Best Refrigerator Filters Reviews UK 2021 – Top 8 Comparison

The human body is about 70% water, and this substance may be the most important factor in human survival. Doctors recommend drinking eight to ten glasses a day for optimum health and wellness. Regular water consumption lubricates the joints, aids in maintaining healthy, regular digestive rhythms, and helps your skin stay soft and smooth. This life-preserving liquid is also an essential part of weight loss, managing blood pressure, and keeping your kidneys in good order.

Most tap water is disinfected and treated before it reaches your kitchen faucet, usually with chemicals like chlorine. After this treatment process, tap water can get contaminated by aging water pipes, pollution due to industrial activities, and soil erosion. Some municipal water supplies are generally safe for drinking, but, in many cases, unwanted additives can make their way into your water supply.

These unwanted substances can cause foul odors, unpleasant-tasting water, and a range of health issues. These health issues can cause undesirable long-term effects or mild stomach irritation when some types of bacteria are present. Water filtration devices remove unwanted substances and impurities for safe, great-tasting drinking water and ice.

Mid-range and high-end refrigerators come with handy ice-making and water dispensing features. You will need a refrigerator filter to enjoy these functions without any hassle. With endless filter options out there, it can be challenging to select a refrigerator filter that is right for your needs. We have put together a few pointers and tips to get you started on your hunt for the ideal refrigerator filter.


Best Refrigerator Filters – Top 8 Picks

1. everydrop Refrigerator Water Filter (Editor’s Choice)

This Whirlpool filter features a unique absorption filtration system that removes microbial matter from your drinking water for an extra fresh taste and crystal clear ice. Brands like Maytag and JennAir endorse the use of this filter with selected refrigerator models, and it replaces over a thousand bottles of bottled water. Its slim design makes it easy to install and replace, and its high capacity makes it ideal for large families. 







2. GE RPWFE Refrigerator Water Filter (Runner Up)

This refrigerator filter installs quickly without needing to shut off your refrigerator’s water supply. It provides six months of use and comes with an optional SMS alert feature to remind you when a replacement is needed. This GE filter removes bacteria and unwanted matter not adequately handled by chlorine and other water treatment methods. It also extracts BPA, a chemical found in some municipal water supplies. 







3. GLACIER FRESH MWF Water Filters for GE Refrigerators (Honorable Mention)

This Glacier Fresh refrigerator filter bundle is well-known for its pristine-tasting water. Its activated filter removes heavy metals and unwanted deposits without removing beneficial, naturally occurring minerals. These beneficial minerals produce an expensive, almost artisan taste at a fraction of the cost of commercial mineral waters. If you love to entertain, your guests will thank you! It features an organic, coconut-fiber filtration sieve and virtually silent operation.





4. Frigidaire Refrigerator Water Filter (Also Consider)

This refrigerator filter removes microplastic particles, as well as pesticide and herbicide by-products. It suits most Frigidaire side-by-side and french door refrigerators manufactured after 2015, and it has a moderate capacity and best suits small households. NSF-certified, this filter meets and exceeds minimum safety and taste standards. The NSF is the gold standard in residential and commercial water filtration systems quality.







5. Filterlogic Replacement Refrigerator Water Filter

This refrigerator filter multi-pack is a cost-effective replacement filter for Whirlpool and Amana refrigerators. These filters effectively remove chlorine and other odor-causing additives. Additionally, these filters remove copper, chromium, and other impurities commonly found in tap water. These replacement filters are BPA-free plastic with a scratch-resistant and stain-resistant finish. Best of all, this set comes with adhesive stickers you can use to track installation dates or replacement reminders. 





6. Best GE MWF Refrigerator Water Filter

The second budget-friendly option on our list removes elements that commonly cause bad tastes and odors, providing a crisp, delicious taste. It removes bacteria and other impurities, making your tap water safe for drinking and ice making. It features a one-step, concentrated carbon filter and a bright white tone that coordinates with your refrigerator’s interior. For best results, run a gallon of water through this filter before installation and use. 







