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Dripex Steel 3-Drawer

Dripex Steel 3-Drawer

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Piranha Furniture Suspension Pedestal

Piranha Furniture Suspension Pedestal

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Pierre Henry 2-Drawer

Pierre Henry 2-Drawer

Choosing the best filing cabinet isn’t always as simple as it seems. You know you need a professional-looking storage solution for your documents and other must-have items. Quality filing cabinets give you a convenient way to organise paperwork so that you can find what you need much faster when you’re in a hurry.

But what sort of filing cabinet is going to be right for you? Do you need a vertical file cabinet with multiple drawers for different projects? Do you need a basic file drawer or something that comes with a lock to keep sensitive data and office supplies locked away?

Today, we’re going to explore some of the top filing cabinet options for your needs.

Best Filing Cabinet Reviews – Top 10 Picks

Practical and attractive, the stylish filing cabinets from Piranha fit well in any professional environment. This 2-drawer mobile filing cabinet features high-quality laminated MDF for long-term durability and performance. It looks great alongside other products in the Piranha range, and you can choose from a selection of four colours.


This convenient and attractive filing cabinet comes with caster feet for easy movement. There are two drawers, so you can organise your home office products easily. The spacious drawers are wide enough for A4 files and folders, and they come with a locking function. The interlock system protects your documents from falling into the wrong hands. And with smooth casters, opening and closing your drawers is simple, for easy access when you’re in a hurry.

However, it does have its drawbacks. The biggest downside of this product is that it’s difficult to put together.


  • Two drawers for all your office items
  • Simple storage cabinet with glide suspension drawer casters
  • High-quality laminated MDF for durability
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Caster feet for quick and easy movement


  • Can be difficult to put together
  • May not be spacious enough for some
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If you’re searching for a modern file cabinet that looks great in any contemporary home or office, then this mobile file cabinet from Dripex could be the pick for you. With three drawers for all your items, you’ll have no problem sorting your documents into their own file drawer. You can also choose from a range of bright colours to suit your interior design needs.


Ideal as stationary drawers or a simple storage cabinet, the Dripex three-drawer filing cabinet is a vertical lockable device that ships fully assembled. The whole system is fully assembled except for the internal hanging dividers you might want to include. That means that you can transform your office space instantly.

The product comes with a free filing cabinet organiser system with five interior compartments great for keeping all of your items sorted. The three drawers also come with drawer dividers so you can find the files and folders you need more quickly. With durable and sturdy construction, this 3-drawer filing cabinet will stand the test of time – just watch out for paint scratches. Additionally, there have been reports of it arriving incorrectly assembled or with dents.


  • Stylish design for the home or office
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • 3-drawer mobile file cabinet with organising system
  • Fully assembled before delivery
  • Lock included for privacy


  • Paint may scratch quite easily
  • May arrive with a few issues
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If you need a practical piece of furniture without too many bells and whistles, the Pierre Henry 2 drawer file cabinet could be just the product for you. This high-performance metal filing cabinet is both durable and resilient, so you can expect it to stand the test of time. With 2 separate drawers, you can easily sort your letters and documents in no time.


The Pierre Henry filing cabinet is a simple but effective way to upgrade your office space. Suitable for a home office or professional environment this 2-drawer file cabinet is durable and easy to use. It also features sliding casters for easy access. This filing cabinet is lockable, so you can lock the drawers on this file cabinet if you have important documents that you need to keep safe.

However, this filing cabinet doesn’t come with wheels for mobility. Another possible issue is that certain suspension file storage systems might not fit with the drawers on this product.


  • Simple and durable design
  • Metal finish reduces the risk of wear
  • Lock included for sensitive documents
  • 2 separate drawer options
  • Fits well with almost any office space


  • Some standard A4 file organisers may not fit
  • May not include wheels to move your drawers
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If you want a great entry-level filing cabinet, then it’s hard to go wrong with the Bisley steel option in beautiful chalk white. This attractive filing system will act as an efficient piece of furniture in your home or workplace. The cabinet is just over 15 inches deep, so you should have plenty of space for consumers invoices and letters.


One of the best options around for storing your office supplies and documents, this handy file cabinet from Bisley is practical and easy to use. An ideal option for both professionals and students, the two drawer filing system is ideal for anyone who needs space for their stationery and important documents.

With a simple and modern design, this filing cabinet office furniture should look right at home alongside the other products in your workplace. There’s also a locking option so you can make sure sensitive information stays safe.

