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Best Tripod in the UK 2020

Luxury Choice

K&F Concept DSLR

K&F Concept DSLR

Editor's choice

Esddi Compact TP-35

Esddi Compact TP-35

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AmazonBasics Lightweight

Whether you are interested in photography or looking to become a videographer, a tripod is an important piece of equipment for sharp images. Essential to keeping your camera stable, especially in difficult light conditions, purchasing a tripod can really make the world of difference when it comes to improving the quality of your films and photos. 

With so many different makes and models to choose from, it can be daunting trying to pick out the best tripod unaided. What’s more, if you don’t choose the correct setup for your camera, you could end up damaging it with an unsuitable, unstable tripod. To help you out, we’ve selected a range of models, so there’s something to suit every need from beginner photographers to experienced shooters. Below are our top 10 picks.

Best Tripod Reviews – Top 10 Picks

Our Editor’s Choice is the compact and easily transportable TP-35 by Esddi. This model is easily one of the best tripods for both camera and phone use. It offers plenty of useful features to keep your camera steady, even in challenging conditions, making this tripod a great easy-to-use choice. 


Thanks to its high-quality aluminium alloy tripod leg sections, the Esddi TP-35 is both strong and lightweight, making it perhaps the best camera tripod to go for. It’s also great for taking out with you into the field, where the tripod legs won’t weigh you down. What’s more, should weather conditions change for the worse, you can attach the rest of your gear and the included camera bag onto the central hook on the central column for extra stability. In addition, the horseshoe feet hold fast on almost all terrains.

The quick-release locks make adjusting the height really simple, go from its folded height of just 63 cm up to a max size of 170cm in seconds. The quick-release plate and universal smartphone clip also make attaching your camera or phone nice and easy. This Esddi model also has a generous 5kg weight capacity. With its 360-degree panoramic shooting, plus 210-degrees vertical movement, this tripod makes it easy to get the best angle.

Aside from the tripod legs, the rest of this model is plastic although this does keep the weight down and make it more weather-resistant. When extended to full height it does tend to lose a bit of stability, making it less suitable for long exposures.


  • Lightweight aluminium alloy tripod legs
  • Central load hook
  • 360-degree panoramic shooting
  • 5kg load capacity
  • Includes quick release plate and universal phone clip


  • Quite a lot of parts made of plastic
  • May not be very stable when extended to max height
  • Less suitable for long exposures
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If you are looking for the best tripod for DSLR cameras, then the K&F Concept DSLR tripod will not disappoint. With good stability, precision control, and a high load capacity, little wonder this is one of our favourite picks. 


This DSLR tripod has the advantage of being lightweight and portable while adjusting up to an impressive height of 200cm. This professional-style DSLR tripod also offers high usability and a convenient, portable design. Use it as a monopod for video diaries and shooting on the move at a height of up to 200cm, or fold it down to its carrying length of just 50cm. It has a high 10kg load capacity and comes complete with a ¼-inch quick shoe plate included with your purchase.

Ball heads are a great choice for extra precision control and this model is no exception. Its low-profile ball tripod head gives you excellent control, allowing you to select any angle both horizontally and vertically. For secure use on all terrains, the rubber feet or foot caps can be removed to reveal spikes to ensure your tripod stays put.

Based on camera tripod reviews, however, this tripod can be a little unstable with the center column fully extended, although you can improve stability by adding weight to the centre gravity hook. It’s suitable for use with both DSLR cameras and smartphones, but you will need to purchase a specific smartphone mount and there is no panning handle included.


  • Adjustable height up to 200cm or 205cm as a monopod
  • ¼-inch quick shoe plate for your DSLR camera
  • Low-profile ball tripod head for precise control
  • 10kg load capacity
  • Lightweight and portable


  • May be unstable with the centre column extended
  • Smartphone mount not included
  • Doesn't come with a panning handle
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The AmazonBasics Lightweight camera tripod is our best value pick given its excellent functionality. If you need a decent entry-level tripod, this model will not disappoint. It is lightweight, easy to transport, and features aluminium construction, making it the best budget tripod for beginners.


This tripod folds away to just 63cm making it an ideal choice for a travel tripod. It extends to a max height of 154cm, which is around eye level for most users. Thanks to its quick-release leg locks, it is quick and easy to adjust the height to suit your needs and location. Made from high-quality aluminium construction, this tripod weighs just 1.36kg and has a maximum load capacity of 3kg.

