Best Waterproof Trousers Reviews UK 2023 – Top 10 Comparison

Last Updated On December 27th, 2021

The best waterproof trousers UK customers can buy are a handy investment in a country like this one. When you’re never sure when it might start raining, it’s important to have the right clothing and accessories on hand to keep you warm and dry. Waterproof trousers can be a must-have for people who work outdoors, people who love fishing, and even gardening fans.

Of course, just like any essential accessory, these waterproof garments come in a variety of styles to suit different needs. If you’re struggling to find the right water repellent adventure pants for your needs, then you’re in the right place. Here are some of our must-have choices.

Best Waterproof Trousers Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. Berghaus Men’s Deluge (Editor’s Choice)

Berghaus Men’s Deluge

The Berghaus waterproof trousers aren’t just a fashionable solution for those in search of the best waterproof garments. These trousers are also completely breathable, so you don’t have to worry about discomfort and sweat if you’re outside for long periods of time.


Durable and reliable, the hydroshell fabric on this pair of waterproof trousers will keep you comfortable when the weather doesn’t go your way. There’s an elasticated waistband for the perfect fit, and articulated knees ensure that you can enjoy the freedom of movement as you work.

Designed for men, this waterproof trouser also comes with three-quarter side zip functionality.

One slight downside is that there aren’t enough pockets in these waterproof trousers for some people. Additionally, you might find that the elasticated waist leads to quite a tight fit.

  • Three quarter leg zips to get rid of your ankle cuff
  • One of the best options for breathable fabric
  • Elasticated waistband for a better fit
  • Durable water repellant hydroshell
  • Articulated knees for better movement
  • May not be ideal if you don’t like a tight fit
  • May not have enough pockets

2. Berghaus Paclite (Luxury Choice)

Berghaus Paclite

If you’re looking for water resistant trousers from a leading brand, Berghaus has got you covered with the best lightweight waterproof trousers we could find. The waterproof guarantee will ensure you’re safe from an unexpected shower on your hikes or outdoor adventures. This article of clothing also comes with a Gore-tex Paclite shell fabric for lightweight and comfortable protection.


The Paclite overtrousers are great for life on the go, with a lightweight fabric that folds down into a handy bag when you need it. There’s an elasticated waist included for you to get the best fit without exploring different Velcro sizing options.

Additionally, these trouser pairs are made with planet-friendly fabrics too.

If you’re looking for breathable waterproof trousers, these could be a great option, though there aren’t many pockets available. These trouser options are also better as overtrousers than standalone garments, due to their lightweight nature.

  • Unique Gore-Tex design folds down for easy access
  • Lightweight design
  • Convenient waterproof guarantee to keep you safe from water
  • Planet friendly materials
  • Elasticated waist for a better trouser experience
  • May not be ideal as a standalone trouser
  • May not have many pockets for carrying extra items

3. Regatta Pack It (Best Value)

Regatta Pack It

Ideal if you’re looking for the best waterproof fishing trousers or a simple pair of overtrousers that you can throw in your backpack before an adventure. The Regatta pack it trousers have some of the best waterproof trouser comments around. The extra layer of protection is great against rain and other forms of water.


Ideal for use in your rucksack, these lightweight waterproof trousers come with a fantastic polyamide fabric that keeps water out without reducing breathability. These are some of the best waterproof trousers around, with a comfortable fit, elasticated waist for easy access, and a compact design that’s easy to fold down when you’re not using them.

The tapered seams make each pair of water resistant trousers from Regatta extra impressive.

Unfortunately, these trousers can be a little small for some people and might not be the most breathable options around for everyone.

  • Compact pair of waterproof trousers for life on the go
  • Multiple designs to choose from
  • Durable water resistant design
  • Elastic waist for easy and quick fit
  • Tapered seams
  • Might not suit every waist and leg lengths
  • May not be the most breathable waterproof trouser

4. LHHMZ Soft Shell (Best Breathable)

LHHMZ Soft Shell

Despite an extremely comfortable appearance, these waterproof trousers from LHHMZ are some of the most breathable options on the market. These hiking trousers come with an adjustable waist and a fleece lining.


Ideal for adventures in colder environments, such as the Scottish highlands, these soft shell water repellant trousers come with leg zip pockets for your cards, keys and other valuables.

There’s a zipper fastening, and you get fleece lining within the fabric to keep men and women warm in the rain and other harsh conditions.

These waterproof trousers are surprisingly effective in all conditions, but they aren’t the best choice if you’re looking for an extra layer over your standard trousers. It’s also worth noting that these products are more water resistant than fully waterproof.