Unfortunately, there are no wheels to help you move this product around, and the metal sheeting feels a little flimsy in places.


  • Two drawers for plenty of storage space
  • Simple design will look good in any office
  • Convenient depth and size for storing files
  • Easy to use cabinet with sleek sliding casters
  • Doesn’t take up too much space


  • May not feature wheels for mobility
  • Could feel a little sturdier in some areas
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An excellent product for those looking for a way to store letters and legal documentation, the SONGMICS 3-drawer mobile file system gives you plenty of space and versatility for storing the things you need. This convenient product comes in a selection of two colours with spacious file drawers for your files and important documents.


The SONGMICS lockable filing cabinet helps to keep your home office or study well organised with a lockable and flexible space-saving system. The steel pedestal comes with 3 fully opening drawers, with letter-size hanging file folders, and 2 hanging rails included. The bottom drawer is great for fitting A4 documents.

Robust and reliable, this filing cabinet features genuine steel construction for extra durability. The three drawers can all be securely locked, and the wheels on the bottom rotate 360 degrees so you can find the right space for your storage system. Do be wary that according to customer feedback, it’s quite easy for this product to get dented and scraped if you’re not careful.


  • Compact storage system with three drawers
  • All drawers are lockable
  • Space to accommodate letters and folders
  • Great design for an office
  • 360-degree rotatable wheels


  • The metal may not feel very robust on the sides
  • May easily scrape on the outside
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If you prefer an alternative to metallic cabinets for your files, then you might prefer a wood effect options from VASAGLE. This lockable pedestal cabinet comes with a range of appealing finishes to choose from, such as a birch veneer that will fit well with other wood furniture in your office. The mobile filing cabinet can also easily fit A4 files, letters, and other items.


This A4 filing cabinet from VASAGLE looks great and delivers a practical and reliable performance too. With a convenient interlock system to protect your documents, the VASAGLE product gives you both convenience and peace of mind. There’s even the option to use your own drawer divider accessories to keep everything organised.

Like most of the top options on the market, this system comes with reliable casters so you can easily access one drawer at a time. Although the filing cabinets do come flat packed, you also get instructions to show you how to put them together.

Unfortunately, this product is a little bit cumbersome and heavy to move around. Also, it does not fit your standard A4 hanging folders, therefore, you may need to consider organising your files in a different way.


  • 2 drawers in your file cabinets for extra storage
  • Easy assembly with step-by-step instructions
  • One of the more attractive file drawers available
  • Accommodates A4 size hanging files
  • Wheels to help with mobility


  • Some may find it quite heavy and difficult to move
  • May be too small for standing A4 hanging folders
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If your idea of the best filing cabinet is one that gives you plenty of storage space, then you’ll love the heavy duty 4-drawer product from Pierre Henry. One of the most versatile products around, this item comes in a selection of 5 colour options with steel alloy throughout for excellent durability. The slim styling also means this metal filing cabinet won’t take up too much space.


Offering plenty of room for letter-size hanging files, documents, and more – the filing cabinet from Pierre Henry is an excellent choice. This 4-drawer file cabinet features alloy steel construction for a robust and durable finish.

There are 4 drawers to choose from when your product is fully assembled, and each one comes with plenty of space for everything you need. There’s also the option to use the lock system to keep your files secure too. You might find the drawers a little small, however, and some have complained of flimsy construction.


  • Four drawer filing cabinet
  • Steel finish for extra durability
  • Lockable drawers for protection
  • Compact style doesn’t take up much space
  • Professional appearance in a range of colours


  • Cabinet drawers may be a little small
  • Construction could be sturdier
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For those who prefer an alternative the standard 3 drawers filing cabinets, you could always try the TecTake Storage option. These larger-than-average filing cabinets give you shelves, instead of drawers, so you can store bulkier items. The individually adjustable shelves mean you can create the perfect space for anything you need in the office.


Easy to assemble, the TecTake filing cabinet is one of the largest products around, and one of the most versatile. If you’re looking for filing cabinets that have room for all your books, files, and important documents, then this could be the product for you. The TecTake cabinet comes with a massive 180cm x 90 x 40 size, and a locking function to keep your equipment safe.

Not only is cabinet useful for filing and durable, but it’s easy to clean too. Dusting the shelves or wiping the cabinet down before you leave the office only takes a few moments. There’s also the option to install wheels if you need a more mobile file cabinet.