Complete with a quick-release mounting plate, this tripod is suitable for use with most popular camera models. The dual spirit levels help you to get your shot lined up just right, while the three-way pan head allows you to alter the angle for perfect results, both stationary and panning. Given its excellent versatility and exceptional value, this camera tripod really is an unbeatable option.

Unfortunately, there is no smartphone holder included with this tripod and the transport bag is not very durable. What’s more, this tripod doesn’t have the most robust build quality, with some thin aluminium parts that can be prone to breaking if you don’t take good care of it.


  • Three way head
  • Quick-release mounting plate
  • Extends up to 154cm
  • Two built-in spirit levels
  • Folds away to 63.5cm


  • Quality of carrying case could be improved
  • No phone holder included
  • Some parts may be flimsy
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If you’re looking for a highly versatile tripod, the Esddi TP-40 makes a fantastic choice. It has a two-in-one tripod and monopod design, allowing you to also use it as a trekking pole in monopod mode. This feature-packed aluminium alloy tripod could be just what you’re looking for and should not be overlooked during your search for the best tripod for your needs.


Featuring a convenient 2-in-one design, this tripod makes a great choice for your average set up and if you need an easy to transport model.

Weighing just 1.35kg and folding away to a mere 47cm, this versatile tripod is easy to pack up and go in its included carry bag. Lightweight and sturdy, its four-section legs can be inverted and folded back for vertical down shots as well as saving space. The spring hook located on the centre column can be used to increase weight and improve stability, particularly useful in windy conditions, while the non-slip rubber feet keep your tripod stable on a wide range of surfaces.

Thanks to its panoramic ball head, it’s easy to get the angle you need for any shot with 360-degree panning. This tripod also features a spirit level to help you to get your horizon and general landscape shots perfectly straight. With its generous load capacity of up to 8kg, this professional-quality tripod is a great choice for ultra-low angle and macro shooting.

On the downside, unfortunately, there is no boom arm for ultra-smooth panning. What’s more, the ball head is prone to slippage with heavier cameras and the leg clamps are of rather flimsy construction.


  • 2-in-1 tripod and monopod
  • Panoramic ball head
  • Load capacity: 8kg
  • Spirit level
  • Folds away to just 47cm


  • Ball head may be prone to slippage with heavier loads
  • No boom arm for panning
  • Plastic leg clamps may be a bit flimsy
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If you’re a keen photographer and like to be ready to catch whatever is happening on film, then our best portable tripod choice could be just what you need. Light enough to travel with, the Neewer Aluminium is a great starter model for easy operation and convenient shooting.


With a minimum height of 47cm and a maximum height of 142cm, this tripod has a good height adjustment range. It folds down to just 50 centimetres, making it easy to transport in its included carry bag. At just 1.24 kg, it is also exceptionally light, thanks to its aluminium alloy construction. Plus, with its telescopic adjustable handle, it is both easy to operate and adjust as needed. Considering its versatility and high portability, this is one of the best travel tripods on the market.

For extra stability, you can add on extra weight via the central column multifunctional hook. Use the pitch adjustment lever for a convenient way to adjust your shooting. Complete with its three-way swivel pan head, this tripod allows you to take photos at any angle. The quick-release plate, on the other hand, makes mounting your camera extra easy.

Bear in mind that if you are looking to use this versatile tripod with your smartphone, you will need to purchase an additional attachment. In addition, video panning could be improved in terms of smoothness and the included user manual is substandard.


  • Adjustable from 47-142cm
  • 1.24kg - lightweight
  • Three-way swivel pan head
  • Pitch adjustment lever
  • Folds away to 50cm


  • Smartphone attachment sold separately
  • User manual could be improved
  • Does not slow pan very smoothly
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If you are looking for a basic smartphone tripod for predominantly indoor use, then the Everesta 360 Flexible could be the right model for you. It is lightweight and with a 30cm folded length, making it suitable for anyone looking to try out their first tripod.


Weighing just 190g, this ultra-light tripod will not weigh you down. With its folded length of just 30cm, you can fit in into just about any travelling bag with ease. Featuring both a universal phone mount, as well as a standard ¼-inch camera mount, this model is easy to set up for use with both your smartphone and DSLR camera. It also comes with a Bluetooth remote control for use with your phone camera.

Whether you’re after a perfect panorama or want to shoot your vlog at a quirky angle, thanks to its 360-degree ball head with three-way panning and tilt head, you can get the look you want with ease. The extendable centre column and adjustable leg angles make it simple and quick to alter this tripod to its maximum or minimum height.