  • Comfortable design with articulated knee and polyester shell
  • Fleece lined to keep you warm in the rain
  • Fabric comes with a zipper fastening and elastic waistband
  • Suitable for hikes in colder areas
  • Multiple zip pockets for your belongings
  • May not be ideal as a second layer
  • May be more water resistant than completely waterproof

5. Acme Projects Suit (Best Set)

Acme Projects Suit

Why settle for only buying trousers that can protect you from the rain when you can have a full garment set. This kit from the Acme Projects company is both waterproof and breathable, and it covers you from top to bottom, with a jacket and trousers in one.


With a reflective logo on the back of the outfit to improve safety and a snap button detachable hood for quick removal in any conditions, this kit has it all. The zipper is easy to use, and the design is 100% polyester, with a fantastic waterproof rating and excellent breathability without. There are a set of hand pockets throughout the fabric for men and women to keep essentials close by.

The Velcro calf adjustment closure at the bottom leg also makes it easy to protect your inner ankle from the rain without ankle cuff press studs.

Unfortunately, there’s no Gore-Tex in the jacket, and the design of these products comes with quite a small fit. You may also find there are not enough pocket options for you.

  • Full kit for men and women
  • Easy to use YKK zipper
  • Both waterproof and breathable at the same time
  • Snap button detachable hood
  • High-quality materials throughout
  • Trousers and jackets may have a smaller fit
  • May not have enough pocket options

6. Aoli Ray Golf (Best for Golf)

Aoli Ray Golf

The best waterproof trousers are a handy tool to have in a range of situations, including trips to the golfing green. These waterproof trousers from Aoli Ray are specifically designed to keep you dry when you’re making the most of your golf game.


Lightweight, to keep you moving with ease, these trousers are comfortable and reliable. There’s a stretching waistband for an easy fit, and there’s an extra buckle fastening too.

With multiple pockets for storing golf balls and other must-have items, these garments are extremely versatile. There’s even a set of 3 small pockets on the side for your golf tee.

One issue is that the zips on the pockets can be a little flimsy, so be careful not to tug on them too hard. You should also be careful about the trousers letting water into your boots or shoes. There are no leg zip or ankle cuff press studs to protect against water here.

  • Ideal waterproof trousers for golfing
  • Invisible and easy to use pockets with side zips
  • Elasticated waistband with buckle included
  • Multiple leg lengths and comfortable design
  • Special pockets for golf tees
  • May allow some rain into your boots or shoes
  • Zip sections can sometimes break

7. EKLENTSON Softshell (Best for Winter)


Comfortable and convenient, these waterproof walking trousers are ideal for use in a range of environments. If you’re traversing the Scottish highlands or going for a cold walk on the beach, the inner fleece lining will keep you comfortable and warm.


These durable water repellant trousers come with multiple side zip pockets to keep your must-have equipment and belongings close to hand.

The gore-tex style material is breathable, while the scratch-resistant and durable design reduce the needs for separate waterproof overtrousers.

Intended to keep you warm in winter, these trousers lock in heat, but they may not be ideal if you’re looking for some waterproof overtrousers for the summer. There are also no ankle cuffs to protect your footwear from rain.

  • Fleece lining for warmth
  • Breathable material with a scratch-resistant design
  • Side zip pockets to keep things safe
  • High-quality polyester and fleece design
  • Anti-piling and wear resistant design
  • May not be ideal if you’re looking for the best waterproof overtrousers
  • May not have ankle cuffs to protect boots against rain

8. Jessie Kidden Snow Ski (Active Choice)

Jessie Kidden Snow Ski

If you’re on the hunt for a set of water repellent trousers that will work well on the golfing green, in the mountains and more, this could be the product for you. Some of the best waterproof trousers around, the Jessie Kidden trousers come with three-stage waterproof treatment fabric.


The unique three-stage waterproof trousers from Jessie Kidden act as a durable water repellent to prevent you from getting cold on the slopes.

There’s a warm fleece inner lining to lock in heat, and these windproof and waterproof trousers also help you to move around with ease when you’re active.

The lack of leg zips for adjusting the pants may be a problem for some, however. One potential issue with these water repellent trousers is that there aren’t a lot of pockets available for storing your things. You can tuck the slim fit ankle cuff into your boots though.

  • Three-stage waterproofing to protect men and women
  • Fleece lining to protect against all weather
  • Fabric is durable and scratch-resistant
  • No Velcro fastenings (zip waistband)
  • Suitable for tucking the ankle cuff into your boots
  • May be too thick to be used as overtrousers
  • May have minimal pocket storage and zips
No products found.

