Best Video Doorbell Reviews UK 2023 – Top 10 Comparison

Last Updated On May 30th, 2022

Installing a video doorbell is a great way to increase home security and ensure you know who, and when, someone arrives at your front door. They can also allow you to interface with your visitor through an app from any location. Choosing the best video doorbell in the UK will be easy, with a little bit of help from our top 10 reviews list and buyer’s guide.

Best Video Doorbell Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. Ring 3 with Chime (Editor’s Choice)

Ring 3 with ChimeThe Ring 3 with Chime is our top editor’s choice for the best camera doorbell. This smart home doorbell is easy to install and allows you to answer your door from an app on your phone.


The Ring 3 enables both wireless or wired connectivity and features HD video with dual-band WiFi connectivity. This smart video doorbell also comes with a chime box that allows you to choose from a variety of chime tones, volume settings, and you can even set it to Do Not Disturb mode through its Ring app.

This Ring video doorbell provides excellent motion detection with customisable viewing. It has a 160 by 84-degree viewing field, night vision, and works with Alexa, too. In addition, your purchase includes a wedge corner kit, a 30-day trial of Ring Protect for video storage, and a one-year warranty.

This Ring video doorbell may experience lower wireless reception and is not equipped with a Pre-Roll function.

  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • Chime box included
  • Advanced motion detection
  • Wedge corner kit
  • Dual power options
  • May not include a pre-roll feature
  • Connectivity may be of lower quality

2. Ring 2nd Generation (Alexa Compatible)

Ring 2nd GenerationThe Ring Video Doorbell 2nd Generation includes a few new upgrades, one of which is improved, excellent quality HD video. Another major difference is that this model is wall mounted.


The Ring Video Doorbell has the option to connect using your existing doorbell wiring and power supply or wirelessly with the battery-powered operation. This Ring doorbell has a lot of the same traits as the original but with crisper night vision, and even more improved motion detection capabilities.

The Ring Video Doorbell is available in either a Satin Nickel or Venetian Bronze colour and has a wide viewing area that spans 155 by 90 degrees. A one year warranty and a 30 day trial of Ring Protect are also included with the purchase.

The Ring Video Doorbell requires a subscription to record or share video and is best for use in areas with a strong WiFi signal.

  • Wide viewing area
  • High-quality HD video
  • Crisp night vision
  • One year warranty
  • Dual power option
  • May not include free video storage
  • WiFi signal may be lower
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3. Boifun 2.4G Smart (Best with Human Detection)

Boifun 2.4G SmartIf you are searching for a video doorbell that is easy to use and install in a matter of moments, we strongly recommend you consider the Boifun Smart. It has all the features you could want in a video doorbell and provides you with top quality video viewable on the app from any location.


The Boifun video doorbell brings you HD video with a high resolution. It features human recognition technology, night vision, and noise reduction. Boifun’s app enables notifications in real-time as well as video and two-way voice chat with your visitors. This doorbell can encrypt video for private retrieval and viewing on the Cloud if you prefer but is also able to store video on an SD card internally.

This video doorbell has a wide 166-degree viewing angle allowing you to monitor a large area in front of your door. It has an IP66 waterproof rating and rechargeable batteries that last for about 90 days per charge if it’s activated around 10 times per day.

We think the Boifun video doorbell could benefit from better, larger format instructions and a longer-lasting rechargeable battery. In addition, it may drop its connection from time to time but we still think it makes an excellent choice for most people and homes.

  • Human detection
  • Two way talking
  • Wide viewing angle
  • SD card and Cloud video storage options
  • High resolution with night vision
  • Batteries may not last as long as expected
  • Could benefit from better instructions
  • May drop the connection occasionally

4. Eufy Security (Luxury Choice)

Eufy SecurityThe Eufy security doorbell is our top luxury choice. It is easy to mount, has a slim black design, and doesn’t require a video storage subscription.


The Eufy Security video doorbell is able to use a wired or wireless connection. It features a Sony 2K sensor and 1080p HD paired with a professional-grade lens to enhance picture quality and provide high-resolution images. Alexa and Google assistant can broadcast the doorbell chime and the included 16GB Homebase Storage hub keeps your videos encrypted and private.

The doorbell camera has a 4:3 aspect ratio that lets you see your visitors’ body from head to toe. The Eufy has advanced motion detector options that allow you to customise high motion zones or human detection specifically so you aren’t alerted for pets playing in the yard or passing pedestrians.

