Best Shopping Trolley Reviews UK 2023 – Top 10 Comparison

Last Updated On June 3rd, 2022

If you’re looking for the best shopping trolley the UK consumers could want, then your search is over. These days, shopping trolleys aren’t just things that you borrow when you go to the supermarket. These eco-friendly alternatives to bags make it easier to carry all of your belongings back home, without having to worry about flimsy containers.

As we all continue to look for ways to reduce the amount of waste that our planet creates, shopping trolley bags offer a convenient and stylish substitute for plastic. Plus, a good shopping bag can even protect your posture and reduce the discomfort involved with hauling heavy items around.

So, how do you find the shopping trolleys to suit your needs? We’re here to help.

Best Shopping Trolley Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. VOUNOT Stair Climbing (Editor’s Choice)

VOUNOT Stair ClimbingProtect the products you buy on your next shopping trip with this fully insulated shopping trolley from VOUNOT. The shopping bag uses the highest quality materials to offer a tough and durable container when you’re collecting your supermarket food. The waterproof finish protects your groceries against rain, too.


Designed for lightweight durability, this fantastic shopping trolley comes with an attractive style and an alloy steel structure that distributes weight for you. Not only is this cart light and robust, but its folding design allows you to simply fold it down and place it in the car boot in no time.

A great product to have on hand when you don’t want to look for extra plastic bags, this trolley can be suitable for a range of needs. The wheels do make a little bit of an annoying sound on the pavement, unfortunately. You may also find that the Velcro fastenings get looser the more your bag is used.

  • Sturdy yet lightweight built
  • Attractive design
  • Waterproof finish protects your food when in storage
  • Suitable for all kinds of products
  • Velcro may lose its stick when used too often
  • Can make an annoying sound on the pavement

2. Foppapedretti “Go Up” Blu (Luxury Choice)

Foppapedretti “Go Up” BluDurable and sturdy, the Foppapedretti folding shopping trolley makes finding storage for your shopping quick and easy. This robust cart can hold a wide range of heavy items well, with a strong frame that distributes weight evenly. Not only is this cart sturdy, but it’s lightweight, too.


The ergonomic design of this shopping trolley makes it a treat to have around when used for carrying heavy shopping. The quality materials prevent moisture, while the sealable top ensures you can protect the items within.

This 38L folding trolley can easily hide out of the way under your stairs if you don’t have much space at home. The cart also has a foldable handle and a 10L front thermal pocket. Unfortunately, the front swivel wheels can be difficult to move at times, depending on the weight within. This trolley also may not be ideal for walking back home when you have lots of curbs to deal with.

  • Heavy-duty folding trolley with a stylish design
  • Sturdy materials throughout
  • Sealable top section to protect your items
  • 38-litre capacity with front thermal pocket
  • Folding handle design for extra convenience
  • Can be difficult to handle when moving the front wheels
  • May not always deal with curbs and steps well

3. Sholley Deluxe (Best Cart Type)

Sholley DeluxeIf you’re looking for a heavy-duty shopping trolley that offers plenty of storage and a durable design, then this could be the cart for you. Made from high-quality weatherproof fabric, this trolley will make any shop experience much easier. There are two multi-purpose side pocket storage compartments, a zippered pocket, and a rigid aluminium structure, too.


Easy to push and pull around any store or street, this shopping bag on wheels makes handling your food and products quick and easy. It features lockable swivel front wheels and a 4-wheel shopping bag design for simplicity. You can also adjust the height and angle for your convenience.

With a generous 48.1-litre capacity that suits a lot of shoppers, this cart is a great choice. Unfortunately, the pattern may be different from the one you see in the picture, and the size might be a bit bulky for some.

  • Quality weatherproof bags with aluminium frame
  • Large capacity for all kinds of products
  • Side pocket and zipper pocket storage options
  • Easy to adjust the handle to suit your reach
  • Durable design for long term use
  • May be a little too big for some shoppers
  • Patterns can differ from the style you see online

4. Sabichi 184498 Lemongrass (Best Value)

Sabichi 184498 LemongrassBuilt to give you the perfect solution for your shopping, the Sabichi shopping trolley uses premium materials throughout for a stylish and durable finish. You can shop till you drop with this large capacity 2-wheel trolley. The steel frame ensures that your shopping trolley bags will stand the test of time, along with a durable insulated liner.


These trolley bags from Sabichi feature an internal weatherproof liner to protect against the elements. They also come with smooth-rolling wheels and an ergonomic handle for convenience. The 40-litre capacity should be more than enough to handle the contents of your standard shopping bags. Plus, the fun designs mean that you can get a bag that suits your style.

The thermal insulation layer on this cart also means it can keep cold food from defrosting too fast. Unfortunately, the plastic parts can feel a little flimsy in some places. Also, the way that the weight is balanced on this bag can make it difficult to easily lift up and carry when it’s full.