Bear in mind that while you can use this tripod with your camera, it does have a maximum load capacity of just 2kg. It is a little flimsy for outdoor use in all but perfect weather conditions. And as it only extends up to 106cm, you may need to use it with a box or table.


  • Ultra-lightweight and compact
  • Smartphone mount included
  • Three-way pan and tilt head
  • 360-degree rotational ball head
  • Bluetooth remote control


  • Maximum load capacity 2kg
  • Average maximum height may be shorter than expected
  • May be too flimsy for use in windy conditions.
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Another highly versatile option that’s definitely worth considering is the K&F Concept Portable tripod. This 2-in-one model can be used in either a tripod or monopod mode for light camera set ups and smartphone use.


With a minimum height of 53cm and a maximum of 177cm, this option remains easy to transport and store. Iy also provides a good maximum height that will more than suffice for the vast majority of users. In addition, it features an extended centre column and quick lock clamps to help make setting up both fast and easy. 

The built-in carry handle makes it easy to grab and go when you’re done shooting. Thanks to its three-way pan head, you can easily get the perfect angle for your shots on both your camera and smartphone. This tripod includes both a universal smartphone mount as well as a standard 1.4-inch screw mount for cameras and camcorders. 

Unfortunately, this model is not the most durable given its plastic head screws. As it is not very stable it is less suitable for extended outdoor use. Futhermore, the low weight capacity means it might not meet your expectations f you need a tripod for use with large lenses.


  • 2-in-1 tripod and monopod
  • Height adjustable from 53-177cm
  • Includes phone holder and standard ¼-inch screw mount
  • Three-way pan head
  • Built-in carry handle


  • May not be suitable for use with large lenses.
  • Less suitable for outdoor use
  • Build quality could be improved
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If you are looking for an entry-level tripod for occasional use, then the Hama Star 63 Tripod could be just what you need. Lightweight and easily adjustable for travelling and fast setup, this basic tripod is highly versatile and great for beginners.


Thanks to its broad adjustable height range, this model will be suitable for most users, as it ranges from 66-166cm. This lightweight and compact model is easy to set up as well. If you need more stability, simply hang some of your spare gear onto the centre column weighing hook to keep your tripod still even in variable conditions, while the rubber anti-slip feet improve grip. 

This model includes an in-built spirit level, a tripod carry bag and a three-way tilt head for optimal angle positioning. It also comes complete with a pan handle and a functional plate to make changing your cameras over a fast and easy process. Thanks to its wide 88cm base, the Hama Star 63 also offers stability.

Bear in mind, it is not the most durable of tripods and the plastic caps on the legs are of poor quality. Possibly the main drawback to this model is its lack of smoothness when moving the head, making it unsuitable for video in general, although still shots will not be affected by its jerkiness.


  • Adjustable height from 66-166cm
  • Lightweight, compact model
  • Three-way tilt head
  • Centre column weighing hook
  • Includes tripod carrying case and built-in spirit level


  • Plastic clasps may be of poor quality
  • Head may not be smooth enough for video
  • Construction may not be very durable
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The Tacklife Tripod is a good basic model. Ideal for smartphone use, this model is suitable for all standard sized smartphones as well as screw-mounted cameras. 


Height adjustable up to 136cm, this tripod is easy to set up ready for use thanks to its three-section legs and flip-lever locks. It also has a decent 3kg load capacity. In addition, it comes complete with a standard ¼-inch camera mount as well as a flexible phone holder.

The 360-degree panoramic ball tripod head makes it easy to shoot at the perfect angle. This tripod is also a great choice for travelling, folding down to just 42cm and weighing just 590g. A handy carry bag is also added for easy storage and extra convenience.

However, if you have DSLR cameras, bear in mind that this tripod is more suitable for use with compact cameras and smartphones. Furthermore, it does not have a quick-detach base plate and the included carry bag is not very durable.


  • Height adjustable up to 136cm
  • Three-section legs with flip lever locks
  • 360-degree panoramic ball head
  • 3kg load capacity
  • Includes ¼-inch mount and flexible phone holder


  • May not be ideal for those looking for DSLR tripods
  • Quality of carry bag may need improvement
  • Non-detachable base plate
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If you are looking for a lightweight tripod to use with your smartphone, this model by Tecelks could be just what you need. Lightweight and easily adjustable, it makes a great entry-level tripod for beginners and has all the essential features that you need. 


