The Best Pest Repellers Reviews UK 2021 – Top 8 Comparison

No one likes an uninvited guest, but that’s especially true when it’s either a creepy insect or a four legged rodent. Rather than resigning yourself to share your home with pests, you need a good repellent. Thankfully, there are plenty of options — many of which are catered to the specific animal you need to deter. Whether you want to keep mice out of your home or moles and deer from trampling through your garden, these pest repellers are the perfect solution.  

Benefits of Pest Repellers

Reduces risk of insect-borne diseases

Certain insects, like mosquitoes, are known for carrying infectious diseases, spreading these microorganisms throughout a population. These diseases can be harmful, which is where the main benefit of pest repellers comes in. By repelling insects like mosquitoes, you add an extra layer of safety for the entire family. This reduces the risk of your family members being exposed to the infectious microorganisms that are sometimes carried by these insects. 


Fewer toxins in your home

When pests are consistently present in your home, you may find yourself spraying poison to get rid of them. This causes toxins to be released in your home, which can be especially dangerous in cases where you have kids or pets around. With the use of a pest repeller, the need for these toxic sprays has become significantly reduced. In turn, you’ll be releasing fewer toxins into your home, making it a safer environment for everyone. 


Helps with sleep

Insects roaming around in your bedroom can become an irritation when you are trying to sleep – think of that mosquito continuously hovering over your bed. This annoyance can cause interference with your ability to sleep well at night. When a pest repeller helps you get rid of the insects, it means they won’t be a bother at night anymore. This can help you experience an improvement in sleep quality and duration while also helping you avoid waking up consistently throughout the night. 


Reduces allergies

Insect bites are prone to cause allergic reactions. Even a mild reaction to a bite can still be bothersome, resulting in itching and a rash. With a pest repeller, you will also be able to reduce the risk of such reactions. When the device repels insects in your environment, then there is no need to worry about insect bites. 


Pest types

A starting point for getting a new pest repellent should be to consider what insects or pests you are dealing with. This way, you’ll be able to look for a repellent that works for the specific pests that you need to get rid of. Not all pest repellents are the same. Some of these products provide a universal solution, but others are rather made to provide a repellent effect for certain pests. With a more specific solution, you may find the product works more efficiently – but only if it can get rid of the pests, you have at home. 



The technology used in the production of the pest repeller is also an important factor too. Make sure the technology is actually effective at repelling the pests that the product claims to help with. Additionally, consider safety factors – the technology should not be harmful to pets or small children. 



You should also consider how long the pest repeller will be useful. There’s no use in installing a repellent if it will only work for a few days. Make sure the product can provide a long-term solution to help you get rid of current pests in your house, while also ensuring future infestations can be prevented. 


1. QBB Ultrasonic Pest Repellent(Best Whole House Solution)


Works to Repel Multiple Pests

Regardless of what kind of uninvited pest is bothering your home, this ultrasonic repellent from QBB promises to make it a thing of the past. You’ll get four plug-in style devices that emit three frequencies to banish pests. These pest repellers are good for mice, ants, mosquitos, spiders, cockroaches and more. Best of all, it’s completely safe around pets and children. Along with ultrasonic frequencies these also emit electromagnetic waves. 


2. Wikomo Solar Powered Sonic Mole Repellent(Best For Outdoors)


Efficient and Solar Powered

If moles are tearing up your yard, these solar powered stakes are designed to send them packing. This four-pack delivers a powerful ultrasonic wave between 400 to 1,000 hertz through a buzzer to deter moles and other rodents. You’ll like that these pest repellers are designed to be low profile and unobtrusive. They’re durable and waterproof, made from premium ABS material. These stakes can cover an area of up to 850 square meters.  


3. HSX 12 pieces Reflective Bird Deterrent Rods(Best For Birds)


Humanely Keep Birds Away

There’s nothing worse than having birds decide to create a dirty perch on your balcony or backyard patio. Thesem. To use these pest repellers simply hang them wherever you need to create a bird-free environment. For best results, place them in a location where they’ll experience direct sunlight and breezes. 


4. Dorgerove 4m Prickle Strip Dig Stopper(Best For Digging Prevention)


Prevents Digging and Wandering Pets

There’s nothing worse than a rodent or your neighbor’s dog digging up your garden or scratching your trees. This simple prickle strip is designed to make those frustrations a thing of the past. You’ll get four meters of strip. This pest repeller is easy to install and comes with 20 metal pegs to keep it securely in place. Best of all, it’s also a humane solution to keeping wild animals and other creatures from damaging your yard or garden. 


5. Kaome Ultrasonic Pest Repeller(Best For Small Spaces)


A Great Single Solution

If you have a small location where you need to repel pests, you’ll like this simple single-piece  electric powered ultrasonic repeller. Along with mice and cockroaches, this pick is also perfect for banishing mosquitos and spiders. Note that this pest repeller states that it can take up to four weeks to notice the full results of the ultrasonic frequency repelling pests. But it’s also safe for use around pets and people. It can cover up to 1,700 square feet. 


6. Zonya Cat Repellent Garden 360 Tri-face Ultrasonic Pest Repeller with Infrared Motion Sensor(Best For Big Pests)


360-degree Yard Protection

If larger animals roaming through your yard are driving you crazy, this 360-degree solution is a must-have. Along with an ultrasonic component, it relies on infrared motion sensors to activate and can run on two power modes. This pest repeller also features a motion activated LED flashlight which is great for humanely deterring larger animals like deer or foxes. Note that you can power this device via USB recharging or solar power. 


7. Musmu Ultrasonic Pest Repeller(Best Commercial Pick)


Ideal for Large Facilities 

Larger facilities don’t have to be a home for pests. This large repellent relies on four ultrasonic transducers which can cover a total of 1,200 square meters. And you can choose from three modes of operation. You’ll like that this pest repeller not only incorporates ultrasonic frequencies, but LED flashlights and acoustic sounds. As is common, this is safe to use around people and is humane to use to repel rodents.


8. C&G Home and Garden Organic Rat Repellent 250ml(Most Economical)


Simple and Easy to Use

If you prefer a natural remedy for clearing your home of rodents, this essential oils-based spray is a great alternative. It relies on those essential oils to destroy rodent odors and to remove pheromone trails. You’ll also appreciate that this is another humane pest repeller that’s safe for the environment and to use in your home, and even in areas where food is kept such as pantries and kitchens. 

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