Best Spirit Level Reviews UK 2023 – Top 7 Comparison

Last Updated On December 27th, 2021

Today we are going to review the seven best spirit levels on the market. Having a reputable spirit level is a necessity if you plan on designing rooms in your house or even just handing a new television on the living room wall. Household projects are complex, and you need to use a spirit level to achieve optimum results.

Installing cabinets, hanging shelves, or mounting tiles are all activities you may want to pursue one day. Therefore, you need to consider the best spirit levels on the market and choose the best option for you.

Best Spirit Level Reviews – Top 7 Picks

1. Bosch Professional 1600A016BN With Magnet System (Editor’s Choice)

Bosch Professional 1600A016BN With Magnet System

The Bosch Professional 1600A016BN 25 cm Spirit Level is a compact and dynamic spirit level that will fit in any sized toolbox or workshop case. On the front of this spirit level is a viewing window that offers a clear read from any angle.


This spirit level features metal surfaces and three ferrite magnets nestled in the side. The aluminium housing contains shock-absorbing end caps and a cast-in level that has UV-resistant fluid. This unit includes one magnetic spirit level and blister packaging.

This spirit level is accurate. This spirit level is accurate up to 0.0005 an inch, and this model is consistently accurate during stress tests.

The magnet system is excellent for using this spirit level in a hands-free manner. This magnet system also makes it a great spirit level to use with metal surfaces.

This spirit level also features rubber grips. Rubber grips allow you to grip the spirit level with your palms and fingers. Removable rubber caps help you verify that no scratches remain on the surface.

  • High quality
  • Visible block vials for enhanced accuracy
  • Durable single-piece and aluminium box-beam structure
  • Could be challenging to see the bubble in low light

2. Digi-Pas 2-Axis Precision (Luxury Choice)

Digi-Pas 2-Axis Precision

The Digi-Pas 2-Axis Digital Precision allows you to wirelessly view the levelling reading on your smartphone screen while measuring. This spirit level allows you to align a machine and save time.


This spirit level pairs with smartphones and tablets and displays X and Y-axis level status, both digital and graphic. These readings are displayed on the smartphone or tablet screen while you adjust the spirit level’s footings.

This spirit level improves alignment and measurements during maintenance, setup, and installation. The unit features a durable design and is resistant to drops and high impacts with metal surfaces.

The unit uses innovative technology to calculate angles and all 360 degrees of a complete circle. The Alternate Zero function also allows you to check two angles between two surfaces.

This particular model has a long-lasting battery life and a switch-off feature.

  • Dual function measures angle electronically and digitally
  • Shows readings in degrees, In/Ft, mm/M, and per cent slope
  • Smart digital functionality
  • Display might be difficult to read from a distance

3. Semlos Multipurpose Measuring Tape (Best Value)

Semlos Multipurpose Measuring Tape

The Semlos Multipurpose Laser Level is a 3 in 1 laser level that combines a fine-tuned tape measure and a laser level to give you precise measurement results. This unit offers three projection modes: cross-hair line, vertical line, and horizontal line.


This dynamic unit also offers a bubble with an LED light. This light contains a vertical and a two-way horizontal level bubble with LED light. You may use this device in the dark without an additional light source.

The 8-foot measuring tape includes metric and imperial measurement. You may use this spirit level for a diverse group of level and accurate measurements. For example, it can be used while hanging picture frames, shelves, and cabinets.

  • High-contrast vials
  • Strong magnet edge
  • Durable aluminium frame and integrated ruler
  • The vials may shatter

4. STANLEY 0-43-648 Box Beam FATMAX Pro (Best Long)

STANLEY 0-43-648 Box Beam FATMAX Pro

This unit contains bi-material handgrips and solid box-beam construction. This unit features a 20% vial magnification for clear viewing, and it also includes rubber end caps for durability and safety.


The 4-feet length provides a useful level for construction work and bricklaying. This level can also stand up to daily stresses related to long-term construction and repair jobs and will not lose measurement accuracy due to overuse or physical damage. The box-beam construction is five times stronger than regular Stanley levels.

If you’re looking for a level that features optimum strength and performance, you should consider using this spirit level. The unit will measure to +/- 0.5 mm/m on all surfaces. This unit also contains dual-machined levelling surfaces for superior accuracy and measurement.

  • Large, easy-to-read high-visibility vials at three angles: 45, 90, and level
  • Perfect for plumbers, pipe-fitters, welders, and construction workers
  • Durable and sturdy aluminium levelling frame
  • May not fit to all toolboxes or workshop bags

5. Silverline 119688 Builders (Best Set)

Silverline 119688 Builders

The Silverline Bullet Builders Level Set can be a great addition to any toolbox. Hobbyists and professionals can both benefit from this builders level featuring aluminium construction and a powder finish. Its entire body is resistant to corrosion, and it is lightweight, portable, and sturdy.


UV-resistant vials help you analyse readings from multiple angles. The end caps protect the unit’s body when it is dropped off a ladder or knocked against concrete. Several hanging holes allow you to store the level in a van or workstation.

This particular unit is primarily designed for measuring jobs related to tiling and joinery but the unit may also be used while installing heating and electrical systems. This unit gives professional, accurate readings.