Reports indicate that this video doorbell has a shorter battery-powered life and you may experience an alert delay if you choose to go the wireless connection route.

  • Dual power options
  • High-quality video
  • Smart motion detection
  • 16GB Homebase video storage
  • No subscription necessary
  • Battery-powered life may be too short
  • Possible delay with wireless

5. KAMEP Chime (Best Waterproof)

KAMEP ChimeThe KAMEP Chime is another great choice on our best video doorbell in the UK list. It is easy to install and comes with a separate chime for strategic placement in your home.


The Chime smart video doorbell by KAMEP establishes a high-resolution HD video feed via a wireless connection with infrared night vision and two-way audio and video. This allows you to monitor your front door without missing a thing. It comes with lifetime free cloud storage to save your videos.

This smart video doorbell features a wide 166-degree field of view with advanced motion alerts that can be sent straight to your phone. It has a low, battery-powered design and comes with a one year warranty

Unfortunately, the KAMEP Chime has a shorter 15-second recording limit and it is unable to connect to your existing doorbell power supply.

  • Low battery-powered design
  • Wide 166-degree angle
  • Free cloud storage
  • Chime included
  • Infrared night vision
  • May not connect to existing doorbell power
  • 15-second video limit may be too short for some

6. Arlo Smart (Best Intruder Deterrent)

Arlo SmartThe Arlo Smart Audio doorbell is the best smart doorbell if you are looking for a smart home video doorbell.


The Arlo Smart Video doorbell features Wi-Fi connectivity but can also connect to your existing traditional doorbell wires to enable a more expansive alert system. This smart doorbell can pair with an Arlo smart home security camera, too.

What’s more, it will call you directly when someone rings so you don’t have to open an app to answer. It also allows you to prerecord messages and allows visitors to leave a message for you.

Be aware, the Arlo Smart doorbell does not come with the Arlo base station and it comes with AA batteries, not a rechargeable battery.

  • Remote communication with guests
  • Works with existing chime
  • Visitor messaging
  • Pairs with Arlo app
  • Rechargeable battery may not be included
  • Arlo Base Station may need to be purchased separately

7. CHWARES 1080P (Best Weatherproof)

CHWARES 1080PThe CHWARES 1080p is next up on our best smart video doorbell list. We love its 38 fun chime tones that include holiday-themed options as well as its easy installation.


The CHWARES smart video doorbell has wireless video and audio connectivity. It features two-way audio accessible through an app on your smart devices. It is battery-powered by two rechargeable batteries that have a decent lifespan.

This smart video doorbell also features night vision and accurate motion detection facilitated by the wide 166-degree viewing field. It comes with free cloud storage that keeps your recordings stored for 7 days.

The CHWARES video doorbell only works with a 2.4 GHz internet connection, not 5 GHz, and consumers report experiencing a brief notification delay with their phones.

  • 38 fun chime ringtones
  • 2 rechargeable batteries
  • Night vision
  • 1080p video
  • Wide view angle
  • Possible notification delay
  • May not function on 5 GHz internet

8. WONGKUO 2.4GHz (Best Anti-Theft Design)

WONGKUO 2.4GHzThe last item in our video doorbell reviews in the UK is from WONGKUO. This doorbell camera makes our best video doorbells list because we like its reliable anti-theft design and it comes in two colours, silver or iron grey, to better match your front door.


WONGKUO video doorbells connect over 2.4 GHz WiFi and feature two-way audio, night vision, motion detection, noise cancellation, and 720p video. An extra plug-in chime is included so you don’t have to depend solely on your smart home devices to receive door alerts.

This video doorbell allows you to share with up to five different people on the app, has a 166-degree wide viewing angle, and comes with a one year warranty. For storage, you can opt to subscribe to the cloud or use the micro SD card slot that can hold up to 32GB.

WONGKUO video doorbell experiences a 2-4 second recording delay from the moment motion sensing is triggered, has slightly lower quality video, and is only compatible with 2.4 GHz internet connections, not 5 GHz.

  • Micro SD card slot
  • One year warranty
  • Share with 5 people
  • Anti-theft design
  • Wide view
  • May only support 2.4 GHz WiFi
  • May have a slight recording delay
  • Video may be of lower quality

9. KAMEP Preinstalled (Best Value)

KAMEP PreinstalledOur top value choice, or the best budget video doorbell, is the Kamep Preinstalled. It is black and dark grey and has two easy installation options.


The KAMEP Preinstalled video doorbell features 1080p HD video, WiFi connectivity, and two-way audio. It has a long-lasting battery-powered operation that is expected to last for two to three months per charge.

