Are Electric Showers Easy to Install?

Wondering whether electric showers easy to install?

Have you ever faced a problem wherein a person in your house flushes the toilet, and suddenly your water becomes hot while taking a shower? There is a perfect solution to that.

Electric showers overcome this problem by using electricity to heat the cold water. They work in the same way like any other electric appliance. An electric current flows through the heating element. The cold water flows past the element which then picks up the heat. It then goes through the nozzle and water flows to where you are standing.

The main question is: are they easy to install? Yes, they are easy.

Benefits of an Electric Shower

They can be fitted in any household as long as there is an electric supply. You do not require a hot water system.

There is hot water available any time during the day. There is no hassle of the hot water getting finished because some family member of yours took a long shower.

As the shower heats water only when it is needed, you reduce the consumption of energy. As a result, you will save on the bill amounts.

Place For Installation – How Do You Go About It?

The electric shower can be installed over your bath or even in a separate cubicle. Just remember to leave enough room around it to remove the cover for its servicing in the future.

Which Showers Are Easier to Install?

You can choose from the different types of showers that are available. You can choose from a range of power source which is 8.5kW, 9.5kW and 10.5kW. The higher the power rating, the higher is the pressure from the shower.

You also can choose from the different cable and entry point. But the easiest to install are models that have a top, bottom, side and rear pipe and cable entry points.

Plumbing and Electric Requirements

The plumbing part is very simple. You require a plumbing to a main cold water supply with a pipe diameter of 15mm.

For the electric supply, the cable and the fuses for the electric shower vary depending on the power in the shower. A separate fused electrical supply circuit is required to connect the electrics. For safety purposes, you will need a double pole switch, on the ceiling, to control the electricity supply to the shower.

The Installation – The Steps You Need

Since electric showers combine water and electricity, it is vital to install it correctly. If you are installing it from scratch make sure to get it installed by Part P-certified plumber or electrician who will ensure that the shower is installed effectively.

If you are replacing an existing electric shower, you can do it yourself as the power and cable wiring is already in place.

Final Verdict- How Difficult Is It to Install An Electric Shower?

We can see that installing an electric shower is not a hassle. You just need a cold water supply and some electricals, and you are all set. A wise decision at saving energy and also on your energy bills right? So, don’t wait anymore. Go ahead and install it.

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