However, this product doesn’t feel completely sturdy and there have been reports of it arriving with minor issues.


  • Huge amount of space compared to other filing cabinets
  • Adjustable shelves for all your office equipment
  • Easy to assemble with included instructions
  • With option to install wheels
  • Professional appearance


  • May not be very sturdy
  • May arrive with a few issues
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This modern storage cabinet from SONGMICS is sure to check plenty of boxes for your storage needs. With a space-saving compact deisgn, the SONGMICS filing cabinets come with 2 spacious drawers for storing files and documents that you need to keep safe.


This mobile file cabinet from SONGMICS is both attractive and practical, available in two colours to suit your office design. There are two adjustable rods included inside to help with hanging folders, and you get a metal plate on the bottom of the drawers to hold all of your must-have items. Durable full-extension slides mean that you can pull your drawers out easily without them toppling too.

The SONGMICS 2 drawer mobile file cabinet already comes completely assembled, so you don’t have to deal with a single ball bearing. With this cabinet, you can start storing and organising paperwork instantly. Unfortunately, this product is easy to damage with knocks and bumps


  • Spacious cabinet with 2 drawers
  • Easy filing with rods included
  • Pre-assembled cabinet means less work for you
  • Modern design to fit in any office
  • One of the more compact filing cabinets available


  • May show damage easily
  • Suspension files may not be the most secure
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If you want one of the best filing cabinets for your home, this could be it. This industrial-chic filing cabinet from VASAGLE is one of the more impressive products on the market in terms of aesthetic. This cabinet will help to transform your office space with plenty of storage space and a great look.


With a black steel frame and wood effect throughout, the VASAGLE filing cabinet brings a unique look to any home office or professional space. There’s plenty of space for hanging folders, documents and other items in the drawers, and you get a shelf section for storing things you need to access fast. The cabinet comes with 2 drawers. The top drawer is good for storing files laid down, and pens.

The lower drawer gives you plenty of room for hanging file systems. Combined with the metal and wood construction the functionality of this file cabinet makes it an excellent purchase. Unfortunately, based on customer feedback, putting your new cabinet together can take a lot of time and some have reported it feels quite flimsy.


  • Unique file cabinet design
  • One of the best options for drawers and shelves
  • Excellent wood and metal finish
  • 2 drawers with plenty of interior space
  • Lightweight and easy to move around the office


  • Could be difficult to assemble
  • Build quality could be improved
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How to Choose the Best Filing Cabinet

A filing cabinet, just like bookcases and desks, is an excellent investment for any home office or professional space. With the right filing cabinets, you can keep documents organised, and prevent important files from getting lost. A good filing cabinet can also protect certain items if it comes with a lock.

However, choosing one means thinking about what you need most from your filing cabinet. Would a 3 drawer filing cabinet with locks be ideal for you, or would you prefer a file cabinet with multiple shelves? Here are some things to consider.


The best file cabinet is one that looks great in your office or workspace. Choose a cabinet that suits your sense of style and remember to think about the materials you choose carefully. Metal is often more durable than wood and plastic, but it might not be the most attractive option. A combination of wood and metal might be ideal for you. Filing cabinets made from high-quality laminated MDF are durable too.


How much storage space do you need? A 3-drawer filing cabinet is often the best option for most people. However, if a 3-drawer mobile file cabinet is too much, you can go for a 2-drawer or single drawer option instead. Some of the top filing cabinets can also come in much larger sizes, with various shelves and drawers to choose from. Make sure all of the drawers in your filing cabinet are big enough to store the things you want to organise.

office clerk looking for files in drawer


documents in drawer with lock and keys

Can you move your filing cabinet easily if you want to change its position? A mobile file cabinet is a great option for a lot of office workers. You should also look into other functionality elements, like whether your cabinet comes with locks to keep your documents safe. If you get a 2 or 3 drawer file cabinet, are there rods for hanging files inside? Do each of the 3 drawers come with locks, or just one? Are the 3 drawers in different sizes?


There’s no one size fits all choice for the best filing cabinet, but there are plenty of options out there to help ensure that you get the best storage solution for your needs.

Our favourite cabinet for this list is the Piranha Furniture Suspension Pedestal, complete with 2 drawers and a locking system. You even get wheels to easily move your file cabinet around the office. The drawers are also fitted with smooth casters for easy access.

Good luck choosing the filing cabinet that’s right for you!

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