  • Weatherproof and thermal liner keeps items from defrosting
  • Plenty of storage space with a 40-litre capacity
  • Fun style to suit your preferences
  • Easy roll wheels that you can push or pull without hassle
  • Durable material throughout
  • Plastic handle can feel a little flimsy
  • You may struggle to lift the full bag well

5. Hoppa 47L Foldaway (Best Lightweight)

Hoppa 47L FoldawayDesigned to be one of the best shopping trolleys for young and older users alike, this handy foldable shopping trolley has it all. Great for any kind of shopping, this trolley bag-on-wheels comes with an easy grab handle and drawstring closing to protect the products inside. The bag is even available in a range of styles.


With a capacity of 47 litres, these shopping trolleys from Hoppa are sure to make your shopping experience easier. The click wheels can pop off and on the waterproof bag, so you can simply fold the whole trolley away when it’s not in use. The folding frame design makes this cart perfect for those who don’t have a lot of space at home.

If you need a lightweight shopping trolley with a pull string top and durable polyester finish, this is the cart for you. Its two wheels may not always give you the best balance when dealing with a stair or step though. The wheels can also struggle with rocky terrain.

  • Durable polyester material with a drawstring top
  • The two wheels pop off the foldable frame for easy storage
  • Lightweight structure makes light work of shopping trips
  • Folding design available in a range of styles
  • 47-litre capacity to carry lots of products
  • Can be difficult to balance the trolley on just 2 wheels when tackling stairs
  • The design might struggle with rocky terrain

6. Gimi Twin (Large Capacity Option)

Gimi TwinIf you need a shopping trolley bag that’s capable of handling a lot of weight at once, Gimi could have you covered. This twin 4-wheel shopping trolley comes with a steel frame for added strength and stability when holding your heavy grocery bags. This polyester bag also has a large capacity.


With two zip pockets on top to help with storing your precious belongings, the Gimi Twin trolleys are easy to use and reliable. These 4-wheel shopping bag carts come with durable wheels that can handle a range of terrain easily. There’s also the option to use it as a two-wheel model instead while its small handle can hook onto your trolley when you’re shopping.

Unfortunately, if you’re not a very tall person, you might agree with the customer reviews that this product is a little too short for your needs. Fitting the additional wheels onto the trolley can be a little difficult, too.

  • Ideal for big shopping trips
  • Great for those who need a waterproof bag
  • Quality materials throughout, including a steel structure
  • Two extractable wheels for extra control
  • Zip pockets for extra secure storage
  • Fitting the additional wheels can be a little fiddly
  • May not be the right option for taller people

7. winkeep Upgraded (Best with 50kg Limit)

Winkeep UpgradedIf you find yourself doing a lot of shopping in locations with stairs, or you need to carry your trolley up a stairwell when you get home, the winkeep bag could be perfect for you. This heavy-duty stair master comes with three large rubber wheels on each side to help you climb up and down the stairs with ease. There’s also an ergonomic handle for greater comfort.


Brilliantly designed, this lightweight shopping trolley comes with unique wheels that can handle any terrain in no time. The design can save you from carrying up to 75 litres of shopping, with heavy-duty materials to stand the test of time. The frame is made of sturdy metal that’s resistant to rust, while the bag itself is waterproof.

Light and convenient, this shopping trolley earned some of the best customer reviews around for its unique approach to the two-wheel design. There’s also a bonus adjustable bungee cord for securing your shopping trolley on wheels. Just keep in mind that it can be quite heavy to manage when totally full. Additionally, turning in circles with this trolley can be difficult.

  • Lightweight design with unique wheels
  • Can make climbing back upstairs easier than ever
  • Folding design for easy storage when not in use
  • Durable style with metal frame and water-resistant material
  • Ergonomic hand grip
  • Difficult to turn in circles for some
  • Might be too heavy for some when full

8. Rubberneck Foldable (Best All-Terrain)

Rubberneck FoldableIf you’re looking for a quality storage system for your shopping, the Rubberneck lightweight trolley could be just what you need. Easy to pull across difficult terrains like gravel and roads, these trolley bags will help you to get the most out of your shopping experience. You can even hook the foldable shopping trolley up to your shopping cart as you walk around the shops.


One of the best shopping trolleys for lightweight purchases, Rubberneck’s trolley comes with splash guards on the wheels for when you’re outdoors. The triple design wheels come with a holder for your umbrella, and an insulated cooling compartment for frozen items.

This model also has a 44-litre capacity. This big and durable bag will give you all the storage you need easily. Unfortunately, the back pocket can come loose according to some customer reviews. Additionally, you might have a hard time getting used to the wheels at first.