The KAMEP Preinstalled also has an impressive 4.8 metres of night vision paired with a wide 166-degree field of view and motion detection. A seven-day cloud storage subscription comes included as well as a 32GB SD card so you can choose how you want to store your data.

Cons for this video doorbell include an extra sensitive motion detector system and the possibility of a delay when it alerts your phone, fortunately, an indoor chime is included which should speed up the alert system.

  • Night vision
  • Wide-angle viewing
  • Indoor chime included
  • 32 GB SD card
  • Excellent value
  • Possible phone alert delay
  • Motion detection may be too sensitive

10. Ring Door View Cam (Best Easy to Install)

Ring Door View CamThe Ring Door View Cam is a great choice if you want an easy install without any wires or drilling. Simply remove the peephole and replace it with the Ring on any doors that are between 34 and 55 mm thick.


The Ring Door View Cam has a wireless connection, HD video, two-way talk, and noise cancellation. It also pairs with Alexa and features night vision to enhance its already stellar video quality.

Advanced Motion Technology allows this Ring video doorbell to adjust detection based on specific areas within its wide 90-degree by 155-degree field of view. It is theft protected and comes with a 30 day trial of Ring Protect for data storage and sharing.

This Ring video doorbell will not fit every door and you must activate a Ring Protect subscription to be able to record or share any video.

  • Easy installation
  • Pairs with Alexa
  • Advanced Motion Technology
  • Theft protection
  • Wide viewing area
  • Subscription may be required for recording
  • May not fit on all doors

Smart Doorbells: UK Buyer’s Guide

That’s all in our search for the best wireless video doorbell in the UK. Now let’s examine how we compiled our smart doorbell reviews so you can get a better understanding of what to look for when browsing doorbell cameras.

What to Look for in a Video Doorbell

Wired or Wireless?

intercom with camera

First, start by determining whether you want to look at doorbells with a wireless connection, or prefer a wired connection. Wireless video connections allow you to connect to Google Home, Google Assistant, Alexa, your phone, and more, but rely upon a wireless signal to function smoothly. However, with a wired connection, you won’t have to recharge batteries.

Easy Installation

Installation on or near your door doesn’t have to be a hassle when it comes to video doorbells. That’s why we only chose easy to install options for our doorbell camera reviews list.

Audio and Video Quality

The quality of audio and video you receive from a video doorbell is also important. Look for video doorbells with two-way audio, night vision, and 1080p HD video resolution for the best quality and optimal app and device functioning.

Viewing Range

The width of the sight field on video doorbells also factors into how well you will be able to see your visitors. It can also enhance facial recognition with people and motion alerts. Look for doorbell cameras that have a wider viewing area for the best results.


How or if you store recorded video with your video doorbell can also be important. Many devices come with a free storage trial and then require you to purchase a subscription after, but not all. A paid subscription is nice if you want to store your videos for an extended period of time but not necessary. SD storage options are also common with video doorbells and are a good way to avoid subscription fees.

Battery Longevity

If you go the wireless route, battery life is also important. Most of the video doorbells on our list come with rechargeable batteries but that doesn’t mean you’ll want to recharge them frequently so choose a device with at least a fair amount of battery life to make things easier on yourself.


The overall design style and appearance of a video doorbell could also help you make a decision when choosing between options. Make sure you pick one that you like the look of, after all, your doorbell is one of the first things a visitor sees, when standing at your door and you don’t want it to detract from the overall aesthetic, right?

Video Doorbells Explained

Benefits of a Video Doorbell

woman ringing intercom

Doorbell cameras enhance connectivity by allowing you to connect with an app on almost any smart device. This means you can answer your door with video and audio from anywhere, even when you’re not at home. They also make it easy to record, store and even share video footage.

Can a Video Doorbell Function as a Home Security Camera?

Video doorbell cameras can also increase your home security by automatically monitoring activity in your yard and by your door. In the event of an accident, theft, or burglary, the video footage may also help you catch someone in the act which could be useful when it comes to finding or prosecuting the offender.

Which Video Doorbell Will You Choose?

By now, you should be ready to choose the best video doorbell in the UK for use in your home but before you make your decision let’s review our editor’s choice one more time.

The Ring 3 with Chime video doorbell has dual power options, two-way audio and video accessible from an app. We love it for its advanced motion detection, night vision, and wide viewing angle. It also comes with a customisable chime box and is easy to install, so what’s not to love?

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