7. Pureline Water Filter Replacement

This Water Quality Association-approved water filter set fits select Kenmore refrigerators and yields up to a year of filtered drinking water. These filters feature a three-step filtration system that includes mechanical filtration for sand and rust removal and two ionization processes that remove very tiny microbes. For best results, use these filters with a water flow rate of one gallon of water per minute. 





8. Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter

This refrigerator filter features a standard filtration system that suits most types of tap water. It fits Samsung refrigerators with built-in ice machines or water dispensers and keeps these devices in good form by minimizing mineral build-up that can stain or corrode them. It installs directly into your refrigerator’s water line and comes with an easy-to-follow setup guide and maintenance instructions. 








How Refrigerator Filters Work

First, refrigerator filters push water through a fine sieve to remove debris and fine particles. The water then goes through a material, usually carbon, that reacts with any chemicals present and removes them. Many refrigerator filters include multiple filtration features that add healthy minerals to improve the taste of the water. With prolonged use, the filtration layers become clogged and less effective at filtering unwanted impurities. Most refrigerator filters include clear instructions on how and when to replace them.

Most domestic refrigerator filters last up to six months before needing replacement. However, tap water quality varies greatly from place to place. Municipal water systems with moderate to high amounts of heavy metals and chemicals clog filters more rapidly than less contaminated water sources. Depending on your water supply, you may need to replace your filter more frequently than the manufacturer recommends.


Refrigerator filters come with varying features and capabilities. You will need to think about your water filtration needs, your existing appliance, and your preferred budget. Your water filtration needs may vary depending on the water quality in your area and the specific problem in your water that you hope to address.

Refrigerator Make and Model

Most manufacturers make refrigerator filters for their fridge line, but filter requirements can still vary by model. When selecting a filter, ensure that it is compatible with your existing fridge. Do this by finding your appliance’s make and model number, usually included in your refrigerator’s user guide. If you do not have the user guide, check the back of the appliance. Quality water filters usually come with a full list of compatible appliances for easy verification, but if in doubt, check the manufacturer’s website where possible.

Filtration Requirements

As we mentioned earlier, water quality varies from place to place. This means some contaminants found in some water supplies may not be in others. If you live in a large city, common additives may include chlorine or fluoride. Rural water supplies may contain fewer additives and naturally occurring minerals. Some filters remove most additives and microbes, while others only manage some chemicals like chlorine. Where possible, do some research on what is in your water supply.

Water Pressure

As a general rule, most refrigerator filters have strict water pressure requirements. If your water system’s pressure is high, it may damage or shorten the life of your refrigerator filter. Low water pressure can render your filter useless, as reduced water pressure may not be powerful enough to push water through the filtration screens. Where possible, ensure that your water pressure is between 20-120 psi.


Many refrigerator makers produce refrigerator filters for their appliances, and they are usually more costly than generic brands. Decide on a figure you can afford, as filters need regular replacing. Generic brands generally feature a lower price point with comparable filtration results. However, you should note that they can vary greatly in quality and function, so exercise caution when selecting a modestly-priced filter.

Water Line versus Internal Installation

Refrigerator filters are either installed inside your appliance or connected to your appliance’s main water source. Filters attached directly to your refrigerator’s water line filter all water that enters the unit, while internal filters do not. An external filter may have a complicated installation process, while internal filters are easy to insert, snap-on, or screw-on.

Say Goodbye To Dull Tasting Tap Water!

Ready for crisper, delicious drinking water? We hope this guide has helped you decide on the best refrigerator filter for you and your appliance. As a recap, municipal water supplies can contain biological and chemical matter due to water treatment processes, pollution, and contamination. Refrigerator filters install directly into your refrigerator and remove these unwanted ingredients using advanced filtration techniques. Say hello to cleaner, great-tasting water!

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