  • Lightweight hand trolley to easily pull groceries
  • Solid structure for long term durability
  • 44-litre capacity with insulated internal bag
  • Hooks onto your supermarket trolley
  • Holder for umbrella and insulated cooling compartment
  • Can be difficult to manoeuvre at first
  • The storage pocket at the back can come loose

9. AmazonBasics 2-Wheel (Best with Click Wheels)

AmazonBasics 2-WheelFeaturing a high-quality 2-wheel design, this shopping cart is easy to move around, or stand upright when you’re storing heavy items. The thick polyester material enhances durability for your cart storage system, so you know your trolley is going to last a long time. The bag is detachable, and the wheels click on and off. This is a great folding shopping trolley with wheels.


With an appealing design to suit your style, this cart will help you shop in comfort, without having to worry much about plastic and paper bags. The 40-litre capacity will hold plenty of big and small items alike, and the fact that this cart is made with high-grade materials means it will last even longer.

Additionally, there are various designs to choose from, and the bag is surprisingly large. However, attaching the wheels can be a little difficult once you click them off the cart. The product also doesn’t work as well with climbing stairs compared to other items.

  • Excellent capacity for all your shopping
  • Durable and lightweight cart is easy to use
  • Attractive look for style-conscious shoppers
  • Thick woven material for durability
  • Click wheels come on and off for folding functionality
  • Can be difficult to click the wheels back on the cart
  • May not be ideal for climbing stairs

10. Gimi Tris Floral Blue (Best 6-Wheel Design)

Gimi Tris Floral BlueCarefully designed for ergonomics, comfort, and easy transportation, the Gimi Tris Floral Blue shopping trolley is a delight to use. This spacious shopping bag on wheels has a full 6 wheels. The unique structure of the wheels allows you to deal with things like stairs and curbs easily when you’re on your shopping trips.


If you want a bag on wheels that’s not going to get stopped by the first curb you reach, Gimi Tris has you covered. These high capacity shopping bags are a fashionable way to take your trolley with you on the move. You get the benefit of a rain-proof shopping bag that you can remove and wash in between uses. There’s a zip pocket for protecting your expensive items, and a practical handle that you can hook onto a supermarket trolley, too.

One slight issue with this trolley is that it doesn’t distribute weight very evenly. You might not be able to carry many heavy items in the bag. The capacity may also be too large for some.

  • Stylish waterproof shopping trolley
  • Easy to carry than standard reusable bags
  • Great for tackling a stair or curb
  • Convenient hook so you can balance the cart on a shopping trolley
  • Zip pocket for smaller items
  • May not be ideal for heavy items
  • May be too large for some customers

How to Choose Your Shopping Cart

Choosing the best shopping trolley the UK companies can offer can be a little confusing. It’s often difficult to decide what kind of shopping trolley bag is right for you at first. Do you want a 4-wheel shopping trolley or something that’s good at climbing stairs? Since carrier bags are no longer free, deciding to use one of the reusable carts available on the market today can be a smart solution.

Here are some of the things to keep in mind when you’re searching through customer reviews, looking for your ideal shopping trolley.


cart wheelsThe wheels are one of the most important components of your shopping cart. You can get a 4-wheel shopping trolley, two wheels, or something that has unique tri-wheels that can help with climbing stairs, particularly if you’re carrying big and heavy items. Knowing which wheel number is right for you will depend on your preferences and lifestyle.

If you know a friend with a cart that you can use, test their bag out first to see what feels more comfortable. This will help you to find a shopping trolley bag that’s perfect for you.

Storage Features

The best shopping trolley bag will help you to carry a range of products to and from your home. Some of the cart options on the market today come with a zippered pocket on the front, while others are made with extra pockets on the sides, too. You might find a cart that comes with a waterproof bag, and insulating interior to keep products cold.

If you like being able to keep your food and expensive items separate, you might want a protective bag on the front of your trolley that can help with that.


a lady pulling a grocery cart bagFinally, look at how your cart is made, and search for any convenient features that might be handy for you and your family. For instance, if you have limited space at home, you might like to have a cart that’s made to fold down when it’s not in use. These foldable cart options can come with click wheels that you can take on and off anytime.

You should also think about the design of the trolley when it comes to keeping things light and easy to move. There’s more to a great shopping cart than just what it’s going to look like. Your shopping trolley bag needs to offer the ideal functionality for you while helping the environment.

Choosing Your Shopping Trolley

Choosing the best shopping trolley the UK companies can offer is tough. Having a well-made shopping trolley or cart is an excellent investment in today’s world. You can carry more items with these products in most cases, plus, you’re helping the environment. When choosing your own shopping cart or browsing through the best shopping trolleys, think about what’s going to make shopping light and comfortable experience for you.

Our favourite choice is the VOUNOT Stair Climbing trolley. This 2-in-1 waterproof trolley can be converted into a hand truck for moving boxes and other items, thanks to its removable bag. It has a decent capacity of 30 litres and six wheels designed for climbing stairs. Lightweight and foldable, it’s a must-have for every shopper.

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