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Are Toasters a Fire Hazard?

are toasters a fire hazard

If toasters could think and talk, they’d be up in arms about now, complaining about your IQ quotient and the reason behind choking a ready-to-go popcorn satchel in one of the sleeves; just to see what happens. If you need to know whether your toaster is capable of burning your house or workplace down, you […]

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Are Microwaves Ionising?

Are microwaves ionising

People who use microwaves frequently might all have the same question: are microwaves ionising? The answer is that microwaves will release low levels of electromagnetic radiation when they’re in use. Concerns about microwave radiation have been ongoing almost ever since microwaves were introduced. It’s important to remember that radiation is everywhere. It takes particular levels […]

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Why Do Induction Hobs Need Special Pans?

Why Do Induction Hobs Need Special Pans

Ever wondered why induction hobs need special pans to work? It’s one of those little everyday things we take for granted, isn’t it? Microwaves need special bowls, you shouldn’t put glass utensils in the freezer, and you have to use those iron/stainless steel type of pans for an induction hob. Well, let’s answer the question […]

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How Do You Clean Steam Your Iron?

How Do You Clean Steam Your Iron

Steam irons are a popular choice for starching your shirts or removing the wrinkles from linen and curtains. Although not used as much today, they are still used to perform numerous important household tasks. Keeping the steam iron in great working order requires regular cleaning. While it does not have to be done all the […]

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Does a Steam Iron Kill Bacteria?

Steam ironing is the latest, safest and gentlest innovation that provides the best finish for laundry items. It is used to release wrinkles and give fabrics a natural finish. The common risks such as burning and unintended creasing that come about with ironing are reduced when you use a steam iron. The most important aspect […]

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Do Electric Showers Need RCD Protection?

Electric showers are one of those everyday luxuries that you can look forward to at the end of a tough day. They’re similar to mixer showers but a bit more complicated and a lot more convenient. And, with this convenience comes a greater need to take protective measures. The answer to the question above is […]

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Do Sofa Beds Need Special Sheets?

Do Sofa Beds Need Special Sheets

You’ve your own sofa bed, and you do fine without a special sheet for it. Why do you need one, you ask? After all, you’re only going to sleep on your sofa bed at times, right? Well, turns out, sofa beds require just as much attention as regular beds, if not more. Do sofa beds […]

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How Do Breadmakers Work?

A breadmaker is a lovely device to have in the home. For those who want the benefits of home-made bread, but who sadly lack the available time to handle such a task, a programmable breadmaker can be the perfect solution. This is a machine that can sit on your counter, and will be happy to […]

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Can You Replace Your Sofa Bed Mattress?

The answer to this question is that it is possible to replace sofa bed mattress though it can be very challenging to shop for a replacement. To shop for best sofa bed mattress replacements, one needs to consider the following steps: 1. Determining mattress size. To determine the best size you need for a replacement, […]

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Can A Vacuum Cleaner Kill Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are indescribable and resilient living things that catch rides in baggage, clothing, furniture, purses, and even electrical wiring and connecting pipes. They are indiscriminate; they do not choose which homes to attack. They are capable of hiding in the tiniest places and devices in a home. These nocturnal living creatures feed on human […]

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