The Best Window Film Reviews UK 2021 – Top 8 Comparison

Retaining more heat on the interior of your home during colder days while also being able to block UV rays on warm days. These are two factors that many people struggle with. While it’s useful to have an HVAC system on hand, this can result in an excessive increase in your monthly electrical bill. With a window film, you’ll be able to effectively block UV light, retain more heat during cold days, and save on your power bill. You’ll discover some of the best window films in this post.

Benefits Of Window Film

Heat retention

One of the major benefits that come into play when installing a window film can be felt on those days when the temperatures drop. Window films are able to create a type of insulation inside your home. What this means is that less heat will actually escape through your windows. When there is a reduction in the amount of heat that escapes, it means it will feel warmer inside, perfect for reducing the effects of the cold weather indoors. 

UV protection

On days when the sun is bright, and temperatures rise, you want to reduce the number of UV rays that penetrate windows throughout your home. These UV lights can have an adverse effect when your skin is exposed to them for too long. The dark colour and specific materials used to produce a window film help to block some of these UV rays. This does not only provide a level of protection but may also reduce the amount of heat that enters your home on these days. 

Lowers electricity bill

HVAC systems, air conditioners, and heating solutions have become common additions in the modern-day home. Unfortunately, running these can drastically increase the amount of electricity you use, resulting in higher bills at the end of the month. When the window film blocks UV light or helps you retain more heat indoors, it also means you’ll have a reduced need for these systems. When you do not use them as much, you’ll find that the amount of electricity you use drastically declines. 

Enhanced privacy

Another area where window films come in handy is related to the privacy you have within your own home. With clear windows, people can easily see what is happening inside your home, especially when you decide to open the curtains. The addition of a window film adds a dark layer to the surface of the glass, which also means visibility from the outside will be significantly reduced. The fact that window films come in various thickness options and colours also allow you to have more control over the amount of blocking you will gain by installing the structure on your windows. 

1. Rabbitgoo Self-Adhesive Frosted Glass Window Film (Top Pick)


UV Blocking Film

The opaque design of this film makes it an ideal option for people who are looking to enhance their own privacy. The film has a matt finish, which adds to the overall benefits offered. The static structure of this film provides an easy fit, along with a longer-lasting design. The window film measures 44.5cm by 200cm. It comes in white and black colours, both features a frosted finish at the surface. The Anti-UV design helps to provide an enhancement in reducing UV exposure inside the building.


2. Rwest X Privacy Window Film (Best Cling Film)

No Glue Film

The no-glue design of this film ensures it easily sticks on your window without the need for additional items. The film is ideal for various areas of a building, including the bathroom. The durable structure of this film ensures it won’t be damaged by steam or liquids. You have three different shade options to consider when opting for this film. The window film comes in a 30cm by 200cm size. It has a built-in adhesive that is easy to stick on any type of window.


3. Lifetree Frosted Window Film
(Best Privacy)


Film With Frosting

A frosted layer is applied to the exterior of this film, which ensures you gain advanced privacy. The film is an ideal addition to both an office and your home. With this window film, you can choose between a pure frosted, black, opaque black, or blue colour. This allows you to easily obtain a match for the interior decor featured within your home while also ensuring you get more privacy from prying eyes on the outside.


4. Coavas Privacy Window Film (Best Design)

Patterned Film

This is quite a unique entry, featuring a frosted glass film that has patterns cut into the structure. There are three different designs available. The selection of design options help you create unique looks on your windows. You can choose between rectangular cutouts, smaller patterns, or even a pastel gradient when adding a film to your window. The 200cm width provide coverage for most windows.


5. Haton Window Privacy Film (Most Colourful)

Crystalised Film

A removable vinyl film that is made from tough materials to ensure it remains fixed on the window. The film can easily be cut according to the dimensions of your window. The vinyl materials provide a thicker structure, helping to prevent peeling. The colourful design of the film provides better privacy, helping to prevent anyone from being able to see into the building. The film is available in three different size options.


6. Artscape New Leaf Window Film (Best Decorative)

Leaf Pattern Film

A patterned film that features a collection of leaves printed on the surface. This particular film was designed for smaller windows. With these windows films, you have two sizes to choose from. This allows you to get a perfect fit for the size of your windows. In addition to the multi-coloured option, a plain white alternative is also available. A glass-based material is used in the construction of the film. The coating on the film helps to provide a blockage for UV light.


7. FXCIST Frosted Privacy Glass Window Film (Best Protection)

UV Protection Film

The sticker design of the film makes it easy to apply to windows and other glass structures throughout your home. The film has an anti-UV coating. By blocking more UV light, this window film is capable of providing enhanced protection against sun exposure within a building. The film can also be used to provide privacy within an office. The thin structure makes it easy to cut the film according to your needs and the size of the window that you are applying it to. The film comes with its own built-in adhesive, which ensures you do not have risks of bubbles or other problems linked to the use of glue.


8. Zindoo Privacy No-glue Window Film (Best Size)

Film With Large Size

You are given an opportunity to select between three sizes when opting for this film. All three sizes provide coverage for larger windows. The frosted stripes on this film adds a unique effect to your windows while still catering toward your privacy needs. The length options range from 200cm up to 400cm, with a width of either 30cm or 90cm. There is a self-adhesive film on the rear, which makes the process of sticking it to a window quick and easy.

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