing, and the duty cycle listed is slightly misleading. It is listed as 1,000 pages per month but if you look closely you will see that HP only recommends printing 50-100 pages per month for optimal performance.

Dimensions: 442.5×54.8×24.9cm

  • Teal highlights
  • Space-saving design
  • Print, copy and scan wirelessly
  • Good printing quality
  • 2 month Instant Ink trial
  • May not have automatic duplex printing
  • Printing speed may be slower
  • Duty cycle may be lower than recommended

10. HP DeskJet 2622 (Multi-Functional Option)

HP DeskJet 2622

The HP DeskJet 2622 is both compact and energy-efficient. Its space-saving design is Energy Star certified and backed by the well-known HP brand.


This inkjet printer comes equipped with wireless, USB, and App connection options so you can seamlessly work between your computer and all of your smart devices, including your phone. It can print up to 5.5 colour pages each minute and up to 7.5 monochrome pages each minute. Its maximum duty cycle per month is 1,000 pages.

Like all HP printers, this printer comes with an Instant Ink trial, with this model it lasts for two months which helps to minimize the initial constant charges. It also has a 60 sheet paper capacity, a three-year warranty, 1200 dots-per-inch resolution with black text, and 48oo dots-per-inch resolution with optimised colour documents.

The HP DeskJet 2622 may take a considerable amount of time to set up when it first arrives. This printer also has slower print speeds and we wish it had a touchscreen menu on the printer itself, and not just on your wirelessly connected Smart devices.

Dimensions: 42.5×30.4×14.9cm

  • Great print quality
  • Wireless print, copy, and scan
  • Space-saving design
  • 1,000-page duty cycle
  • 2 month Instant Ink trial
  • Slower print speeds may not be ideal for some
  • No touchscreen menu on the printer may make things trickier
  • Initial setup may be lengthy

Home Printers: A Buyer’s Guide

You have come to the end of the reviews section of this article. Now let’s try to answer any lingering questions you may have and specifically discuss what we think are the most important traits to look for, and why.

What to Look for In a Printer

What is the best wireless printer for home use? The answer depends on a few different things specific to your circumstances. For example, are you drawn to photo printers? Inkjet printers? Laser printers? Let’s find out.

Inkjet or Laser?

printing pictures out of printing device

One of the best places to start when looking for a new printer is with the basic printing format. Would you be better served by a laser printer or an inkjet printer?

Generally speaking, laser printers produce higher-quality text documents, and inkjet printers produce higher-quality colour documents and photos. We recommend you choose a laser printer if you mainly print text. Choose an inkjet printer if you’re looking for photo printers or you simply want the best quality photo and colour prints.

Intended Use

As you can see, how you plan to use your printer should play a significant role in determining the best printer for your needs. Aside from the basic printing format, and whether or not you want to primarily print photos, you may need a printer to be able to accomplish other tasks for you as well.


Home printers usually are able to do more than print and are considered all-in-one or multi-purpose printer machines. Most printers these days can also copy and scan, depending on the paper size, and some can even fax documents, too.

Duty Cycle

The duty cycle or duty load denotes how many pages a printer is capable of printing in a single month without getting overworked or burnt out prematurely. If you only print things occasionally you won’t have to worry about this but if you print a lot of documents then this is something to be aware of when it comes to choosing the best option for you.


Another trait to consider if you print frequently, or print large quantities of documents, is print speed. The faster a printer can do its job, the more work you can complete in a shorter amount of time. Speed is also an important factor to consider in label makers or printers

Dual-Sided Printing

Two-sided or duplex printing is another way to speed up print jobs. Some printers force you to manually flip the pages in order to print on both sides of the paper but some of the best printers feature an automatic two-sided printing function.


The best printers will of course have excellent print quality. One way to estimate the print quality of a product is to look at the resolution. Many of the printers on our list have a high resolution which adds detail and enhances print quality overall. Often, the difference can be subtle but it can go a long way when it comes to achieving more professional quality results.


All of the home printers on our list feature wireless connection options so you don’t have to physically connect your computer, tablet, or phone. This eliminates messy cords while also enabling you to operate your printer from across the room. Many of the printers also have other connectivity options like an SD card slot, a USB port, Bluetooth, or WiFi Direct.

Paper Capacity

How much paper a printer can hold, what paper size it accommodates, and whether or not it has an auto document feeder may also be important when making your decision. A larger capacity eliminates the need to tediously refill the tray on larger print jobs. Paper size is generally only important to pay attention to if you print large or unusually shaped pieces of paper.

Pro Printer Tips

Replacing the Ink

ink cartridge of printing device

Constant charges on printers vary greatly depending on the type of ink cartridges or ink tanks it is compatible with. Most printers require cyan, magenta, yellow, and of course black ink for optimal functioning but they last for different amounts of time from printer to printer.


We like printers that also come with a warranty, but not all of the options on our list do. A warranty is often a good indication of the durability of a product as well as the company’s confidence in its craftsmanship. It makes us, and hopefully you, more confident in your purchase decision overall.


Just like when you’re in the market for laminators and other office equipment, the dimensions of a new printer can also be important to pay attention to if you have limited space on your computer desk or in your home office. The last thing you want is for it to arrive only to find you don’t have anywhere to put it in your home. We list dimensions for all of the printers on our list so you can take this into consideration if you find it necessary.

The Best Home Printer for You

As you now know, the best printer for you depends primarily on what you plan on printing and how much you need to print. Before you decide which printer on our list is for you, let’s review our number one Editor’s choice.

We chose the Epson WorkForce WF-4820 Printer as our Editor’s Choice because of its user-friendly design and advanced capability. Once installed, it effortlessly executes duplex printing and one-sided faxing and scanning. It has a large 10.9 cm touchscreen display and performs tasks with precision. It uses individual inks, which are typically more efficient and is able to complete jobs quickly and quietly. Lastly, it is built with multiple connectivity options, including Bluetooth, Ethernet, and WiFi. All around, it facilitates easy use and quality results, making it a fantastic selection for almost any home or office needs.

Which is the right printer for you?

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