Best Sleep Mask UK 2023 Reviews – Top 10 Comparison

Last Updated On December 27th, 2021

Looking for a new product that can help you sleep better at night? Then you might want to consider a sleep mask. These comfortable wearables are specifically designed to reduce any light glares and distractions in the room. The result is falling asleep faster and improved sleep quality. In this article, we’re looking at the best sleep masks to buy right now to keep you well-rested.

We’ve included an extensive selection in our list below to help you find the best sleep mask UK stores have to offer —from basic, lightweight masks to high-tech versions that play music, to designs specifically made for side sleepers, there’s something for everyone.

Best Sleep Mask Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. ALASKA BEAR Luxury (Editor’s Choice)


If you’re looking for the best sleep mask for side sleepers, this might be the best option for you. In particular, its ergonomic design allows it to sit against your eyes without constricting your blinking routine and feeling as though you’re not even wearing an eye mask.


Its design isn’t too thick, so you can comfortably roll over onto your side without too much pressure constricting your movement. And the fully adjustable form-fitting memory foam material is wrapped in a sleek knitted jacquard cover for a perfect fit that gets better with every use. In fact, this eye mask will contour your eyes to block out the light and remain comfortable around the nose.

Unfortunately, this sleep mask features a side clip for adjusting its size, which might make it slightly uncomfortable to lean on at times. Instead, some people might prefer a VELCRO sleep mask that sits more flat on the side of your face.

  • Machine washable for convenient cleaning
  • Memory foam material contours the eyes
  • Ergonomic design won’t constrict your comfort
  • Blocks out all light
  • Remains cool to prevent heat build-up
  • Side clip may be irritating or uncomfortable
  • Eyes might be too big for some people

2. Manta 100% Blackout (Luxury Choice)

Manta 100% Blackout

For a luxurious and comfortable sleep mask, this is comfortable to wear and easy to adjust.


It boasts adjustable eyecups that mould perfectly to your face for preventing any light from entering. This means that you won’t be able to see any light, which is great for couples sleeping at different times or if you work night shifts and need to sleep during the day.

Moreover, this sleeping mask is made of soft, breathable cotton fabric with a snag-free micro hook/microfleece closure and industrial-grade elastics. The combination of these materials encourages you to get a good sleep with maximum comfort. There’s also enough nose space in the bridge to ensure a healthy breathing pattern while you’re sleeping.

Unfortunately, this might not be the best eye mask for reducing background noise, as this super soft mask doesn’t come with any noise-blocking technology. In addition, it may not feature a memory foam layer, which might be undesirable for some people.

  • Soft, breathable fabric
  • Eye moulds to suit your face shape
  • Zero eye pressure for maximum comfort
  • 100% blackout for a deep sleep
  • Plenty of nose space
  • May not have a memory foam layer
  • Might not have audio capabilities

3. ALASKA BEAR Natural Silk (Best Value)

ALASKA BEAR Natural Silk

Available in various colours, this silk eye mask is crafted from 100% skin-friendly silk to achieve a comfortable and relaxing sleep that feels soft against your skin and will fight against puffy eyes. In fact, this smooth and soft texture feels delicate around the eyes to reduce wrinkles and protect your skin.


The cool fibres of silk encourage healthy oxygen flow while keeping dry air away and preventing heat from getting trapped, so you remain sleeping for longer. In addition, this Alaska Bear sleeping mask comes with an adjustable strap from 15.8 to 27.6 inches in circumference, which makes it suitable for children to adults. Plus, the adjustable headband won’t snag at long hair while you’re sleeping.

However, this silk sleep mask might not be as padded as the other ones on this list, and it may not include any smart features, such as audio connectivity.