  • Efficient design
  • Made of durable cast aluminium
  • Ideal for tiling and joinery jobs
  • This unit may be heavy

6. Stanley Shock Proof Torpedo (Best Shock Proof)

Stanley Shock Proof Torpedo

The STANLEY Shockproof Magnetic Torpedo Level 230 mm/9 inch 0-43-511 contains an aluminium plate and V-shaped metal grooves. This unit is perfect for checking pipes and other cylinders. Solid block reversible vials give horizontal, vertical and 45-degree measurements.


The unit is more lightweight than other spirit levels, and the end caps will protect the spirit level from drops and collisions. Both hobbyists and professionals can use this device while relying on the accurate measurements it offers.

Plumbers, pipe-fitters and construction workers can all benefit from using this particular spirit level. Everyone can learn more about designing bathrooms and kitchens while using this spirit level to measure pipes and other cylinders.

  • Large ergonomic rubber over-moulded bi-lateral hand grips
  • Non-marring side bumpers help stop damage to finished surfaces
  • MaxEdge bridged centre vial smooth surface for easy viewing and placement
  • Could be difficult to hold on some surfaces as it has no magnets

7. Bosch PLL 1 P Laser (Best Laser)

Bosch PLL 1 P Laser

If you will be hanging shelves, fitting curtain rods, or setting picture frames, you can use the Bosch PLL 1 P laser level pen to align objects. You can adjust the laser level pen to transfer heights from one wall to another. This unit has a high accuracy rate with a leniency of +/- 0.5.


You can use this device as a laser leveller or as a regular spirit level. The flexible wall holder allows for convenient working spaces and the integrated point laser transfers heights in the room. You can adjust the laser by making a precise adjustment to the wall holder.

This unit features diagonal, vertical, or horizontal laser lines. The device contains high-quality, bright laser diodes for clear laser lines and laser point.

The unit contains a working range of up to 5 m (laser line) and 20 m (laser point).

  • Excellent level for tight, confined spaces
  • Highly versatile
  • Lanyard hole for easy storage
  • May not solidly attached to the wall bracket that comes with the unit

What to Look For in a Spirit Level

Here are the three main components to look for when choosing a spirit level, whether you are a professional or a hobbyist. Every spirit level is different, and this list is not intended to be comprehensive, but you should consider these three features when purchasing a spirit level.


carpenter using tool on wood

Accuracy is the most important feature of any spirit level, and every spirit level should be accurate up to 0.0005 of an inch. However, this measure may differ with various models and grades. Digital and laser levels are efficient, convenient, and easy to use, but calibrating these devices can sometimes be challenging.

You should always ensure that readings are accurate and the device contains a battery charged to full strength. Sensitivity is also a critical specification for spirit levels and bubble vials because it helps you determine the overall accuracy of the spirit level.

A spirit level’s sensitivity is the change of gradient or angle necessary to shift the bubble by a set distance. The sensitivity of the vials determines the sensitivity specification. These variables depend on the radius of curvature inside the vials. Every spirit level vial and bubble feature a curved radius. If the radius is longer, the vial will be more sensitive.

Sensitivity allows for the correct spirit level or vial to be applied to specific tasks and jobs.

Magnetic Levels

Powerful magnets help you work with metal materials. Having a magnet built into the spirit level will help you work with different materials more efficiently and safely.

Magnetic spirit levels allow you to align, adjust, and set up ferrous structural elements. You may need to keep both hands free while taking these measurements. Magnetic spirit levels are used when installing beams in metal and steel construction, and also when erecting steel structures in scaffolding construction.

Magnet spirit levels are also helpful when performing drywall installation. The magnet helps you focus on accurately aligning the wall and ceiling profiles. These magnetic spirit levels can be attached directly to the object that needs to be aligned.

Spirit levels with magnets will hold to the profile without falling off when exposed to vibrations. The magnets are often fitted to the underside of the spirit level. This position allows the spirit level to be attached to metallic surfaces. Up to three vials may be fitted for vertical and horizontal measurement.

Rubber Grips

repair man installing shelves

When you’re holding onto a level, you need to make sure that the unit contains rubber grips. These rubber grips allow you to hold the level while taking measurements. Removable rubber grips or caps can protect the final finish of any surface. These grips provide protection and ensure that metal levels will not scratch any work surface.

Rubber grips are necessary for most construction and plumbing jobs. Hobbyists who use a spirit level to perform home design or remodelling projects may not require rubber grips. However, you will benefit from purchasing a spirit level containing rubber grips because these spirit levels are safer to use.

A spirit level containing rubber grips will also be easier for hobbyists and professionals to store in a toolbox or a garage as many tools can damage other tools in storage spaces. However, if you ensure that their spirit level contains rubber grips, then you can avoid these issues. Also, when you’re travelling from job site to job site, you will benefit from having a spirit level with rubber grips because the grips will prevent the spirit level’s body from being damaged during transit.


The best spirit level is the Bosch Professional 1600A016BN. This spirit level is accurate up to 0.0005 an inch. Its viewing window on the front offers a clear read from any angle, an excellent feature for a compact spirit level.

Other features that make it great are solid aluminium housing, shock-absorbing end caps and a cast-in level with UV-resistant fluid. These materials enhance the durability of the model. Thanks to its three ferrite magnets nestled in the side, this spirit level is excellent for using in a hands-free manner.

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