9. Freiesoldaten Softshell (Quick Dry Choice)

Freiesoldaten Softshell

Intended as a multi layer solution for comfort on the go, these softshell trousers are some of the best waterproof walking trousers around. Combining a minimal weight with a layer of fleece for extra warmth, these trousers can help you to traverse any areas with ease.


The layer of anti-static fabric makes it easy to walk and run in any way you choose when wearing these waterproof trousers. There is two leg zips that open to security sections, so you can store the things you need close by.

The waterproof fabric also promises gore-tex like breathability in various leg lengths.

One slight issue is that unlike some overtrousers, the fabric on these trousers won’t tuck into your boots when you’re out and about. What’s more, unlike other options on sale, these trousers may not be completely waterproof.

  • Multi-layer low weight solution for ongoing comfort
  • Layer of fleece and anti-static fabric
  • Zippered security sections to keep your items secure
  • Breathable and waterproof for all kinds of outdoor adventures
  • Moves in the same way as your body
  • May not be completely waterproof
  • May not be able to tighten the trousers in your boots

10. Free Soldier Cargo (Best for Hiking)

Free Soldier Cargo

A durable trouser that links comfortable cotton and polyester, these Free Soldier waterproof trousers are some of the best on the market. According to our waterproof trousers review, these pants have some of the best materials on sale including a Teflon coating to repel all kinds of liquids and stains, as well as a zipper from YKK.


Suitable for men and women these free soldier pants come with multiple areas to store your equipment, as well as hip storm flaps and a set of tactical pockets too.

There aren’t any Velcro elements that might lose their stick over time and the leg lengths mean you can find a design that suits you. There are even articulated sections in the knees for movement.

Tons of side zips and bonus features do mean these waterproof trousers carry a little more weight than some of their competitors. The sizes can also be a little difficult to figure out at first as they tend to run quite small.

  • Multiple layer waterproof design to protect against rain
  • Heavy weight trousers for colder regions
  • Scratch and wear resistant for long-term durability
  • Multiple pocket side zips and storage areas
  • Multiple leg lengths and widened belt loops for fit
  • May carry more weight than some competitors
  • Can be difficult to find the right size

Choosing Your Waterproof Trousers

man playfully riding on bicycle

There are a lot of things to consider when you’re buying the right pair of waterproof trousers. You’ll need to think about the way you plan on using your trousers, the weight that they’re going to add to your outfit, and what kind of waterproof membrane they use.

Before you choose the wrong product and start seeking compensation from the company in question, make sure that you think about the following factors.

Comfort and Versatility

A good set of waterproof trousers needs to be easy to wear regardless of the way you choose to explore the outdoors. These trousers need to add minimal weight to your outfit and give you plenty of movement flexibility so you can run or walk with ease. Look for features that keep you comfy and cool when you’re hot, and warm when it’s cold.

The right waterproof trousers should also be versatile; leg zips that allow you to adjust the leg lengths of your trousers or cuffs you can tuck into your boots might be helpful. You may also want to look into the best waterproof trousers with a gore-tex design to ensure breathability. Similar materials to gore-tex can be useful too.


The best waterproof trousers in the UK need to be lightweight and easy to use. These breathable trousers, whether they’re standalone or overtrousers, should be ready to come with you on any adventure, with features that make your life easier, such as side zips for storing your equipment.

Look for things like ankle zippers or velcro that allow you to tuck your trousers into your boots when the rain is coming down. Think about the kind of extra functionality you might need too, such as the ability to fold your trousers down and place them in a backpack when you’re not using them. Lightweight gore tex pants are good for rolling and folding.

Materials and Durability

man leaning on car

Finally, these high quality trousers need to fulfil its purpose for a long period of time. Looking at the way that your trousers are made will help you to ensure that you’re getting the right tools to help you in any mountain or scruff patch. Check that the fabric can stretch around your waist, but give you the extra motion you need in areas where you need to bend.

The waterproof membrane should be tough enough to work for a long period of time, and the zippers included need to be durable too. If the ankles tuck into your boots, make sure they won’t wear over time, and double check the design to ensure that you get the optimum fit. Fabric like gore-tex is good for breathability, while velcro can be less reliable than zips for attachments.

Ideal Waterproof Trousers

The best waterproof trousers UK customers can access are going to be the ones that deliver the most comfort and peace of mind in all situations. A high-quality solution should be able to give you the breathability of gore-tex mixed with the heavy duty water resistance that you need.

The Berghaus waterproof trousers with Gore-tex breathability and high-performance outer shell are our favourite choices here. There’s a three quarter zipper section so you don’t have to worry about velcro coming unstuck over time. Plus, these garments are great for keeping you warm and dry no matter the weather.

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