  • Adjustable strap makes it suitable for kids to adults
  • 100% skin-friendly silk material
  • Offers complete darkness
  • Various colours and designs to choose from
  • Includes a drawstring carry bag
  • Might not be as padded as other eye masks
  • May not include audio connectivity

4. LC-dolida Bluetooth (Best With Bluetooth)

LC-Dolida Bluetooth

This Bluetooth eye mask comes with a 200 mAh high-performance battery and up to a 10-hour battery life that charges via USB. Therefore, you can enjoy listening to relaxing music while you’re falling asleep, and you don’t have to worry about it waking you up since the eye mask will automatically turn off when the battery runs past a certain time.


This eye mask features a comfortable material to help you sleep and enjoy bedtime bliss. Plus, the materials remain breathable and comfortable for side sleepers. This eye mask comes with adjustable headphones, so you can adjust the speakers near the ears to hear the audio more clearly.

On the other hand, this memory foam eye mask might have a loud command off function, which could disturb your bedtime routine. Or you may have to switch it off manually, otherwise, the battery will quickly drain.

  • Extensive battery life
  • Breathable and comfortable material
  • Adjustable headphones
  • Fully washable for easy convenience
  • Bluetooth module is on the centre to remain comfortable for side sleepers
  • Might have a loud command off function, which could wake you up
  • Might not feature contoured eye pads like other sleep masks

5. LC-dolida Headband (Best Headband Style)

LC-Dolida Headband

If you’re looking for something a little different from your average eye mask, then this option by LC-dolida may be just up your alley. Not only does it make a great sleep mask, but it can also be used to keep your hair out of your face while you are exercising.


It is equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 so you can connect your eye mask to your phone and listen to your favourite white noise as you fall asleep. What’s more, the battery should last for 10 hours therefore you can listen to music all night, and it only requires 1-2 hours of charging before it will be ready for your next sleep.

The soft, breathable fabric is fully washable so it will feel great against your skin, while the flat design makes this a perfect option for side sleepers who often feel less comfortable with straps getting in the way.

Unfortunately, the battery may get a little warm after prolonged use, and some have complained of the speakers being a little on the chunky side.

  • Unique design to block out light
  • Great for side sleepers
  • Equipped with Bluetooth 5.2
  • 10-hour battery life
  • Breathable material
  • Battery may feel a little warm after extended use
  • Speakers could be smaller

6. Gritin Ultra Soft (Best Black Out)

Gritin Ultra Soft

This sleep mask blocks out 100% of light to provide complete darkness, so you can take this eye mask anywhere with you like in a hotel, on a plane and more.


This eye mask uses 100% skin-friendly natural lightweight breathable material of cotton to feel soft and comfortable against your face without making you overheat. The soft adjustable strap won’t tangle your hair, and it remains flexible and durable to surround your head comfortably. It also won’t put any pressure on your eyes and won’t feel tight, helping to alleviate any discomfort.

However, this eye mask may not come with audio capability, and it may not be as cushioned and contoured as other masks.

  • Blocks out 100% of light
  • Soft adjustable strap to remain comfortable
  • 100% skin-friendly cotton material
  • Won’t apply any pressure to the face
  • May not come with audio capability
  • May not be as cushioned as other masks

7. Mavogel Cotton (Best for Cooling)

Mavogel Cotton

When wearing a luxury sleep mask, sometimes an issue can be overheating. Fortunately, this eye mask is made of cotton to remain breathable, allowing you to feel cool at bedtime, resulting in more restful sleep.


The soft cotton triangle wing design on this eye mask can stop it from moving around while you’re sleeping. The wing design also discreetly reduces pressure from around the face for a gentle feather-like feel. Therefore, you’ll awaken feeling your best and refreshed. Also, this sleep mask features five layers of materials to feel ultra-soft and flexible against your eyes.

It boasts a patented bending cartilage design that’s durable and can be easily adjusted, effectively blocking lights that come from the nose area, so you can get some quality bedtime bliss wherever you are.

Unfortunately, the band of this eye mask might not be as thick as others on the list, which could make it slightly less comfortable to wear overnight.