Adjust the height between 41-135cm to suit your needs. Thanks to its quick-flip locks, it’s fast and easy to set up ready for shooting. Weighing just 740g, this lightweight tripod is a good choice for travelling as it won’t weigh you down, even if you have to carry it over substantial distances. It also comes complete with a handy carry and storage bag.

Set up your camera on the ¼-inch standard mount or use the phone clip to attach your smartphone. The Bluetooth remote control makes getting that perfect shot with your smartphone even easier, while the multi-angle rotation head enables you to get your angle just perfect.

Bear in mind that this tripod is not recommended for use with heavy or expensive cameras. What’s more, the usage instructions are particularly poor and the phone holder springs could be tighter for a more secure fit.


  • Adjustable height: 41-135cm
  • Lightweight
  • With quick-flip locks
  • Multi-angle rotation
  • Includes phone clip and Bluetooth remote control.


  • May not be suitable for heavy or expensive camera
  • Instructions may be poorly written
  • Phone holder springs could be tighter
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What Are Tripods?

Tripods are three-legged stands that are used to improve the quality of your photos and videos. The best tripods are adjustable in height enabling you to line up your shot without straining your back or neck. While you can certainly take spectacular photos without a tripod, they are essential for keeping your camera steady in challenging lighting conditions, as well as for improved long exposure shots of landscape and scenery. 

With the huge popularity of vlogging and how-to videos, using a tripod to record yourself at home is an easy way to instantly improve the quality of your videos. Not only will a tripod keep your camera stable, but you can also adjust it to the perfect height and angle rather than relying upon propping it up on your furniture and changing your posture to better fit your screen. 

The best tripods also help to keep your expensive camera or smartphone safe, rather than precariously balancing it on your desk where it could easily fall, get knocked over or come into contact with liquids. Using a tripod will save you a huge amount of time setting up your shots as well as vastly improving the quality of your videos and photos. 

How to Choose the Best Tripod

Just like when you’re in the market for CCTV systemswildlife cameras, and weather stations, there are factors to consider when choosing a tripod. Here’s what you need to carefully consider when making your first tripod purchase. 


Most professional photographers and videographers opt for carbon fibre tripods because they are durable. For everyday use, a good quality aluminium version will also serve you well and typically have a lifespan of around three to five years.

black camera stand

Head Type

camera three-legged standYour tripod head secures your camera to the legs and body of your tripod. The vast majority of types come with ball heads, although you will also see other types such as pan tilts and gimbals. For beginners, ball heads are recommended for their ease of use, while a pan-tilt provides extra control over vertical and horizontal movements. Gimbal heads are more specialised for heavy lenses, providing extra fluidity in portrait and landscape formats. 


You should always take your tripod’s minimum and full size heights into consideration before making your purchase. You’ll need it to be at a comfortable height so that you can photograph without getting a sore back or neck. If you are planning on taking an interest in macro photography or frequently make a lot of low angle shots, then the minimum height will also be important to you.


If you are planning on using your DSLR tripods outdoors, especially for landscape photography in the middle of nowhere, then you will need to look for lightweight models that you can easily transport. However, bear in mind that you need heavier tripods in changeable weather conditions. 


You may see numerous different extras advertised as included with your tripod. Decide what you need and what you don’t before letting them sway your purchase decision.

  • Counterweight hook – these are a great way to add extra stability to your tripod for outdoor use. Simply attach your gear and camera bag to the hook located on your tripod’s centre column to keep it weighed down.
  • Bubble levels – useful for landscape shots and photos featuring the horizon, built-in bubble levels will help you to ensure that your photo is level.
  • Smartphone holder – while you can attach a smartphone to almost all tripods, not all models come with the necessary attachment included as standard. So, be sure to double-check yours before you order if that’s what you need.
  • Bluetooth remote – not essential but handy to have if you are using your tripod with your smartphone. Simply link the remote to your smartphone and click the button to use it as a remote shutter.
  • Carry bag – aside from using a carry bag to transport your tripod, they are also extremely useful to keep yours neatly stored and protected when not in use.


Using a tripod is a great way to improve your photo and video quality. If you are still unsure which is the best tripod to go for, we recommend going for our Editor’s Choice – the Esddi Compact TP-35 camera tripod.

Complete with a quick-release plate and universal phone clip, this versatile tripod makes an excellent choice for both smartphone and DSLR camera use. It has a generous load capacity of up to 5kg, thanks to its durable aluminium alloy legs. Complete with 360-degree panoramic shooting, a counterweight hook and an impressive 170cm maximum height, this tripod combines exceptional performance with complete functionality.

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