  • Wing design distracts pressure from around the face
  • Provides a feather-like feel
  • Cotton design makes it the best sleeping mask for warm nights and hot sleepers
  • Adjustable and durable design
  • Blocks out light
  • Band might not be as thick as other eye masks
  • May not remain sturdy on your head while you toss and turn

8. LC-dolida 3D Wireless (Best Contour)

LC-DOLIDA 3D Wireless

If you’re looking for the best sleep mask in the UK, these eye masks might be an excellent choice.


Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, they feature a high-fidelity stereo with excellent sound quality. This eye mask features a 10-hour battery life, so you can continuously listen to music while you’re sleeping.

Moreover, this eye mask will block out bright lights and ambient noise without painful earplugs, and you can even listen to soft music while you fall asleep without wearing uncomfortable headphones. Also, these sleep masks feature a 3D contoured design to perfectly mould around your face shape and eyes, allowing you to move freely and comfortably. It also won’t put any pressure on your eyes.

On the other hand, this silk sleep mask lacks a memory foam feature, which might make it undesirable for some people as it may not adapt to your face as easily.

  • Smooth silk lining for maximum comfort
  • Bluetooth 5.0 technology for minimal connectivity delays
  • High-fidelity audio system
  • Contours the eyes
  • 10-hour battery life
  • There may be no memory foam structure, which may not be as comfortable for sleeping in
  • Powering off the eye mask might be difficult

9. WERPOWER Headphones (Best for Playing Music)

WERPOWER Headphones

If you struggle to fall asleep each night, this sleep mask features Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity to offer a stable connection that provides up to 9–10 hours of playback. Therefore, you can fall asleep playing relaxing music and not be awoken by traffic or the noise of your fan.


This sleep eye mask features ultra-thin and breathable materials that consist of 97% cotton and 3% silk for optimum comfort. In fact, the edges are so soft that you won’t feel any discomfort when you toss and turn at night. And you won’t need to worry about the fabrics shrinking or deforming in the wash.

It provides full coverage for blocking out the light from entering and prevent any light leakage. The 3D design also ensures that it won’t put any pressure or tightness on your eyes for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Unfortunately, this sleep mask might not be as soft as some of the other best eye masks on the market since it has a larger emphasis on connectivity.

  • Breathable cotton materials that won’t deform in the wash
  • 3D design to block light out completely
  • Provides up to 10 hours of music playback
  • Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for convenient and effortless compatibility
  • May not be as soft as other masks
  • May provide a looser fit

10. Zurzache 3D Contoured (Best with Nose Flap)

Zurzache 3D ContouredThe Zurzache 3D Contoured Sleep mask is a 100% light-blocking eye mask designed to give you the perfect night’s sleep without distractions. With absolutely no eye pressure, thanks to the wide eye region, the Zurzache sleep mask enables you to improve the quality of your sleep so that you can enjoy better beauty sleeping sessions or even travel naps.


This sleep mask from Zurzache comes with a nose piece shade cloth to help eliminate any light sources. In addition, its 3D contoured design provides a better level of deep sleep in any position without placing undue pressure on your eyes. There’s also nothing to press against your eyelashes and cause discomfort during the night. Just adjust the eyecups to sit around your eyes carefully, and then use the strap’s soft velcro to fit the mask to your face.

The Zurzache sleep mask is comfortable and built to last as it’s made with soft, breathable, and durable materials. The cotton fabric doesn’t cling to your face, so you don’t have to worry about excessive sweating or rubbing, making you look like you’ve had a rough night’s sleep. The adjustable nose piece is also made from natural fibre. Plus, it includes a pouch so you can keep it clean when not in use.

  • Excellent light-blocking performance with a 3D contoured design
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Fully adjustable nose piece shade cloth
  • Made from cotton and natural fibre
  • Comes with a pouch
  • May not fit perfectly for some people
  • May be less padded than some options

Things to Consider When Buying a Blackout Sleep Mask

To discover the best eye masks for you, consider the factors below during the buying process.

Total Darkness

young woman sleeping in bed

Ideally, you want the eye mask to provide complete darkness, but this isn’t always possible. For the most effective sleep masks, consider a design that won’t leak through the nose area and look for shapes with a 3D contoured design to prevent light from entering.

Material is another deciding factor over darkness. Consider a sleep mask with thicker materials, such as cotton and memory foam, which are more effective materials at blocking out light. Thinner materials, such as synthetic fibres, allow more light to enter, keeping you up at night.

Finally, the thicker the sleep mask, the more it’ll be able to block light. However, you still want minimal padding on the sides to prevent any restrictions when you’re sleeping on your side.


You might not consider cleanliness or maintenance as a huge deciding factor, but it’s important that you know how to clean and take care of your eye mask. Depending on the material, your sleep mask might require a lot of maintenance. In particular, mulberry silk requires specific care than a machine-washable eye mask that is made from cotton. Furthermore, you’ll need to consider the mask’s stitching to ensure that it doesn’t come loose during a wash.

Limited Eye Pressure

Ideally, the mask won’t put any pressure on your eyelids in order to not affect your sleep quality. Too much pressure on the eyes will restrict your eye movement, which can result in you waking up more often in the night. And a heavy mask will feel uncomfortable on the eyes as well as possibly contribute to blurry vision the following morning.

Many sleep masks come with adjustable straps for maximum comfort to avoid any tightness and pressure on your eyes. And for the best night’s sleep, choose a mask with hollow concave eye holds to prevent any direct pressure on the face and eyes, no matter how tight you wear the mask.


You’ll come across various materials when looking for the best sleep mask in the UK. However, silk is often seen as the best material because it doesn’t pull at the delicate skin surrounding your eyes and won’t intervene with any beauty products that you wear overnight.

Another good material to look out for is cotton. This material is breathable, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep when it’s hot or to prevent your face from overheating in the first place.

Smart Features

A sleep mask can do more than block out light: it can also help you to fall asleep. That’s because some of the best eye masks come equipped with audio compatibility, allowing you to listen to relaxing music while you drift off to sleep. Designed with Bluetooth connectivity, these eye masks can connect to popular music streaming services like Spotify. And they’ll automatically switch off after a certain amount of time so you can fall asleep while using it without any concerns.

Is It Good to Sleep With an Eye Mask?

There are several benefits of wearing a mask, and here are some of the most popular reasons to invest in one:

blonde girl sleeping in her bed

  • Using a mask can eliminate distractions since you won’t be able to see your screen. Therefore, you’re more likely to not scroll through social media platforms in bed or spend an extra hour binge-watching a Netflix show.
  • Encourages melatonin production to stimulate natural sleep cycles and hormone production for a healthier lifestyle.
  • A mask can prevent puffy eyes—especially if you choose masks that are made with silk or other gentle fibres to protect your face.
  • Blocks out all light, so you can sleep throughout the day if you work nights, or perhaps your partner wants to watch the TV for a little while longer. This feature is also great for couples who have different sleeping schedules.
  • Wear a mask at night if you suffer from dry eyes. Overnight, your eyes are exposed to dry air and rust, but having a barrier between your eyes and the environment can prevent dryness.
  • Finally, a sleep mask can help you to feel more relaxed—especially if you opt for a design with a built-in Bluetooth audio compatibility so you can listen to calming music while you drift off.

Do You Wear an Eye Mask?

We hope these reviews have been beneficial to you, but if you are still unsure on which is the best sleep mask in the UK for you, then we would recommend taking another look at our Editor’s choice, the ALASKA BEAR Luxury sleep mask. Its ergonomically contoured eyecups offer a “no mask’ feel, hence, you can effortlessly blink without feeling any restriction. The memory foam is form-fitting and effectively blocks light, promoting deeper and undisturbed sleep. It may not come with some advanced features but the durability and functionality of this product make up for the lack thereof.

We’d love to hear your experience of wearing an eye mask and if you have any product recommendations to suggest to other readers. If so, let us know your thoughts and advice in the comments. Otherwise, share your opinions of the above sleep mask reviews, including any of your favourites.

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